The Orgone Accumulator Handbook: Wilhelm Reich’s Life-Energy Discoveries and Healing Tools for the 21st Century, With Construction Plans

The Orgone Accumulator Handbook: Wilhelm Reich’s Life-Energy Discoveries and Healing Tools for the 21st Century, With Construction Plans

The Third and Most Recent Edition of
The Orgone Accumulator Handbook

Continuing now with presentations and history of my major publications.

The first edition of the Orgone Accumulator Handbook was published back in 1986, before the era of internet or even email. I was then working as instructor at the University of Miami, teaching courses on physical geography and climatology, with joint appointment at the Miami-Dade Community College (MDCC), Environmental Center. My courses on renewable energy systems, also presented at other universities in prior years, in part led to creation of the MDCC “Sun-Science Day” program for local elementary schools. There, I’d show and tell about solar energy and wind-power, with others presenting on South Florida native wildlife, showing off lizards, bunny rabbits and raccoons to show the kids. So my “students” then ranged from around 10 years old to 60+, as I drove daily from one venue to another.

It was fun, interesting and paid the bills, but my deeper interests in experimental orgonomy, dating back to the late 1970s at the University of Kansas, were a primary interest. Orgonomic science was too controversial for most universities, and so while doing my other university work, I began offering private seminars, which attracted interested physicians and other professionals, as well as numerous students. A primary focus at that time was Wilhlem Reich’s orgone accumulator (ORAC). I had built several of them by that time, with various research papers on the subject in the Journal of Orgonomy. These included research reports on my early experiments boosting the growth of plants and seedlings, as well as alterations in the properties of orgone-charged water — such as suppressing the rate of water evaporation. All those experiments were significant controlled studies, producing positive results favoring Reich. I presented some of this work at scientific conferences, stimulating more interest as well as a few malicious attacks. By that time I had a steady stream of correspondence with interested professionals and others, some from overseas.

Numerous questions were asked, often repeating. I directed many to the Wilhelm Reich Museum Bookstore, which sold photocopies of Reich’s booklet The Orgone Energy Accumulator: Its Scientific and Medical Use. While that work had many excellent details, the photocopy reproductions at that time were not so good, and the booklet didn’t provide clear instructions on how to build them. Questions on fine details of ORAC construction continued to land in my mailbox and telephone answer machine. I then wrote up a basic set of instructions and guidelines for use, in a 40-page high-quality but simple photocopy booklet, made on folded-over letter-sized paper, saddle-stitched and with a blue card-stock cover. It had many line-drawings and other images that photocopied well. Over the ensuing several years, a few hundred copies were eventually sold or given away, sent out by mails. Public interest in my work on the orgone accumulator continued thereon.

Departing from Miami, I taught briefly at the University of Northern Iowa, physical geography courses mostly, Earth and Atmospheric Science, before deciding it was time to depart from the academic world. Controversy surrounding my orgonomic work was attracting much positive interest from students, physicians and scientists world-wide, but within the American universities, it became a point of serious alarm. I also landed in the cross-hairs of the “skeptic clubs” who specialize in slander, defamation and dirty-tricks. I then decided to take a risk, to bail out of the academic world, of “two steps forward, one step back”, and form my own research institute and laboratory.

About this same time, starting in 1989 when moving to California, I produced a second high quality paperback edition of the ORAC Handbook, titled The Orgone Accumulator Handbook: Construction Plans, Experimental Use, and Protection Against Toxic Energy. It was written and typeset on a Mac Plus computer using PageMaker 4, printed out on a laser printer, and then sent to a printing company to run off 1000 copies. Two close friends taught me the joys and perils of desk-top publishing, and floated a loan for the printing. The new second edition was around 160 pages covering far more material than the first edition, including additional photos, diagrams and added information overall, including discussion of the best materials to use in ORAC construction. That second edition also introduced the problem of electromagnetic fields (EMF) as a contaminant of orgone accumulator functions, something Reich first noted with respect to fluorescent lamps in his laboratory. He eventually had them removed. At that time before internet, EMF problems were restricted to power-line fields, transformers in things like electric clock-radios, leaky microwave ovens, and a few AM/FM broadcast towers.

The 1989 second edition of the ORAC Handbook had a full color image of the blue glowing Apollo Astronaut on the cover, and appears to have been the first book to put that image on the cover. Life Magazine had used it as a cover image back in 1968, right after the Apollo 12 moon-landing, capturing my great interest. That image seemed to disappear thereafter, however, and often was shown only in black-and-white versions, as if the blue color was something “sinister” needing deletion. Years later, I wrote a separate scientific analysis of that blue-glowing astronaut image, given how it was chronically being dismissed as due to camera smudges or lunar dust: “The Blue-Glowing Astronauts: Solar Glare? Lunar Dust? Water Vapor? Camera Smudges? Or the RF/Electrically-Excited Human Orgone (Life) Energy Field?” That document is still posted to my internet site:

That 1989 second edition of the Handbook, now out of print, is still found in used bookstores. Over the subsequent 20 years, with great difficulty due to my inability to get it into bookstores (again, this was pre-internet) it sold around 500 copies per year.  Additional translations were made by other publishers into German, Portuguese, French and Polish. Those translated editions together sold more than the English one, notably the German edition which had been picked up by the large publisher Zweitausendeins, at around 2,000 copies annually over the same 20 years, much to my surprise.  While no serious American publisher would touch the book, there was a great interest in Reich within Europe. I was then invited to give seminars and lectures around the world, at private institutes, to medical groups, and at a few universities. With the onset of our internet website and email in the late 1990s, new lines of communication opened up, and the English edition began to attract attention and sales. That second edition remained in print until around 2010, when the current updated and expanded third edition was published: The Orgone Accumulator Handbook: Wilhelm Reich’s Life-Energy Discoveries and Healing Tools for the 21st Century, with Construction Plans. A photo of the cover of this third 2010 edition, with an improved image of the same blue-glowing astronaut, is reproduced above.

That third edition was expanded to over 250 pages, with a more detailed overview of clinical and experimental evidence from different physicians who treated patients with the ORAC, and by scientists at universities running different biological experiments on humans, plants, lab mice. Many physics experiments were also covered, such as the thermal anomaly and electrostatic discharge experiments which Reich originally developed. A new chapter was added on “Living Water”, and a new Appendix article I published in a science journal was included, “A Dynamic and Substantive Cosmological Ether”. The discussions on toxic EMF, radio- and microwave frequencies was also updated, to include the growing problems of WiFi, cell phones and towers, and 5G. The third edition is divided into three major sections, with the following chapters:

Author’s Preface
Foreword by Eva Reich
New Information on Reich’s Persecution

Part I: The Biophysics of the Orgone Energy
– What is the Orgone Energy?
– Wilhelm Reich’s Discovery of the Orgone Energy, and
Invention of the Orgone Accumulator
– Objective Demonstration of the Orgone Energy
– Discovery of an Unusual Energy by Other Scientists

Part II: The Safe and Effective use of Orgone Accumulators
– General Principles for Construction and Experimental Use
– The Oranur Effect and Dor
– Cleaning up Your Bioenergetic Environment
– Natural Healing Living Waters
– Physiological and Biomedical Effects
– Personal Observations with the Orgone Accumulator
– Some Simple and Not-So-Simple Experiments
– Questions and Answers

Part III: Construction Plans for Orgone Accumulating Devices
– Construction of a 2-ply Orgone Blanket
– Construction of a 5-ply Garden Seed Charger
– Construction of a 10-ply Orgone Accumulator
– Construction of an Orgone Shooter Funnel
– Construction of an Orgone Shooter Tube
– Construction of a 3-ply Human-Sized Orgone Accumulator

Selected References
Information Sources on Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy
Appendix: “A Dynamic and Substantive Cosmological Ether”
About the Author

This third edition, like the first and second, educated thousands of people on the reality and facts of Wilhelm Reich’s orgone energy discovery, in a manner that remained factual and true to his original findings. People were informed on the bions, and basic issues of biology and immunity, about which Reich’s work was, and still is, a major breakthrough in science and medicine.  The third edition also gives a much better overview of the clinical applications of orgone accumulator therapy by various medical professionals, from Reich’s time, to the modern times.  Also covered are experimental reports on orgone treatment of cancer mice, and various physics experiments, by various scientists working in universities or in private labs, all of which adds to the proof of Reich’s original findings. As Dr. T. Wolfe, an associate of Reich once exclaimed: “The Orgone Energy Accumulator is the most important discovery in the history of medicine, bar none!”

The book is today available world-wide, sold internationally by various internet booksellers, with new translations into German, Spanish, Italian and Greek. New arrangements for “print on demand” and international distribution allowed my small company to expand into re-publication of older works, including the Pulse of the Planet series, and other books which I shall describe in subsequent expanded reports later on.  The English and translated editions are also sold through our own publishing house and bookstore, Natural Energy Works, where they can be purchased on-line within the USA and Internationally:

Most people reading this will already know about Reich’s amazing discoveries, and about the Orgone Accumulator Handbook, but maybe not about the most recent third edition with its important updates. I recommend it as a considerable improvement over the earlier editions. There also are no time-wasting discussions which mystify Reich, about “orgonite” and other claim-hoax “orgon thingys” which litter the internet, and so badly distract from Reich’s substantial core discoveries. And that is true for the foreign translations as well. All of the third edition versions, English and the translations, are professionally produced, high quality perfectbound paperbacks with color covers, more comprehensive and better than the earlier translations.

This book is a great gift for youth, and for your friends, as well as a treat for yourself.

Thanks for reading, and please share around.

James DeMeo, PhD
Director, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab
Ashland, Oregon, USA

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