American Election Fraud and the Recent Supreme Court Ruling

American Election Fraud and the Recent Supreme Court Ruling

The Supreme Court keeps knocking down the legal petitions for grievances about clear and well-documented election fraud, based upon technical and procedural issues that ignore the central crimes committed by 4 or more State governments in cahoots with one major political party. How bad does it have to get before this court would actually agree to hear such a case, to review the evidence which affects the entire nation? Make no mistake, their ruling last night was not any judgement upon the merits of the election fraud evidence, but merely a pathetic legal tap-dance around the thorny issue of election fraud evidence. Justices Alito and Thomas had it correct.

The situation reminds me of two prior legal cases, that also used technical and procedural excuses to evade and avoid confrontation with serious issues of national consequence.

1) The US Supreme Court decision to deny Wilhelm Reich’s appeal to overturn lower court rulings that a) ignored Reich’s written “Response” to those courts, outlining legal over-reach and prosecutorial fraud, as if he never responded at all, b) ordered the banning and burning of Reich’s scientific-medical books and journals, and c) ordered Reich to end all writing on the subject of his research. The public health consequences of this were a disaster, and continue to be so, given what we know about the powerful immune-boosting efficacy of his orgone energy accumulator, “the most important discovery in the history of medicine, bar none” (T. Wolfe) See my two books, “The Orgone Accumulator Handbook” and “In Defense of Wilhelm Reich” for documentation and details on this subject (available from Natural Energy Works )

2) The US Supreme Court “Dred Scott” decision of 1857, which affirmed slavery and that run-away former black slaves who lived in northern free states for years were nevertheless “not citizens of the USA” nor even “people”, but were only “property” which must be returned to their “owners” – thereby returning the run-away slave, Mr. Dred Scott, from the free-state where he lived for a decade, back to his southern slave-owner in Louisiana. This decision inflamed tensions over the issue of slavery, setting the foundation for the secession of Democrat Party slave states from the Union two years later, following the election of anti-slavery Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln’s election was followed quickly by Confederate lynchings of white abolitionists and organized military attacks upon the Union-held Fort Sumter in 1860, which drew “first blood” and started the US Civil War.

With the Supreme Court ruling against Trump and his supporters on at least two critical appeals – both of which were turned down without examination of the actual core of the legal cases, the documented election fraud – it seems unlikely that any case based upon election fraud would gain traction in that court. They simply do not wish to examine that evidence, perhaps because it would put them into the position as “king-maker”. If they examined the evidence and ruled that serious election fraud had occurred, then those state electors would be denied, and Trump would be given a clear path to victory via a Constitutionally-mandated Assembly of States. If their examination of evidence led them to rule against a conclusion of fraud, then Biden wins. But by refusing to examine the evidence at all, they took the coward’s path, allowing election fraud to stand unopposed, and go unchallenged in any legal manner. Trump may still have a pathway in the state legislatures and courts where election fraud occurred, however slim that might be.

Whatever the court’s reasons for refusing to review the documentation of election fraud – committed by the Democrat Party to boost up a Crime Family that received millions of dollars in bribe money from Communist China – the short- and long-term consequences will not be good.

James DeMeo, PhD

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