Trying to keep a sense of humor in deadly times.

Trying to keep a sense of humor in deadly times.

Trump did not incite anyone to violence. I listened to the speech, and the claims that he did incite are wishful thinking and big lies. Now occasionally he is insightful, but for some reason the Left confuses the two words, as their brains are so preoccupied about how best to get Trumps head on a pike.
Whomever rioted at the Capitol was a mix of the insane and feeble-minded, violent right-wingers, and violent left-wingers pretending to be violent right-wingers. I’ve already posted on this.

But just for fun, here’s a powerful delivery on that subject by a strong Republican woman, who properly invokes Orwell, who figured out these social patterns many decades ago.
She is also banned and burned by the Left billionaire teckies, and is also frequently banned by her Fox News hosts.

Freedom of speech is taking a beating, and has become a parriah. Of course, in the universities freedom of speech was banned and burned starting years ago, during the Obama years. The Censorship Pandemic has a long history.

After being shadow-banned on FB and Twitter for several years, for daring to challenge the Democrat Party narrative of "Orange Man Bad", and that Covid19 wasn’t what it was claimed to be, with all the totalitarian posturing I figured I’d be totally blacklisted in the near future. So yesterday I set up new accounts on and Before doing so, I looked around for Nazis and Klansmen hiding in the corners, but didn’t find any and so felt it was safe.

It was outrageous how FB, Twitter, Google, PaPal, YouTube, Visa, Mozilla and others were calling for Trump’s head on a pike, along with all his central supporters, and throwing him and his supporters off their platforms, so as to silence them totally. Also outrageous how everyone in the Democrat Party "who mattered", notably AOC, Pelosi, Schumer, Lincoln Project and so on, were calling for "punishment" and "retribution" against Trump supporters. Trump, members of congress, and maybe a hundred of low-ranking Republican bloggers and podcasters were also deplatformed. So I felt it was good to have a back up.

Silly me, within a few hours, both these platforms, which were gaining around 200,000 new subscribers per day due to the totalitarian censorship of the Left-Billionaires, were collapsing. Visa and PayPal cut them off from accepting payments. Amazon’s web servers cut them off so their websites went dead. Google erased them from searches. YouTube erased all their video links. Twitter and FB deleted their accounts. And from there it spread out to all kinds of groups and people. Millions were affected. The owner of Mozilla which produces Firefox browser, went on a rant from his bunker in North Korea (joke), but he sounded like one of the Kim Jungs, again wanting Trumps head on a pike.

Millions were just defenestrated in what is best described as a Communist Purge of the counter-revolutionaries. (Where is Stalin when you need him?) If you don’t know about what happened in the last couple of days on this matter of broad and deep censorship, then your news sources have been… well, censored. They censor materials you are a ‘bad person’ for sharing, and then censor information about the censorship. Neat. Pass the Soma and Lotus please.

Of course natural healing methods have been getting kicked in the teeth by these same bastards for decades – always more enthusiastically by the Democrats than the Republicans, by my estimation. I believe that’s because more Democrats are eating prozac and luvox in higher proportions than Republicans, who eat Bibles laced with gunpowder – not really.,,, you name it, all are fairly routinely banished from anti-social media. Right along with Alex Jones and InfoWars. How did that essay go "First they came for InfoWars, but I didn’t care about him. Then they came for…" And now anyone with an opinion that matters is in deep doo doo.

My own was at one time near the top of "orgonomy" web searches. No more. Wikipedia also makes sure none of my research enters on their "Reich" or "orgone" pages. And I learned if you dare post something critical of Covid19 on FB, Twit or Yout, then you just might get a visit from the coppers (in Europe for sure, maybe by February in the USA).

Oh, yeah, some "Republicans" also want punishment and retribution — and I don’t reference some new kinky sex thing. But are they really Republicans? Nope. Lincoln Project pretenders. But at least one of their founding fathers does have kinky sex with boys on the mind, when not preoccupied on how to best put Trump’s head on a pike.

I’ve often pondered how liberals appear to have more sex with more people but with less love and gratification, while conservatives have less sex with fewer people, but with more love and gratification. That seems to explain a lot, as does Freud’s old identification of the Oedipal conflict — pure boiling hatred against the "bad orange man" father figure.

Breathe deep! Before the new shallow-breathing Covid restrictions set in.


3 Responses to “Trying to keep a sense of humor in deadly times.”

  1. Edward M Wolfe Says:

    Parler lost its services with Amazon, but Gab owns its own and is still up and running. They’ve been a bit overwhelmed, so it might’ve seemed as though their site was down. They’ve ordered 10 new servers to handle the massive increase in traffic and users.

    • obrlnews Says:

      Thanks, yes you are correct. But after what was happening, I decided to upgrade to Gab Pro, to give them a bit of financial assistance, and was informed they had been cut off by Visa and other means, only able to accept e-checks, printed checks by mail, and bitcoin. I hope they survive.

  2. Edward M Wolfe Says:

    You’re right. They’ve been banned by just about every payment processor out there.

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