Watch: Morano on Fox & Friends on Bill Gates private jet – also COVID lockdown hypocrisy – also, death threats & ‘no-fly list’ for those who dare to question Big Brother! With a really big thanks to Communist China for warm-hearted inspirations to our lovely American leftists!

You really didn’t think the Stalinist Left would be content to merely censor and “punish with retribution” (a popular phrase on the Left) the central supporters of Trump, or just Trump himself? Did you really? No, they will go after anyone who is “non-conforming” to the “official truths” (lies) the CCP Big Brother Government demands you to embrace. That includes you “dirty haters, irredeemable deplorables” who don’t believe the “official truth” of “climate change” which at one time was called the “CO2 theory of global warming”. Theory No More! “Climate change” is liberated from any fact-based foundation, and so can mean whatever you want! Ain’t “sience” wunderful? Review the posting here: This may be a “bad boy” weblink, so if it is not active, cut and paste into your browser.

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