My latest article, in

My latest article, in

Here’s my latest article, in It is a short summary of my longer paper on the same subject.

Covid-19 Data Review: Cases Do Not Warrant Public Hysteria or Lockdowns

In the last part, I unleash Hell upon the top ranks, and "sitting quietly" parts of the medical profession, comparing with accuracy what’s going on and in the top-rank plans, to what happened in Nazi Germany. I decided to write more bluntly there, after so many months of growing alarm at the intensity of hatred and dictatorial impulses exuding from the top ranks of politics, media and the medical profession, and knowing the historical parallels. Some of that history is also presented in an interview with health-reformer and holocaust survivor Vera Sharav. She is today raising a similar alarm about the medical profession’s fanaticism, errors, and too-quietly or vainglorious happy "going along" with the lockdown fanaticism and demonization of those refusing the vaccines. She may not even know some of the things that I do, such as what author Friedlander reported more than 20 years back (mentioned in my greenmedinfo article), and so I pull no punches.

And finally, I would highly recommend to view this video interview with
award-winning virologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, living in the masked-lockdowners paradise of Germany, who is absolutely correct on his elucidation of the "old immunology". Unlike our ignorant vaccine-pushers (Fauci et al) who claim without evidence that herd immunity is impossible without vaccines, Bhakdi reminds us about antibodies and predator leukocytes in health and disease, just as as I learned and for a short time taught to undergrad pre-med students in the university.

If you read my research article, then you’ll know I estimate herd immunity was achieved in the USA probably around mid-year of 2020. So much distortion, ignorance and lying has covered up those facts.

Best to all,

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