I’m Banned on Twitter for sharing a Virology Journal article

Dear all,

I was recently banned on Twitter for posting up a reference to a scientific study, as published in Virology Journal. The study, authored by eight medical/scientific professionals, reported how inexpensive Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) was effective against Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) types of lung and breathing disorders. Here’s the link to the Virology Journal article, which is couched in the framework of conventional medicine, in that it accepts SARS-CoV-2 and Covid-19 as legitimate things:

Personally, and for good scientific reasons, I do not, but found the article worthwhile and convincing about HCQ, which already has dozens of other studies supporting its efficacy. I view SARS today as having been unscientifically reclassified under the exclusive but fraudulent banner of "Covid 19". To understand my reasons, one must review what I’ve already written on that subject (weblinks given below). Now, my opinion on that is certainly "reason" enough for the Twitter communist censors to start waving the Red-Star flag and put me into a re-education camp, or into their private little Twitter Hell. Sorry, no, I won’t play their games.

Here is I get when trying to access my twitter account. I’d be curious to see what others do when trying.

Given the mainstream nature of the Virology Journal, and its adherence to conventional thinking, the reasons given for the ban against my account, for "spreading misleading and potentially harmful information" is totally bogus. The real reasons are in one sense transparently obvious, in how they are bought and controlled by the pharmaceutical industry, which refuses to accept that effective and inexpensive out-of-patent medicines like HCQ should be available to the world. Also because "Bad Orange Man" once advocated it, and because the Chinese Communist masters of the Western Leftists, don’t want anything circulating that would go against their Emotional Plague lockdown and forced masking policies. Another real reason is, the widespread circulation of my two articles critical of the conventional views about Covid-19. Together they have today been viewed by just under 50,000 people since their first availability a few months ago.



I have that same article also posted to Academia.edu, but they started censoring it also, by making it nearly impossible to view or download. One must get an account with them, which people report to me usually demands three or more attempts to set up, after which additional effort is necessary to get the download. That sort of thing is growing in "popularity" among those web-masters wanting to censor, but who try to deceptively maintain themselves as "freedom of speech" defenders. For such reasons, today I only recommend the above ResearchGate weblink.

To see how bad is the problem of censorship in the American media and on-line, I suggest strongly to get on the daily information feed of the Reclaim The Net website, which will be an eye-opening education for those who think the charges of widespread censorship are being exaggerated.
A condition for removing the twitter "temporary" block is for me to delete the offending factual material, which I will not do. I expect similar treatment from Facebook in the near future. Google has already placed blocks on my orgonelab.org and naturalenergyworks.net websites, as they downgrade anyone touching upon issues that are controversial to the radical Left. Both Twitter and Facebook already "shadow-banned" me starting years ago, but the levels of censorship by the Leftist-Marxist factions of internet have more completely "unmasked" their totalitarian agendas within the last six months or so.

Like the serious evidence of Chinese Communist Party ideological and financial ties to the modern Democrat Party, and to the Biden Crime Family in particular, along with the serious criminal election fraud that brought that crime family into power in November (and who are now busy-busy like ants or bees, shredding the US Constitution and Bill of Rights), they tolerate No Dissent from their totalitarian approach to how the nation should be run. The lockdowns/masking obedience demands also figure into their plots and plans, which will become MORE ferocious in the coming months, even as the levels of claimed Covid19 disease go lower by the day. This effort is most clearly exposed, as I do in my research paper linked above, in how the Democrat-run Lockdown states continue to show increases in cases and deaths, while Republican-run no-lockdown states are showing reduction. Internationally, severe lockdown dictatorships as in Germany and France continue to worsen as lockdowns get more strict, while nations like Sweden, Denmark and elsewhere with no lockdowns show more ordinary conditions. Virtually ALL of this is being lied about on mainstream media, and is the reason behind the internet Billionaires doing all they can to censor every bit of contrary information.

Another facet is how the most extremely expensive and deadly pharmaceutical-medical "treatments" are fully acceptable to them, even if they don’t work and are too costly for widespread use, but not things like HCQ or Ivermectin, or Vitamin C+D+zinc therapies, all of which can be used outside of the hospitals, and are very effective against SARS-type of pulmonary disorders. If there is a cheap, available and effective treatment, then all the fascist vaccine policies become unnecessary! No risky vaccines, no mandatory vaccines, no vaccine "passports" like in East Germany or North Korea! So all information as from Virology Journal must also be CENSORED!!

Anyone thinking this sort of Left-Medical Fascism will leave orgonomy alone is dreaming, nourishing illusions. The FDA is right now organizing towards re-classification of ordinary Vitamins as "drugs", which will then be reduced in potency and obtained only by a "doctor’s prescription". Since I was a young man, the FDA has been pushing to do this, to basically wreck the public health and place us all under a Medical Police State. Covid-19 provides every totalitarian and power-drunk individual in our society a perfect avenue for acting out their sadism and terrorism against their fellow citizens and neighbors. It is all truly a serious Emotional Plague situation.

For those who wish to get my writings, my Facebook account still works, from this weblink, but do not rely upon it for long:

As noted, I expect to be banned there also, soon enough. Consequently I have created an active account at Parler, which does not censor, and counter to the widespread leftist slander, is not ruled by Nazis or white supremacists. The owner is actually an old-fashioned liberal, who unlike the "modern liberal", appears to cherish the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. Here’s that link:
They do censor out obvious real Nazis and pedophiles (which is more than what Facebook does!)

Another clear source of my writings, outside of my books and published articles, is the OBRL-Newsletter, which was transferred to a private Constant Contact account early in 2020. If you are not on that mailing list, which sends out around one item per month, you can do that by visiting this weblink:

I also continue to maintain the original Orgonelab.org website, the Natural Energy Works on-line bookstore, my Researchgate, YouTube and Vimeo accounts, and also a blog at WordPress which mirrors what gets posted to the monthly OBRL-Newsletter. Weblinks to those are given below.

So, Twitter… Bye, Bye.

Good wishes to all,

James DeMeo, PhD

Director, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab
Ashland, Oregon, USA
e-mail: demeo(at)mind(dot)net

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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it."
– George Orwell

2 Responses to “I’m Banned on Twitter for sharing a Virology Journal article”

  1. mlmsuccessby Says:

    Dr. DeMeo:

    Thanks you for the update. Have you considered posting on the social media site Gab?. It seems to be free of any censorship. https://gab.com

    Thanks again @Dean R Black

    • obrlnews Says:

      Hi Dean, I have an account at Gab, but find it very time-consuming. Besides being very slow, I cannot post something to more than one existing group without doing so in multiple separate-group postings, one at a time. Hashtags do not work to attract interested people. Parler works much better, I get 1000 views on Parler for an item that on Gab gets one. No different than being shadow-banned on FB, or maybe I just don’t know how to use it correctly.

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