France: Generals Warn of Civil War Due to Creeping Islamism

France: Generals Warn of Civil War Due to Creeping Islamism
The truth is War was declared on the non-Islamic world back on 911, and not just within the USA or UK, or Spain or France where crowded airplanes crashed into buildings, or bombs set off on crowded trains. The arrival of Covid19 20 years later was an expression of the International Communist Party (under numerous false-flags, such as Antifa, BLM, BDS and Globalism) joining with the Islamic States in this effort towards totalitarian world domination. Covid19 was unique, however, with the deceptive imprimatur of "science" and "medicine" standing behind it, when in truth it is mainly power-drunk political hooliganism pushing a greedy scientism and "official medical quackery" upon the world. This has been a supposed temporary distraction away from the fundamentals of freedom and liberty, which too-many people seem to feel can be safely put aside and sacrificed in favor of "health". That supposition has exactly zero evidence to support it, which is the same quanta of evidence favoring "peaceful Islam", or the Big Lie that "we must temporarily lock down to flatten the curve". Lockdowns serve multiple purposes favoring the totalitarians. Freedom and liberty, and health, are not among them.

James DeMeo, PhD

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Dr. DeMeo’s article critical of Covid19 mass hysteria:

"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it."
– George Orwell

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