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More Details on the OBRL Video Archive

May 1, 2021

More Details on the OBRL Video Archive

A new introductory video, about 20 minutes, is now available for the Orgone Biophysical Research Lab (OBRL) Video Archive. It is also a summary of my own work in orgonomy over the last 50 years, which will be a major focus of the Video Archive. This introduction video can be download from the Vimeo website, where purchase of our 2015 OBRL Seminar videos are now posted up and available for viewing. Or, you can view the introduction video at YouTube, and later go over to the Vimeo page if interested to get more information.

Intro video for OBRL Archive, and the Seminar videos:

Same Intro video OBRL Archive

The OBRL Video Archive page at Vimeo will ask for payment to see most of the other items posted there, though a few are without charge. Right now the full 2015 Seminar held at Southern Oregon University is the main thing available.

For a small souvenir, you can download the original 2015 Seminar flyer from here:

Please share as possible into your own networks.

James DeMeo, PhD
Director, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab
Ashland, Oregon, USA
e-mail: demeo(at)mind(dot)net

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Dr. DeMeo’s important new article critical of Covid19 mass hysteria:

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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it."
– George Orwell

I’m Banned on Twitter for sharing a Virology Journal article

April 14, 2021

Dear all,

I was recently banned on Twitter for posting up a reference to a scientific study, as published in Virology Journal. The study, authored by eight medical/scientific professionals, reported how inexpensive Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) was effective against Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) types of lung and breathing disorders. Here’s the link to the Virology Journal article, which is couched in the framework of conventional medicine, in that it accepts SARS-CoV-2 and Covid-19 as legitimate things:

Personally, and for good scientific reasons, I do not, but found the article worthwhile and convincing about HCQ, which already has dozens of other studies supporting its efficacy. I view SARS today as having been unscientifically reclassified under the exclusive but fraudulent banner of "Covid 19". To understand my reasons, one must review what I’ve already written on that subject (weblinks given below). Now, my opinion on that is certainly "reason" enough for the Twitter communist censors to start waving the Red-Star flag and put me into a re-education camp, or into their private little Twitter Hell. Sorry, no, I won’t play their games.

Here is I get when trying to access my twitter account. I’d be curious to see what others do when trying.

Given the mainstream nature of the Virology Journal, and its adherence to conventional thinking, the reasons given for the ban against my account, for "spreading misleading and potentially harmful information" is totally bogus. The real reasons are in one sense transparently obvious, in how they are bought and controlled by the pharmaceutical industry, which refuses to accept that effective and inexpensive out-of-patent medicines like HCQ should be available to the world. Also because "Bad Orange Man" once advocated it, and because the Chinese Communist masters of the Western Leftists, don’t want anything circulating that would go against their Emotional Plague lockdown and forced masking policies. Another real reason is, the widespread circulation of my two articles critical of the conventional views about Covid-19. Together they have today been viewed by just under 50,000 people since their first availability a few months ago.

I have that same article also posted to, but they started censoring it also, by making it nearly impossible to view or download. One must get an account with them, which people report to me usually demands three or more attempts to set up, after which additional effort is necessary to get the download. That sort of thing is growing in "popularity" among those web-masters wanting to censor, but who try to deceptively maintain themselves as "freedom of speech" defenders. For such reasons, today I only recommend the above ResearchGate weblink.

To see how bad is the problem of censorship in the American media and on-line, I suggest strongly to get on the daily information feed of the Reclaim The Net website, which will be an eye-opening education for those who think the charges of widespread censorship are being exaggerated.
A condition for removing the twitter "temporary" block is for me to delete the offending factual material, which I will not do. I expect similar treatment from Facebook in the near future. Google has already placed blocks on my and websites, as they downgrade anyone touching upon issues that are controversial to the radical Left. Both Twitter and Facebook already "shadow-banned" me starting years ago, but the levels of censorship by the Leftist-Marxist factions of internet have more completely "unmasked" their totalitarian agendas within the last six months or so.

Like the serious evidence of Chinese Communist Party ideological and financial ties to the modern Democrat Party, and to the Biden Crime Family in particular, along with the serious criminal election fraud that brought that crime family into power in November (and who are now busy-busy like ants or bees, shredding the US Constitution and Bill of Rights), they tolerate No Dissent from their totalitarian approach to how the nation should be run. The lockdowns/masking obedience demands also figure into their plots and plans, which will become MORE ferocious in the coming months, even as the levels of claimed Covid19 disease go lower by the day. This effort is most clearly exposed, as I do in my research paper linked above, in how the Democrat-run Lockdown states continue to show increases in cases and deaths, while Republican-run no-lockdown states are showing reduction. Internationally, severe lockdown dictatorships as in Germany and France continue to worsen as lockdowns get more strict, while nations like Sweden, Denmark and elsewhere with no lockdowns show more ordinary conditions. Virtually ALL of this is being lied about on mainstream media, and is the reason behind the internet Billionaires doing all they can to censor every bit of contrary information.

Another facet is how the most extremely expensive and deadly pharmaceutical-medical "treatments" are fully acceptable to them, even if they don’t work and are too costly for widespread use, but not things like HCQ or Ivermectin, or Vitamin C+D+zinc therapies, all of which can be used outside of the hospitals, and are very effective against SARS-type of pulmonary disorders. If there is a cheap, available and effective treatment, then all the fascist vaccine policies become unnecessary! No risky vaccines, no mandatory vaccines, no vaccine "passports" like in East Germany or North Korea! So all information as from Virology Journal must also be CENSORED!!

Anyone thinking this sort of Left-Medical Fascism will leave orgonomy alone is dreaming, nourishing illusions. The FDA is right now organizing towards re-classification of ordinary Vitamins as "drugs", which will then be reduced in potency and obtained only by a "doctor’s prescription". Since I was a young man, the FDA has been pushing to do this, to basically wreck the public health and place us all under a Medical Police State. Covid-19 provides every totalitarian and power-drunk individual in our society a perfect avenue for acting out their sadism and terrorism against their fellow citizens and neighbors. It is all truly a serious Emotional Plague situation.

For those who wish to get my writings, my Facebook account still works, from this weblink, but do not rely upon it for long:

As noted, I expect to be banned there also, soon enough. Consequently I have created an active account at Parler, which does not censor, and counter to the widespread leftist slander, is not ruled by Nazis or white supremacists. The owner is actually an old-fashioned liberal, who unlike the "modern liberal", appears to cherish the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. Here’s that link:
They do censor out obvious real Nazis and pedophiles (which is more than what Facebook does!)

Another clear source of my writings, outside of my books and published articles, is the OBRL-Newsletter, which was transferred to a private Constant Contact account early in 2020. If you are not on that mailing list, which sends out around one item per month, you can do that by visiting this weblink:

I also continue to maintain the original website, the Natural Energy Works on-line bookstore, my Researchgate, YouTube and Vimeo accounts, and also a blog at WordPress which mirrors what gets posted to the monthly OBRL-Newsletter. Weblinks to those are given below.

So, Twitter… Bye, Bye.

Good wishes to all,

James DeMeo, PhD

Director, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab
Ashland, Oregon, USA
e-mail: demeo(at)mind(dot)net

Published Articles, Reports, Videos and Books

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Dr. DeMeo’s important new article critical of Covid19 mass hysteria:

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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it."
– George Orwell

My latest article, in

March 26, 2021

My latest article, in

Here’s my latest article, in It is a short summary of my longer paper on the same subject.

Covid-19 Data Review: Cases Do Not Warrant Public Hysteria or Lockdowns

In the last part, I unleash Hell upon the top ranks, and "sitting quietly" parts of the medical profession, comparing with accuracy what’s going on and in the top-rank plans, to what happened in Nazi Germany. I decided to write more bluntly there, after so many months of growing alarm at the intensity of hatred and dictatorial impulses exuding from the top ranks of politics, media and the medical profession, and knowing the historical parallels. Some of that history is also presented in an interview with health-reformer and holocaust survivor Vera Sharav. She is today raising a similar alarm about the medical profession’s fanaticism, errors, and too-quietly or vainglorious happy "going along" with the lockdown fanaticism and demonization of those refusing the vaccines. She may not even know some of the things that I do, such as what author Friedlander reported more than 20 years back (mentioned in my greenmedinfo article), and so I pull no punches.

And finally, I would highly recommend to view this video interview with
award-winning virologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, living in the masked-lockdowners paradise of Germany, who is absolutely correct on his elucidation of the "old immunology". Unlike our ignorant vaccine-pushers (Fauci et al) who claim without evidence that herd immunity is impossible without vaccines, Bhakdi reminds us about antibodies and predator leukocytes in health and disease, just as as I learned and for a short time taught to undergrad pre-med students in the university.

If you read my research article, then you’ll know I estimate herd immunity was achieved in the USA probably around mid-year of 2020. So much distortion, ignorance and lying has covered up those facts.

Best to all,

OBRL Seminar Videos now On-Line at Vimeo

March 15, 2021

OBRL Seminar Videos now On-Line at Vimeo

Over summer and fall of 2020, I created a new account on, to present the OBRL – Orgone Biophysical Research Lab’s Video Archive. Into that on-line Archive are now transferred our first batch of original videos, from a 2015 Seminar hosted by OBRL, and held at Southern Oregon University. These were digitally transferred into edited renditions that are now available for viewing at Vimeo. The 2015 Seminar videos present 8 different approximately one-hour lectures by myself and by Tom DiFerdinando, another long-time worker in orgonomy.

The portal-entry weblink to this new Vimeo OBRL Video Archive can be found here:

In these newly-released seminar videos are presented basic historical details of Reich’s work, expanding on relevant new research which has supported or exactly verified his scientific findings. New connections and insights abound, and are presented in ordinary language for both the serious professional, as well as educated layperson.

Mr. DiFerdinando’s three lectures on "Connecting the Blue Dots" are fascinating materials, revealing Reich’s discovery of the blue orgone energy as a common functioning principle across the realms of biology, atmosphere and astronomy.

In my own lectures, included are some previously-unpublished materials, specifically my efforts to capture orgone energy motions, of flimmering, streaming motions and orgone units, as observed in the OBRL Orgone Darkroom, and in the open atmosphere. Those and a few other things are only now being made public, and are mixed into the videos in discussions on Reich’s history and discoveries. My better-known experimental papers verifying Reich’s orgonomic science are also discussed, and of course, the orgone accumulator, Saharasia and my cloudbusting work in Africa and Israel, are likewise presented. The videos should be of great interest for both newbies to orgonomy, as well as to the the "old hands".

We never had a professional videographer to operate the cameras in the most optimal manner, nor were our video cameras always the "best, most up to date" technology — the originals in the OBRL Archive are a mix of original u-matic, BetacamSP, VHS, Hi-8, Digital8, and more recently 1080p video. The older formats have been digitally upgraded and edited on Mac Final Cut Studio Pro software, with higher-quality still images, or sub-movies, added in to match the lecturer’s video slides.

There is a small charge to access the seminar videos, about $50 for all 8 seminar videos (the original cost was much higher plus your hotel, food and transport). These can now be viewed by on-line streaming at the Vimeo website, but not downloaded so as to preserve our copyrights. One can pay to view any or all the videos over a 30-day period, or view them separately, one at a time for a lesser fee, within a 48-hour window.

There also are some open-access items for free viewing, including an introductory trailer for the OBRL Archive. All payments go to the non-profit Orgone Biophysical Research Lab, towards covering the considerable costs of making and the Vimeo-hosting of these videos, with any excess funds going towards the on-going OBRL research.

I plan to add additional lecture videos of orgonomically-topical lectures by myself and others who came and lectured at OBRL over the years, as well as some unique items donated to OBRL.

To view the paid-for videos, you must make a free account with Vimeo (email and password is required to start), and there also is a "receive updates" weblink to sign up for email notifications of later additions to the OBRL Archive. They can also be viewed on iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast.

Please let me know if you have any difficulty viewing either the free or paid-for videos, which I found worked best on faster computers with the most updated browsers and of course a reasonably good internet bandwidth. You can experiment with the free items to see how well the paid ones would perform on your system.

After 50+ years of work in social, historical and experimental orgonomy, there is quite a lot to share with the younger generations, who basically know more of the distortions and slanders about Wilhelm Reich and orgonomy, than the enduring truths.

Please bookmark, and share this email and the URL link within your own circles of contacts.

Thanks much, and best wishes,

James DeMeo

Two items of interest on the public health

March 2, 2021

Two items of interest on the public health

Here are titles and links to two items of interest to the public health.


1) Mr. Thomas DiFerdinando wrote an astute analysis of the current situation of widespread Covid hysteria, which is destroying our health, democratic institutions and social structure. Very worthwhile to read.

A (tardy) New Year’s Message from the President of RA/UCA

2) You will all know from prior posts about my research paper: "A Critical Review of CDC USA Data on Covid-19: PCR/Antigen Tests & Cases Reveal Herd Immunity Only, & Do Not Warrant Public Hysteria or Lockdowns."

This article, which is available for open sharing and free distribution, has been downloaded and reviewed approximately 21,000 times, since firstly made public in mid-January. There is a major update of that article from 9 February that supplants the older file, containing a lot of new information on the death-toll due to lockdowns alone. By my preliminary calculations, there were more deaths from lockdowns than are attributed to Covid-19 itself, perhaps over 600,000 for 2020 alone.

To help document my conclusions on that issue, I also created a Supplementary Information paper that lists (with weblinks) more than 30 different science papers, or news articles about scientific studies from around the world, documenting this point, of dramatically increased deaths due to lockdowns, forced masking, and economic ruin.

When viewed in more detail, these increased deaths have a multiplicity of reasons. Many are due to delayed treatments for other existing diseases, notably increases in the two biggest killers, of heart disease and cancers. Legitimate fear of going to hospitals also plays into this, as well as how conventional medicine greets people, like space aliens in full haz-mat suits, delaying emergency care and needlessly scaring people into a panic. Hospital staff are also prone to quickly putting people on deadly ventilators, and have significant financial incentives for doing so. These have their own morbidity and mortality, beyond merely the considerable psyche-somatic emotional wrecking-ball effects. Increases in "deaths due to despair" are also soaring, which includes suicides, drug addiction and overdoses, and general social and emotional misery from isolation, hopelessness, and similar things that are well known to create death tolls that rise and fall in direct proportion to unemployment figures. References on this are included in my original 9 February research paper above, as well as in the Supplement, below.

It is notable that, to my knowledge, nobody in the CDC or the WHO, much less conventional physicians organizations, or the bureaucrat Hoodlums In Government (Wilhelm Reich’s attackers, whom he called the "HIG") with their unconstitutional dictates for massively brutal lockdowns by police enforcement, are concerned about those deaths. Nobody is tracking them. Few mention them. Those people don’t matter, apparently, even if they may account for 100% of those deaths being mis-attributed to "Covid-19". The issue of 2020s "vanishing influenza" most clearly is explained by this sleight-of-hand anti-science, and is addressed in my original paper with an important added note in the Supplement. The added problems of massive errors in the PCR/antigen tests, and the high levels of comorbidity in those who perish from claimed Covid-19 (about 2.6 comorbidities per death) figure into this pattern, of what increasingly appears to me as the largest iatrogenic disaster in human history.

"First Do No Harm" appears largely abandoned today, at least by those who follow "convention" even if "convention" puts many of their patients into the grave. That’s the "old epidemiology", the "old medicine" which was conveniently discarded by the WHO and CDC starting around December 2019.

Anyhow, this file, Supplementary Information: A Critical Review of CDC USA Data on Covid-19, can be downloaded from here:
It also carries weblinks to the original article, if you did not get the update from 9 February.

And again, you can share these weblinks with anyone you think should know about the documents they point to.

Thanks for your attention.

James DeMeo, PhD

A (tardy) New Year’s Message from the President of RA/UCA

February 26, 2021

To our WordPress Blog Readers:

I wanted to post this item a month ago, but life got in the way, and only now was there time to do it. “Rethinking AIDS” is an older professional group of scientists and physicians who back in the 1980s and 90s, objected to the dominant mainstream view that HIV was the cause of AIDS, or that it was sexually transmitted, and how many “deaths due to HIV-AIDS” were in fact due to high-risk behaviors, iatrogenic error, and very toxic street-drugs and pharmaceutical “medicines”. The “R.A” group members suffered much ridicule and scorn for presenting that evidence, but history shows they were correct, and the deadly mainstreamers very wrong. And so history will judge. Today, the older “R.A.” group has expanded into the “Unmasking Covid and AIDS” group, with some of the same and many additional professionals and physicians, but with a mission that now merges the “grass roots” with the “lab bench”, i.e., an acknowledgement that to really understand the AIDS and Covid juggernauts, one has to recognize that the subjective and qualitative sides of life are as much a “material force” in social processes and problems as the objective and quantitative sides. The same deadly problems and errors one found in AIDS, with similar denials, falsehoods and lies, are found in the claimed Covid19 “pandemic”. Today, however, the older medical marketing model of “disease entities” is immersed even further into the realm of malevolent social and cultural engineering – both of which are thinly disguised, anti-freedom totalitarian agendas, ultimately driven by what Wilhelm Reich called the emotional plague. This New Year’s message is only today being shared with the general public. J.D.


New Year’s Message from the President of RA/UCA

Tom DiFerdinando
Rethinking AIDS/Unmasking Covid and AIDS

Inauguration Day, January 20, 2021

Dear Group,

A couple of weeks ago I wanted to say Happy New Year 2021, and offer the group an “RA/UCA President’s Message of Hope”. But as I hinted in an earlier email, we haven’t yet lived through 2020, so in a way, a 2021 message is still premature. In essence, the entire year of 2020 was stolen from us, yet another in a string of recent grand thefts, and so, in the logic of the times, I decided to write to you today, January 385th, 2019.

It is an odd number, 385. It feels like the old Iran hostage crisis, except that we’re counting the days of our own captivity. Since mid-March of last year – really since the beginning of last year, which is why I designate today the 385th – we’ve been hostages to the Covid narrative: living by the Covidian calendar, traveling by the Covidian map, measuring with the Covidian yardstick (6 feet) and the Covidian clock (it has no hands), and engulfed in a social atmosphere drenched in the Covidian spirit (fear and confusion).

We’re pretending it’s 2021, that there is a viral pandemic, and that there was an election last November; today, we pretended that we were inaugurating a new American president. You can be sure that in the times of Covid, the new administration will not have a message of hope, but a message of soap – how to cleanse oneself not only of Covid, but of wrong thinking, wrong speaking, wrong reading, wrong writing, wrong seeing, wrong hearing, wrong grouping, wrong seeking (and, in another day or so, I will show you wrong arithmetic, in the Covid numbers).

The true significance of course is that this is all occurring among a free people; a people who in theory know their freedom is something natural, spontaneous, God-given and self-evident (not to mention Constitutionally protected). But while they are also a people who will defend to the death their freedom if you try to violently rip it out of their hands, they are still unequipped to defend that very same freedom when they’re being peaceably deceived into handing it over voluntarily. How can that be?

There are two levels to this problem. One is that free people tend to be decent; when faced with lying, but smiling, back-stabbing scoundrels who sense the free person’s decency and feel nothing but contempt for it, the decent people keep giving the scoundrel the benefit of the doubt. (It’s no coincidence that making sure “not to hurt people’s feelings” has become the new Supreme Virtue.)

The fourth paragraph of the Declaration of Independence sums it up beautifully. Here, one finds an extraordinary list of grievances; abuses to which people let themselves be long subjected before they finally say, “Enough already!”:

“…all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”

While the colonists were setting the bar pretty darn low, the point is, there was still a bar:

“But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government and to provide new Guards for their future security” [In the present case of Covid, to “throw off” the Global-Monster/Covid-Cabal and all its representatives, soldiers and deputies, T.D.].

In the case of the thirteen colonies, it may have been the taunt of new taxes on documents, stamps and tea that finally set them on fire. But it was the backlog of anger and frustration that provided the “wood” with which their freedomfire finally got ignited and then productively unleashed.

The problem today is similar, but a little different. We’ve equipped our society with the capacity to defend itself against an invading army of Nazis and Imperialists, but we’re unequipped for the slow, “rising tide” of fascism. As each little wave has rolled in, people still do not know to look past the smiling face, comforting tones, paternalistic pleas and seductive platitudes of the enemies of freedom, and to instead shift their gaze toward the contradictions.

When they are told they must lockdown to “flatten the curve” for a couple of weeks, and then a couple of more weeks, and then just a couple of more weeks, and then 9 months later they still haven’t birthed that baby, people show they don’t even know how to call it out for what it is – “a lie!” – let alone take collective action to push it back, reclaim the lost territory and then, “provide new Guards for their future security”.

Filling this gap in self-defense, against the soft-sell fascist plague, is a vital task, and something I’m hoping we can contribute to with our own group in this next self-corrective stage in the history of armored humanity. Institutions were formed, and laws drafted and implemented, to stop or prevent the overt spread of sadistic aggression, enslavement and involuntary surrender of freedom committed by a people or group of nations. The same has yet to be done, however, to identify and prevent the organized plague of covert sadistic aggression, self-enslavement and the voluntary surrender of freedom.

Part of the evidence for this is the fact that if you call somebody a “Nazi”, it is taken very seriously; if you call somebody a “Communist”, you’re laughed at for entertaining fantasies about “Reds under Beds”; the Nazi is the overt brute, the Communist the covert brute, i.e., the sneak. They both have the same goal. Always keep in mind the old saying, “the Nazis will kill you for their own good; the Communists will kill you for your own good”, especially when considering the role of the CCP in these absolutely insane lockdowns. (1-3)

But there is another confounding component to this gap. It relates to a profound insight that Dr. Wilhelm Reich articulated over three quarters of a century ago in his famous book the Mass Psychology of Fascism, and that’s that dictators don’t take power; masses of people give their power away based upon an unconscious identification anchored within their own fascism-tinged character structure. Coupled with that, as long as they are provided a scapegoat upon which they can vent their resulting frustrations and disappointments, all will be well.

While this is still true, its expression has changed a bit. People now question fascist tendencies in politicians and are waking up to scientific skullduggery. But they still uncritically bow to medical and Public Health officials and their doomsday proclamations. In other words, while waking up within some areas of life, it is still in the mass character structure to specifically surrender to the “doctor” or to the “State”, responsibility for one’s own health generally, and one’s “immune system” in particular (condoms, masking, distance); all in the name of pursuing a scapegoat – “the virus” (and those who refuse to comply).

Public Health officials, drug/vaccine manufacturers and members of the Global Elite, long ago just “took charge” and no one said “no”. I submit there is an unspoken agreement between buyer and seller here. The Fauci’s of the world are salespeople; they are actors in a big commercial that is selling you a product – the Covid-19 Narrative. And they are empowered by “the masses” to do so.

The white coats and the lab coats are just costumes; the “discoveries”, “claims” and “numbers” are ad copy; the “bodies” are raw material for manufacturing the product. So when Neil Ferguson comes along (for the third time in 20 years) and says, “There’s going to be two million deaths”, and then revises it down and down again and doesn’t get fired for incompetence, maybe from the point of view of science he’s getting it wrong, but from the point of view of marketing he’s getting it exactly right. So nobody cares! People buy (and live) the product. So what if the price you pay is your freedom?

And so here we are, on January 385th, with the Covidian Calendar on the wall and the Covidian Map in the GPS, navigating the Covidian space/time continuum where motion in the universe is neither absolute nor relative, but confused, paralyzed, immobilized and in most cases even clueless. The symbol of the Covidian deity is a deer in the headlights, with goggles on its eyes, plugs in its ears and a mask on its face, standing six feet away from itself.

So where is the hope?

Mr. Global – as Catherine Fitts aptly names the Global Monster – cannot tolerate anything spontaneous. People point to greed and power as the problem, but these are subsets; they are branches of a third, much deeper, way more powerful force, and that’s the unconscious need to crush freedom. “Spontaneity” is the essence of the “living” in nature; it is the very thing that makes life alive. It is the thing that enables us to act effectively in the moment, to satisfy our basic human needs, and to assemble and congregate with those with whom we share a mutual attraction or interest.

When the Global Monster sees people talking freely, whether person to person, group to group, or nation to nation, “he” gets nervous (what if they’re talking about him!); when “he” sees people assembling spontaneously, whether it’s individuals or whole nations, based on shared interests, reciprocal excitement and mutual satisfaction, and whether for a relationship or a project or just for fun, “he” needs to get in there and regulate it (otherwise he feels irrelevant); when “he” sees people expressing themselves in print, he worries “he” didn’t vet the sources or proofread all the drafts (too much “free-flow” in the “free-flow of information”!); when “he” sees people in houses of worship, it makes him feel unimportant (why aren’t they worshiping him!); and forget petitioning with grievances – that’ll be taken as a criticism of “his” manner of doing things.

When the Monster sees freedom, he needs to choke it, stomp on it and then put it in his mouth and devour it. Without eating your freedom, he’d starve to death, because he can’t tolerate or satisfy those life-sustaining emotional impulses within himself.

And that’s the key.

It’s because the Global Monster feeds on freedom that our most effective weapon is non-compliance. i.e., his starvation. And I’m not just talking about not wearing a mask, although that is certainly part of it. We are talking about an historically new situation, where the sociopaths now have a completely global reach and influence – relatively speaking, and unbelievably, there is a mask on nearly every face on nearly every street in nearly every nation. People need to stop complying with the entire Covid narrative – testing, vaccinating, masking, distancing and lockdowns – return it to the “store” and stop living as though it were real.

But many people can’t “stop complying” any more than you can tell someone with an addiction to just stop eating, shopping or shooting up. I’m not saying it’s an addiction – for some it is – but if you’re married to the Covid narrative, it does serve a function. In that case, you can’t stop it; you have to make it unnecessary.

For most people though, this is next to impossible. Thus, there are knee jerk reactions to hearing the truth about Covid-19. But for many, there is still the fence they are sitting on. These are the people we want to reach. They know something is wrong, but their fear keeps winning out; when pressed, they buckle and comply. But they really don’t want to! They hate it. But they don’t know what to do about it. They’re choking on the Covidian atmosphere of fear and confusion – especially with a mask on!

Our only real hope in helping people become non-compliant is to ignite their freedomfire. It’s already there. It’s already active. It’s even already burning! They just misperceive the unsettled pressure and recurrent anxiety as the fear of a virus, rather than the gut feeling that their freedom is under attack and they’re being deceived. Again, decent people are at a disadvantage because of their decency.

While it’s true if only a few of us resist the Global Monster it will have no problem squashing us, it is also true that when the proverbial critical mass is reached – assuming the Pareto 20% Principle applies here, and I think it does – the monster will initially go crazy, thrashing about, smashing anything within its reach (stand back!) but will ultimately collapse into and onto itself from starvation, because it has got to eat freedom. It is the only thing that can sustain it. It just needs to control everything, unable to concede the fact that nature has its own regulatory agencies thank you very much – and that we too are a part of nature and can regulate ourselves!

So the task is clear: just keep igniting the freedomfire and productive groups will spontaneously emerge. It is a completely natural process and the Founders knew it. They formed an explicit protection for it called the First Amendment. It cannot be more clear: the enemy of the First Amendment is the enemy of freedom, no matter how they rationalize or gradate the restrictions. Do not be fooled. Their inner fascist is stirring, and to spot even the first hint of an attempt at suppression is a clear indication of where trouble will inevitably start brewing. Because somebody is hungry for your freedom.

Every time I open this email list and see so many familiar names, I feel inspired. I hope others do too. I know most of the people here, though not all. I have a lot of respect and affection for all of you, especially for all of my old AIDS dissident friends and associates. Once the rudiments of the new website are up, hopefully within a couple of months at most, I want to start engaging more actively in some projects and will gratefully accept help, assistance and supportive (not to mention original) ideas.

Operating on a general principle of igniting the freedomfire, I hope that our efforts will serve as efficient and effective reminders that the fight really is about reclaiming our freedom, staying off the totalitarian impulses of the enemies of freedom, and then putting into place the “new Guards” that can act as watchdogs for this organized emotional plague that can only survive on other people’s freedom – a plague that at present, most people don’t even know exists.

And so it’s appropriate that I post this on Inauguration Day, a day that is being used not to inaugurate a new American administration, but to inaugurate a new level of Covid restrictions, a stronger shoehorn for the Great Reset, and a platter upon which the hungry totalitarians are preparing to feast.

It is an easy prediction that over the next couple of months, the powers-that-be will not only be greatly amplifying their attacks on the First Amendment, and anything else that does not serve the “revolution”, but first and foremost that their priority is going to be all things anti-Covid. It has to be. If they are serious about their agenda – and everything they have done so far shows they are deadly serious – then they will need to escalate their efforts and shut the rest of us down. It is an easy prediction. We should take it as seriously as they do. (Make sure all of your stuff is saved!)

Hopefully these words will help to further inspire your own freedomfire, help you to overcome Covid fatigue, and remind you with even greater clarity what it is that draws you here, what you can reasonably do to help and why we are doing it all in the first place.

My best to all,

Tom DiFerdinando
Rethinking AIDS/Unmasking Covid and AIDS

UPDATE: Here is the summary corrective to the “Covidian arithmetic” I referenced above:
A Critical Review of CDC USA Data on Covid-19: PCR/Antigen Tests & Cases Reveal Herd Immunity Only, and Do Not Warrant Public Hysteria or Lockdowns
James DeMeo, PhD
February 9, 2021


1) Tom DiFerdinando, The Chinese Communist Party’s Global Lockdown Fraud, January 10, 2021

2) Jon Rappoport, COVID: The Chinese regime, Sun Tzu and The Art of War, April 14, 2020

3) Michael P. Senger, Attorney, Stacey A. Rudin, Attorney, et al., The Chinese Communist Party’s Global Lockdown Fraud – Request for expedited federal investigation into scientific fraud in COVID-19 public health policies, January 10, 2021

List of papers on the deadly consequences of lockdowns and forced masking.

February 21, 2021

List of papers on the deadly consequences of lockdowns and forced masking.

The Supplementary Information file to my last research paper now lists numerous studies from 2020 and earlier, documenting the deadly consequences of lockdowns and forced masking.

Immediately following that list of studies, there is a section with new information on something also discussed in my research paper:
Deliberate Conflation of Influenza with Covid-19?

For example:

The red triangles are influenza for 2020-2021. The other graph lines are prior year’s influenza levels. Where did the influenza go, if not by re-definition into Covid-19? And how many other diseases and disorders were also magically transformed into Covid-19?

This material is beyond what is included in my research paper already mentioned in a prior email.

The updated Supplementary Information file is attached, but it can also be downloaded directly from here:

Supplementary Information for "A Critical Review of CDC USA Data on Covid-19"

And here’s the original article:

A Critical Review of CDC USA Data on Covid-19: PCR/Antigen Tests & Cases Reveal Herd Immunity Only, & Do Not Warrant Public Hysteria or Lockdowns

James DeMeo, PhD
Ashland, Oregon, USA

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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it."
– George Orwell

A Call for an Investigation into the CDC’s Conduct During COVID-19

February 15, 2021

The CDC Data Disaster

A Call for an Investigation into the CDC’s Conduct During COVID-19. Free online event.

Many top people will be speakers.

A Free Online Event
Wednesday, February 17, 2021 – 6 p.m. EST / 3 p.m. PST

This mirrors the concerns related in my recent article.
A Critical Review of CDC USA Data on Covid-19: PCR/Antigen Tests & Cases Reveal Herd Immunity Only, & Do Not Warrant Public Hysteria or Lockdowns

James DeMeo, PhD

New info on massive deaths due to lockdowns alone.

February 9, 2021

New info on massive deaths due to lockdowns alone.

I recently upgraded my research paper on Covid-19 to include a section on "Lockdowns, forced masking and economic ruin". After locating a number of research reports on this aspect, the numbers of deaths could be estimated at between 300,000 to 400,000 in the USA alone, over 2020. As such, the effects of such lockdowns become as big a killer as what is claimed to be caused by Covid-19 itself. And that figure of C19 deaths is extremely fabricated, mostly being people dying of comorbidities such as heart attack, cancers, pneumonia and influenza, which is being misreported as "death by Covid" for a variety of reasons. My paper coverd all of that, but now includes this staggering new information, which helps understand the explosion in all-cause deaths which the CDC dropped as a "data dump" around the turn of the year.

The revision-update version is now posted to the same websites for download:

A Critical Review of CDC USA Data on Covid-19: PCR/Antigen Tests & Cases Reveal Herd Immunity Only, and Do Not Warrant Public Hysteria or Lockdowns

This revision, dated to 9 Feb. (today) not only contains the new section on deaths due to lockdowns, but also incorporated the Postscript and Supplementary info materials into the main text, with a re-ordering of the sections to start with the most obvious issues exposed by simple graphics, working towards the more complex issues where math-analysis of the CDC’s own data reinforces the conclusion that there is no "C19 pandemic" but rather a lot of extra deaths due to lockdowns and economic ruin, what is often termed "Deaths by Despair".

Also this is an interesting presentation on the same subject:
OANN REPORT: CDC Reveals Hospitals Counted Heart Attacks as COVID-19 Deaths
And not just heart attacks.

The public health in the USA will be set back by 100 years by the time this whole thing is finally exposed for the fraud that it truly is. They want to extend lockdowns and so forth for another year or two, and basically to exterminate the middle class working familys, and put us all on the government payroll. And the convention-minded power-brokers use the weapon of censorship quite ruthlessly.

James DeMeo, PhD

I am also asking that people buy my books, or make a donation to my non-profit research lab. This kind of research requires a lot of time and energy, and is freely offered to the world. Your purchase of my books, or donations to my laboratory allow this kind of work to proceed unhampered. Please consider to do so, using these two websites:

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A Critical Review of CDC USA data on Covid-19

January 16, 2021

A Critical Review of CDC USA data on Covid-19:

PCR/Antigen Tests & Cases Reveal Herd Immunity Only and Do Not Warrant Public Hysteria or Lockdowns

by James DeMeo, PhD

Full Paper Download:

Latest Update: 23 January 2021

“What is the hardest thing of all?
That which seems the easiest.
For your eyes to see,
that which lies before your eyes.”
– Goethe



Basic Data on USA Annual Human Mortality

USA Covid-19 and All-Cause Death Counts by Age Group

Covid-19 Death Data Inconsistencies Identified by Genevieve Briand

Seasonality of Covid-19 Data, and the Absence of Lockdown Benefits

Reviewing the “PCR/Antigen Confirmed” USA Covid-19 Data

Analysis of the Death/Case Ratios

Overlap & Possible Dual-Classification or Re-Classification of 2020’s Influenza & Pneumonia into the Covid-19 Category

Electron Microscope Image Errors?

The Fallacy of PCR/Antigen Testing “Accuracy”

Alarmist Reporting on Death Counts

Problems in Medical Diagnosis, & Suppression of Dissent

Banned and Slandered, but Effective Remedies

Changing Definitions of a Disease “Case”

“Evidence-Based Medicine” Often Ignores the Evidence

POSTSCRIPT: 7 January 2021 CDC/NCHS Data Gymnastics in the Last Week of 2020

Conclusions & Recommendations




Basic annual all-cause deaths data, when reviewed in light of a claimed Covid-19 pandemic and decadal expectations from annual increases in population growth, revealed no overall surge in USA deaths for 2020. Age-specific analysis also failed to confirm any significant increase in Covid-19 deaths among populations of high-risk elderly 65+ years as compared to all-cause deaths within the same demographic. The Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) “daily confirmed-case and confirmed-deaths” data on Covid-19 were also reviewed as plotted together on the same ordinate scale, along the vertical axis, revealing a less frightening perspective of daily confirmed death numbers from the claimed “pandemic” than is usually reported on “official science” and media websites with graphical and numerical exaggerations. Daily death/case ratios failed to affirm any significant growth or spread of an expected deadly viral pandemic, except for the initial period of March-April 2020, which quickly subsided. These direct reviews of the official CDC data, formulated within the existing paradigm of a claimed deadly SARS-CoV-2 virus and Covid-19 disease, expose multiple contradictions to basic causality and logic. Problems in PCR/antigen tests and electron-microscopy for specific identification of SARS-CoV-2 are exposed, indicating cross-reactivity and confusions with other corona viruses and their DNA/RNA fragments, along with antibodies to them. The claimed Covid-19 tests thereby do not appear specific to the living SARS-CoV-2 virus, which is why lab-confirmed cases among asymptomatic people have soared to dramatically high numbers, while lab-confirmed deaths have not. Other contradictions in CDC data were identified, and can best be understood as deaths from ordinary seasonal respiratory disorders such as influenza or pneumonia being inappropriately reclassified as Covid-19. Soaring “case” numbers therefore would reflect herd immunity only, possibly as early as May of 2020. These conclusions are not confined to the USA data, but appear global.

Full Paper Download:

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