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Conference on Orgonomy/Contact With Space, 17-18 June, Athens Greece.

May 7, 2017

Conference on Orgonomy/Contact With Space, 17-18 June, Athens Greece.

Lecturers: James DeMeo, Peter Robbins, Richard Dolan

Here are the two major websites for the Conference, which will be presented in both English and Greek languages, with simultaneous translations:
Contact information:
Greek telephone: +30 27410 52004

The scheduled lectures by the speakers can be reviewed at these three weblinks:

Personal Note from Dr. DeMeo:

This Conference is very interesting and one of the first I know that devotes significant attention to Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s most controversial last works, on the subjects of the UFO and gravitation. I’ve been invited to present on my own experimental work over many decades, investigating and confirming Reich’s findings. I’ll give a lecture on my Saharasia confirmations, another on my laboratory confirmations on the orgone accumulator and various orgone-energetic anomalies and phenomena, a third lecture on my successful cloudbusting expeditions to end severe droughts and green deserts, and for the first time, a fourth lecture discussing my own UFO observations and related inquiries over the years. I’ll also give my insights into Reich’s last work in orgone physics, his post-Oranur Experiment investigations. In that work, Reich personally witnessed UFO fly-bys during his cloudbusting projects (something I also once witnessed and wrote about, in the publication Heretic’s Notebook*). Reich speculated the UFO used orgone energy as a means of propulsion, touching on the subject of gravitation and possible negative-g.

Regarding the other two presenters, I know Mr. Peter Robbins and his exceptional research into the UFO phenomenon since many years, and always found his lectures to be insightful and illuminating. He is one of the most serious and empirically-oriented UFO investigators I know, and has done much in the way of separating out fact from fantasy or fiction in this fluid field of study. His articles and lectures on Reich’s UFO observations have provided confirming evidence from other credible witnesses for nearly everything Reich wrote on the subject, and is the de-facto top expert in orgonomy on this subject. Robbins has also written books and articles on many key-critical UFO events in both the UK and USA, and at this Conference will tackle yet another critical case study, from the old Soviet Union.

Mr. Richard Dolan I have not met, but his talk on possible government programs of UFO or anti-gravity propulsion research is timely, and should be very interesting.

I look forward to this event. Plan to attend if you are able.

James DeMeo, PhD

* "My UFO Observations", in Heretic’s Notebook, 2002.


Dr. DeMeo’s full schedule of lectures and seminars for 2017:


Updated Info on the Forthcoming OBRL Summer Seminar, August 2017

April 22, 2017

Updated Info on the Forthcoming Orgone Biophysical Research Lab (OBRL) Summer Seminar, August 2017

New and Updated information has been posted to the OBRL Events webpage:

The forthcoming Seminar at OBRL will be a weekend event, from 12-13 August, but with optional Friday and Monday offerings. The subject will be:

My 45 Years of Scientific Investigations and Experimental Confirmations of Wilhelm Reich’s Sex-Economic and Orgone Biophysical Discoveries, with new findings

* 11 August, Friday evening, there is a two-hour pre-seminar social gathering at the OBRL Center.

* 12-13 August, Saturday and Sunday, the main Seminar takes place, with lectures and demonstrations of apparatus, in our new open-air outdoor shelter.

* 14 August, Monday, an optional field trip to nearby Crater Lake National Park, with the bluest water in the world, will take place.

Visits to the OBRL orgone energy darkroom, to experience the high-charge environment, and to the OBRL astronomical observatory, will be possible (weather permitting) during the evening and free time periods.

Go to the Events page and scroll down for further details, about the Seminar and the beautiful natural forest surroundings, clean air and water at the OBRL Center, including photos from prior OBRL events.

We recommend to make your registration for the August Seminar as soon as possible, via the Events page weblinks, as attendance will be restricted once we get close to our maximum of 35 Seminar guests. A separate webpage on Travel to OBRL, and nearby Lodging information for the Ashland region, is here:

Other Conferences and Lectures for Summer 2017.

Our Events webpage also now includes a short mention and weblinks to a forthcoming Wilhelm Reich Contact With Space Conference in Athens Greece in June, where I give several lectures. It also identifies another lecture I will give to the Conference on the Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water, in Sofia Bulgaria in October. It also gives a courtesy mention and weblinks for a forthcoming Voice of Wilhelm Reich seminar to be held at the Wilhelm Reich Museum in July. I will provide a separate notice for each of these in the near future, but you can access their information weblinks directly from our Events page.

Thanks for your interest, and we hope you can attend one or more of these interesting events.

Please also consider making a tax-deductible donation to support OBRL’s on-going research program and seminar/lecture costs, so we may continue with our scientific and educational efforts. See here:

Thank you,

James DeMeo, PhD
Director of OBRL
Ashland, Oregon, USA

PS. Click here to purchase my books, and those by Wilhelm Reich, plus various research and measuring instruments:

New Article: The Scientific Discoveries of Wilhelm Reich

March 5, 2017

New Article: The Scientific Discoveries of Wilhelm Reich
The FDA Literally Burned His Books

One of my articles recently appeared on the Bolen Report, run by Tim Bolen, advocate for natural healing methods. An effort to educate new publics about Reich’s legitimate work, and counter the many slanders and distortions. Please share around.

The Scientific Discoveries of Wilhelm Reich, and Their Repression

James DeMeo, PhD

"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it."
– George Orwell

In Defense of Wilhelm Reich:
Opposing the 80-year’s War of Mainstream Defamatory Slander
Against One of the 20th Century’s Most Brilliant Physicians and Natural Scientists

Advice to Students of Orgonomy Aiming for the Universities

March 4, 2017

Advice to Students of Orgonomy Aiming for the Universities

In response to a discussion on facebook, I wrote the following, which may be of wider interest.


Working with Reich’s ideas in the universities is not an easy thing. But it is possible. I was the first young scientist to earn a graduate degree (Master’s and Doctorate, 1979 and 1986) while openly investigating Reich’s work at a mainstream university, where I produced two major studies that proved the accuracy of his findings. I was able to do this only with the support of interested faculty. That is critical, to have that support from an interested faculty member, or the young student cannot do much in the Academy. I served as professor for around 10 years, always being very open about my interests in Reich, continuing with serious and productive orgonomic research, before the attacks by the "skeptic clubs" eventually made it impossible to continue. So it is not impossible to make an inroad within the Academy with an open interest in Reich, though the risks can be substantial.

On the other hand, openly pursuing a study or research into Reich’s orgonomic work, and obtaining tenure, nobody has so far been successful in doing that. I know several professors who hold deep interests in Reich, several with very good research on Reich and bions or orgone energy, but they kept their interests in Reich quiet, and did not make open expression of their interests until after gaining tenure, a lengthy process. I wasn’t willing to do that, to wait so long. It was my choice, and made for some rough times, as well as providing substantial rewards.

After eventually bailing out of the academic system, I went on to form my own research and educational institute, the Orgone Biophysical Research Lab. Since doing so, I got more support for my research and more invitations to lecture in universities and do field work, than I had ever got during my years as professor. Based on my experience, the young student today who has not yet any family burdens but has a passion for orgonomic science, should be encouraged to take some risks in the universities. They can always fall back upon more conventional research. Firstly of course to study hard and learn-understand the conventional science, but especially during graduate work, to openly seek a department where they could follow their interests and openly bring Reich’s work into serious scientific investigation.

Only the young can do this, I am convinced. Waiting for existing professors to show an interest in Reich, who rose to high positions by decades of bowing to mainstream authority, or constructing bibliographies of basically anti-orgonomic claims, waiting for the high-ups in the National Academy to suddenly read Reich and declare him to be a genius and undertake unbiased investigation… that is surely unrealistic, rather like Waiting for Godot, or for the Second Coming of Christ, to "save us". The hope for the future, in all things, is with the brave and clear-minded genital youth. I am reminded here of Reich’s statue of "Man Leaping the Gap". Of course today, it is men and women.

Cheers, J.D.

Seminar in Detmold, Germany 19 March. Registration deadline approaches.

March 1, 2017

Seminar in Detmold, Germany 19 March. Registration deadline approaches.

The deadline approaches for new registrations to our event in Detmold.

Please review the details at our events webpage and let us know quickly if you plan to attend.

Courtesy Announcement: Summer Conference at Orgonon: The Voice of Wilhelm Reich

February 22, 2017

Courtesy Announcement: Conference at Orgonon: The Voice of Wilhelm Reich


July 10-14, 2017 – RANGELEY, MAINE

The Wilhelm Reich Museum is offering a unique opportunity to participate in a conference with Reich himself.

Reich recorded a series of lectures and meetings with his students between 1949 and 1955. Now "The Voice of Wilhelm Reich" will present five of those audio tapes for study and discussion:

The importance of Method in Scientific Research and Reich’s Discovery of the Armor
Reich Speaks of Freud
Problems of A New Medicine
The Oranur Experiment
Man’s Roots in Nature

The tapes will be introduced by science historian James Strick, Ph.D., author of Wilhelm Reich, Biologist (Harvard U. Press, 2015).

Programs will take place during the morning hours and there will be special evening activities. Afternoons will be free so that participants can vacation in the beautiful Rangeley Lakes Region in the Western Mountains of Maine


* An interesting and positive book review of Dr. Strick’s Wilhelm Reich Biologist was posted to a history website most recently, here:
* Dr. DeMeo’s seminar on his 45 years of work in experimental orgonomy is also on schedule for this summer, in mid-August, along with a shorter one-day seminar on the same topic to be held in Detmold, Germany.

OBRL 2016 Year-End Report #29

February 20, 2017

OBRL 2016 Year-End Report #29

The OBRL 2016 Year-End Report #29 is available as a PDF download, from this website:

Or you can directly download it as a PDF from here:

Please consider making a donation to OBRL, instructions for that are found at the end of the Year-End Report.

Also do not forget our forthcoming seminar in Detmold Germany (19 March) and Ashland Oregon (12-13 August). Available seats for the Detmold event are filling up.


James DeMeo, PhD
Director of OBRL

SAHARASIA, Once Again, $10, Free shipping

February 11, 2017

SAHARASIA, Once Again, $10, Free shipping

Once more, we are offering copies of Saharasia for $10 each (normally $34 to $39 each), from now through the 1st of March, with free shipping within the USA. To obtain this special offer in the USA only (including AK and HI), see this weblink.

Shipping is included in this price, and you can purchase as many copies of Saharasia as you wish, to share with friends or family. This is a special offering made on rare occasions only through my social media. As indicated on the above weblink, payment must be mailed to me by check, with a postmark no later than March 1st.

I will also extend a similar offering to Canada, UK and EU destinations. You must buy the book as usual from our Natural Energy Works website and shopping cart, at the usual price, but as your destination is outside the USA, it will bypass the usual shipping calculations.

In some cases, as in S. America or Africa, reliable shipping is quite expensive, so we cannot make the free shipping offer in those places.

So that’s $10 bucks each free shipping in the USA, and the normal price of $34 each free shipping international to Canada, UK and EU.

This is a limited offering, in our efforts to make the Saharasian discoveries more widely known, and clear out needed storage space at our facility.

Thanks for your attention, and don’t forget to consider the forthcoming seminars in Germany and Oregon, described here:


Forthcoming J. DeMeo Seminars in Detmold (March 19), Ashland (August 12-13)

February 7, 2017

Forthcoming J. DeMeo Seminars in Detmold (March 19), Ashland (August 12-13):

New information has been added to the OBRL Events page, on payment, lodging and transportation to these events. See here:

If interested to attend, now is a good time to register and make your payment, particularly for the Detmold event.

To Recap, for those who have not seen the prior announcements:

Seminar Topic (both locations):

James DeMeo’s 45 Years of Scientific Investigations and Experimental Confirmations of Wilhelm Reich’s Sex-Economic and Orgone Biophysical Discoveries, with new findings. Presented by James DeMeo, PhD (English language, no translator)

1. GERMANY: Detmold: Sunday 19 March 2017
The location will be at a meeting room in one of the Detmold hotels, to be decided soon.

2. USA, Ashland Oregon. Saturday-Sunday, 12-13 August 2017
The location will probably be in a lecture room at nearby Southern Oregon University, with other events at the Orgone Biophysical Research Lab facility in the mountains near to Ashland.

For more details, plus seminar Registration and Payment information, go to the revised "Events" page, here:

Thank you!

Orgone Biophysical Research Lab (OBRL)
Ashland, Oregon, USA

Seminars in Detmold and Ashland, On Track!

January 26, 2017

Seminars in Detmold and Ashland, On Track!

To my friends and supporters, and those newly interested in my work:

My seminars in Detmold Germany (Sunday 19 March) and Ashland, Oregon (Sat-Sun. 12-13 August) are on track and will be held. I have just updated the OBRL Events page with a bit more information. There’s now a link there with information on lodging in the local area, as well as info on travelling to Detmold and/or Ashland.

Details are also given on the topics to be covered, my 45 years of personal investigations into the work of Wilhelm Reich (and a few other science heretics), with exacting investigations and experimental proofs of his sex-economic and orgone biophysical discoveries.

More info will be posted on the precise address location of these seminars as soon as the venues are secure. If you are interested to attend either event, please review the details on this Events webpage and give us an email through the address found there, to reserve a spot.

James DeMeo, PhD

PS. The “Danger Keep Back” sign given below is from the edge of Crater Lake, with a long drop down to the water. That lake holds the bluest water in the world. That is a sign of good healthy orgone energy charge, as noted by Reich, and proved out in my own water spectroscopy experiments with orgone-charged water. It is also a euphemism for orgonomy in general, that its truths are often “too hot” for most people to handle, causing emotional discombobulation and vertigo (or as Reich noted, “falling anxiety”) especially for those steeped in “normal” politically-corrected scientism and culture. “Dangerous truths”!  Hope you can make it.