OBRL Newsletter, May 2019

OBRL Newsletter, May 2019

Dear Friends and Supporters of Dr. James DeMeo’s Research,
and the Orgone Biophysical Research Lab (OBRL)

The OBRL Research and Educational Center

Several months have passed since the last informative newsletter was posted out. This notice will update what’s been going on at OBRL.

Firstly, for those newcomers unfamiliar with my research, which goes back to the early 1970s, a fundraising letter was sent around late last year, containing a section "Brief History of My Work" and another "Research at OBRL Today". Those provide more information and background, and can be reviewed here:

My published scientific articles, book previews and conference presentations are best found at the Academia.edu website, given the slow updating of our main website.

1. Two Lectures at the Energy Conference in Idaho. I’ll be the keynote speaker, giving two lecture presentations, at the forthcoming Energy Science and Technology Conference, July 11-14, in Hayden Idaho (near Spokane). Details are here:
My lecture topics are:

* "Cosmic Ether Exists: Correcting a Major Error in Modern Science", and

* "The Orgone Energy Accumulator: Experimental Confirmations and New Water-Structuring Evidence"

The first talk is the subject of my new book, nearing completion, described below, while the second is related to my recent research paper in Water journal.

2. New Book Nearing Completion. The preliminary title is "The Dynamic Ether of Cosmic Space: Correcting a Major Error in Modern Science". It gives a non-mathematical logic-based overview of the historical ether-drift experiments, showing how many, including the famous Michelson-Morley, got positive results proving variable light speed depending upon cosmic direction. Their experiments were followed by a much more ambitious effort by Morley-Miller and later by Dayton Miller independently. All got very positive results, of an ether wind blowing across the surface of the Earth at round 10 kilometers per second. All that work was subjected to widespread misinterpretation and misrepresentation, or was ignored for various reasons, as I explain.

Ether-compatible theories such as an infinite universe filled with a light-affecting energetic medium, as per astronomers Hoyle and Arp, and also the cosmic life energy of Reich, with similar discovery by Piccardi, Brown and Burr, gave the ether discovery a powerful boost. They were also subjected to avoidance and erasure, including personal attacks. This gave full room for the development of contrary ether-incompatible theories with far less evidence (and no unequivocal evidence), such as the Einstein metaphysics, the big bang theory, and quantum entanglement. With the cosmic ether discarded, along with life-energy, the new metaphysical universe theories gained in power and false prestige, ruling academic departments, often with an iron fist. The post-Ether astrophysics pulled away from empirical astronomy, away from functional evidence-based science into a new unseen world of mystical objects and contortions in the fabric of space, which could only be approached as a belief-system. The universe was thereafter inhabited by impossibly large quasars, mythical "black holes" (sorry, big problems with the so-called "first photo of a black hole"), "multiple universes", and a universal creation-myth worthy of any religion, of a big-bang explosion where virtually "everything was created out of nothing". The older view of an infinite cosmos filled with a ubiquitous ether as medium for light waves, with the slow building up of matter and energy in stellar systems, with gradual declines over eons of time, was replaced by "empty space" and a dead universe.

Diagram of the actual motions of Earth through space

Such a late-19th and early 20th Century cosmic ether is also agreeable in many aspects with Wilhelm Reich’s discovery of the orgone energy, also a cosmic energy filling all space. Reich wrote about the cosmic ether in many of his articles and books, describing aspects of it that only today have better confirmation. My forthcoming book includes an in-depth chapter on Reich’s ideas, updated to modern observations and claims. Some of my own discovery on cosmic ether-motions are included. This book is the product of a life-long interest, from my adolescence as amateur astronomer and astronaut wannabe, with a major focus over the last decade. The book will be around 350 pages, with numerous illustrations, a scientific work which does for physics and astronomy what my Saharasia research and book did for anthropology and history, revealing previously hidden patterns unseen or ignored by the specialists. The ether changes everything. So does the life-energy. The two concepts, supported by a lot of experimental evidence, constitute a powerful mixture pregnant with new approaches to old problems, and offers to sweep away much of the current stagnation in the sciences as a whole.

"The Dynamic Ether of Cosmic Space" is written for both the layperson and scientist, with minimal maths and lots of diagrams and figures one will not find elsewhere. Further announcements will follow as the book becomes available.

3. Experimental work continues at OBRL, my focus of the last years being the orgone-charged vacuum, the OR Motor question, and a parallel investigation of electrogravitation. Several substantial new steps and accomplishments have been made in the last two years, though delayed for completion of the new book.

Testing of the KS-9154 Spinner Motor at OBRL

New experiments on orgone-charged water are also in the planning, following upon what was recently published in my peer-reviewed paper in Water journal, which summarized new spectrographic findings made at OBRL since c.2010. http://www.waterjournal.org/volume-10

Fluorescence reaction of orgone-charged water, in the near-UV and blue frequencies

Those who have been getting my informative letters over the years will already know my past work.

* The systematic study on the Reich cloudbuster at the University of Kansas, with many other drought-ending projects in the USA and overseas.
* The Saharasia discovery, on the origins of human armoring and violence.
* A systematic controlled experiment on orgone accumuator boosting of plant growth.
* Confirmation of Reich’s To-T thermal anomaly experiment, in the most tightly controlled "bullet-proof" protocol to date.
* Confirmation of Reich’s work on orgone-charged high-vacuum, and GM-reaction.
* Spectrographic confirmation of Reich’s observations on orgonotic lumination, as a property at work in DNA, in water structuring, and in the the color frequency of glacial ice, dark blue lakes, hot springs, and also as in "water-drenched" quasars and galactic halos.
* Creation of a private research lab and educational seminar facility, the Orgone Biophysical Research Lab, in an optimal high-altitude, low EMF/RF environment for cosmic energy research in the mountains on the West Coast USA.

All of these experimental efforts were inspired labors requiring years of sweat, tears and love, along with a lot of money for the myriad expenses. For ten years I worked as professor in the universities, doing research and teaching courses on Earth and Atmospheric Science. My research efforts were supported by many, and opposed by many, often accomplished under incredibly hostile conditions, and always analyzed scientifically with the best protocols and equipment as was possible. My results were published in quality research journals, peer-reviewed for the most part, or in my own institute’s private research reports, made available to the public at minimal cost in books or as free downloads on internet.

A lot of hard work was required in each of those efforts, with large expenses at every turn, made possible only by the generous donations from our network of friends, associates and supporters. Which brings us to the next point.

4. Donations to OBRL, to help with the research as described above. This is also very helpful and necessary. Right now, funds are primarily needed for laboratory equipment, consumables and other expenses related to the above projects, as well as for maintenance of the lab facility, seen in the above photograph. Your help with a financial donation, to support my research and educational efforts would be greatly appreciated. My institute, the Orgone Biophysical Research Lab, is an IRS-approved non-profit Foundation, so donations are tax-deductible. For donations of funds, send a check made out to "OBRL", PO Box 1148, Ashland, Oregon 97520. Or you can use our on-line donation page, to make a one-time or monthly recurring donation of any amount you wish, using any credit card. http://www.orgonelab.org/donation.htm

5. Donations of used items. Over the years, we have used many computers for data acquisition on long-term experiments. They run continuously, 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year, gathering data on atmospheric and orgone accumualtor variables. Consequently, after a few years of such work, they often "give up the ghost" requiring repair or replacement. We run Macintosh computers exclusively, and periodically seek donations of older equipment such as the MacBookPro laptop, or the MacMini desktop. If you have one of those in good working order, or maybe with a problem needing repair, we’d consider to accept it in donation. We have several of these previously donated, now running our weather station, and another set up for video production. Give me an email if you have something along these lines, describing what you have.

Also, we are seeking donation of a good used 4-wheel drive vehicle, pickup truck or SUV-type, to replace our now worn-out 1983 Toyota, which our mechanic says is nearing complete break-down, and for which parts are difficult to find. If you have a newer used 4-WD vehicle ready to trade-in, or just don’t use it, consider to donate it to my research efforts. This would be used for transporting our heavy cloudbuster trailers, and also for general hauling, maintenance of the local property, and myriad other tasks. Give me an email with your questions and a description of what you have, and your telephone, and we can discuss it.

6. OBRL Seminars. Earlier this year we announced a seminar in Germany and another at OBRL over the summer. Both events were cancelled. The event in Germany could not proceed as the facility where we rented a lecture room was no longer available, and we could not find a replacement. Instead, private meetings with a few serious students took place. My thanks to all who came, and offered their help and expressions of interest for that event. The summer seminar at OBRL was cancelled mostly because of my focus upon finishing the new book, and for the demands of the research underway. The old space at OBRL once used for seminars is now filled with experimental apparatus, with no suitable local alternative.

For the coming years, I will lecture and give seminars where others organize them, which then allows many people at distant locations to attend my seminars at an overall lower cost. This will require others to undertake the organizational tasks, though OBRL can help promote those events by use of our mailing list and contacts. I will also, as is possible, present my work at scientific conferences, which is another reason for financial donations to OBRL. Any such events will be announced by our newsletter. An internet webinar may be organized at some point.

Meanwhile, I encourage the newcomer to my research, to review the weblinks on this Newsletter, and purchase my books, which contain a lot of educational material on orgonomic science. These are sold on most international internet sites such as Amazon and Barnes and Nobel, and a few streetside bookstores. Or they can be obtained directly from our own on-line bookstore:

Of course, Wilhelm Reich’s prior published work is centrally important to my own work. One must also keep in mind that, in a world going increasingly crazy, authentic orgonomic science has no relationship to the current "orgonite" fad, which does Reich’s research legacy a great disservice.

The ugly slanders against Reich as crank, crackpot, sex-fiend, etc., are also purely lies. And that goes for Wikipedia as well, a terrible forum to consult for anything related to my work, or Reich’s work, or anything controversial. The same kind of people who burned Reich’s books and slandered him into prison, and then applauded, are still with us, masking as "rational skeptics".

Thanks for your interest in my work, and assistance with our funding needs. A few additional informative websites are provided below. The new book should become available by mid-June and will be announced at that time.

Please share this item with your own social media networks. A posted version of it appears on our WordPress Blog, here:

With good wishes, and thanks,

James DeMeo, PhD

Director, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab
Ashland, Oregon, USA
e-mail: demeo(at)mind(dot)net

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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it."
– George Orwell

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