Virulent Viruses or Virulent Virology?

July 4, 2021

Virulent Viruses or Virulent Virology?

By Thomas DiFerdinando

Many of you know there has been a growing controversy regarding the question of the existence of viruses, their pathogenicity if they do exist, and whether there is scientific merit to the claims of proof for viral isolation.

While Drs. Andrew Kaufman and Thomas Cowan have been the more famous popularizers of this essential question – especially through social media channels – and Dr. Kaufman has done a lot of research on his own, the driving force in these arguments for really over twenty years now has been Dr. Stefan Lanka of Germany. The founding chapter of the dissident AIDS group called HEAL (Health Education AIDS Liaison) that I helped lead for over twenty years and that was based in New York City, hosted Dr. Lanka a few times back in the 1990’s, so I know him personally.

Stefan, influenced by Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos, Val Turner and John Papadimitriou of “The Perth Group”, was one of the most vocal proponents of the point of view that “HIV” has never been isolated, and thus never even proven to exist, let alone cause anything other than confusion and hysteria. The famous, bombshell paper on the subject written by Perth was published by the late Harvey Bialy in Biotechnology magazine in 1993, and reported on by Neville Hodgkinson in the Sunday Times of London (two more of my AIDS dissident associates). At the time, I personally faxed this story to multiple mainstream news sources in the USA. Crickets…

(Downloadable original)

Is a Positive Western Blot Proof of HIV Infection?
Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos, Valendar F. Turner & John M. Papadimitriou Bio/Technology volume 11, pages 696-707 (1993)
1 June 1993

In case that link doesn’t work:
Is a Positive Western Blot Proof of HIV Infection?
Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos, Valendar F. Turner and John M. Papadimitriou
1 June 1993

Newspaper report:
By Neville Hodgkinson
The Sunday Times (London)
1 Aug. 1993

Some months ago I found out Lanka, who is a trained virologist (but now identifies as a biologist) has been wanting to run virology’s “missing control experiment”. The standard protocol for preparing cell cultures, and proving the existence and testing the pathogenicity of purported viruses, requires putting the cells on a “starvation diet” and poisoning them with antibiotics, and this, before the addition of the “virally infected” substances. What Lanka wanted to know, was whether the resulting cell death (“cytopathic effect”) was due to the introduction of the mysterious viruses, or to the fact the cells had been starved and poisoned. It seems the obvious thing to do, but believe it or not, no one has ever run a full control experiment to test this latter possibility!

Stefan explains all the background to this situation at the following link, where he recounts the history of viral theory, the original Enders paper on viruses (Enders got the Nobel Prize for medicine as a result of his work on “polio virus”, later using the same uncontrolled techniques to investigate the alleged “measles virus”), and then lays out simply and clearly his seven arguments against the alleged reality of any and all “pathogenic viruses”. The paper is rather poorly translated, but you’ll get the point:—VIROLOGIST—who-claim-disease-causing-viruses-are-science-fraudsters–12-05
The causers of the corona crisis are clearly identified – VIROLOGISTS – disease causing viruses are science fraudsters and must be prosecuted
Dr. Stefan Lanka – reblogged by Corona Investigative December 05, 2020

To help appreciate what is going on here, here’s an excellent one-page summary on the question of viral isolation by Drs. Kaufman and Cowan:
Statement On Virus Isolation (SOVI)

(And just for fun, I include an attachment of my related "origin of viruses" meme – see below.)

For the sake of completeness, I also want to include here another important paper by Dr. Lanka, this one published in WISSENSCHAFFTPLUS – a German magazine – in June of 2015. The above “Causers of the Corona Crisis” article is, in essence, a revamped version of this earlier, more detailed article. However, while the “Causers” paper is less detailed, it is still more up-to-date, and of course includes the vitally important 7-point summary disproving the existence of “viruses” as pathogenic entities:
Dismantling the virus theory: The “measles virus” as an example
Why should we doubt the existence of viruses? What are viruses and what are they not? How are viruses being scientifically demonstrated to exist?
By Dr. Stefan Lanka
June, 2015

Parenthetically, the “Causers” paper holds a special point of interest for scientific workers in the field of orgonomy. In it, one finds in the second section (titled, “The transition from toxin virology to today’s genetic virology”) a reference that Lanka makes to a “biont”. One will immediately note the similarity to Reich’s term “bion”. Some dictionaries define a “biont” as “a discrete unit of living matter”. Lanka develops his meaning of the term a bit more in the following two sections of the paper (“Biology of phages and giant viruses and the resulting refutation of the cell theory of life”; and, “A nobel prize and its fatal consequences”). The question for orgonomically-oriented scientists is, what is the relationship between the “bionts”, i.e., the “phages” and “giant viruses” that Stefan references, and Reich’s “bions”? Is there a relationship?*

(* Reich, W. “The Bion Experiments, On the Origins of Life”, Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1971. DeMeo, J. “Wilhelm Reich’s Bion-Biogenesis Experimental Verifications”

I will also mention that I talked to Stefan a little bit about Reich’s work, in discussions that took place in the late 1990’s. I don’t remember much detail from those talks, or whether I gave him a book list or any specific articles on Reich (I did give him a copy of Jim DeMeo’s Saharasia, and books on heredity by Allan Fraser and Paul Kammerer), I think I told him about the bions.

But getting back to the main point of this communication. Stefan, this past April, completed the first leg of the “missing control experiment”. Dr. Kaufman announced the results of this effort at G. Edward Griffin’s Red Pill Expo in Rapid City, South Dakota one month ago, a conference I attended.

As predicted, Lanka found that if you follow the same protocol virologists follow to claim “isolation” of a virus, except that you leave out the patient’s allegedly infected serum or sputum, the cells still die from protocol-induced malnutrition and poisoning (again, the “cytopathic effect”); they also produce in this natural process the commonly observed “viral particles” that are in fact cellular debris, i.e., the natural breakdown products, proteins and nucleic acids of dead and dying cells. These end products of cell death are classically asserted to have appeared due to “viral replication”, but again, with no control experiments, how can one know?

Here is a newly released and translated video interview, with Stefan briefly describing the experiment and its first round of results. I don’t think he has as yet released the scientific paper detailing the protocol, methods and results. I’ll provide a link to that when it becomes available.
New Study Set to Disprove Virology (Video)
May 19, 2021

From text that accompanies the video link:

"…Most virological research follows this format:

1) Secretions from a sick person are introduced into a cell culture, along with other toxic chemicals. When cells are found to be damaged (called “cytopathic effects”), virologists conclude that there must be a virus present.

2) Genetic material is separated out from patient secretions and analyzed using a computer program. Sequences are trimmed, fitted together, and manipulated until they find one that matches a ‘known’ virus. They then proclaim this to be the virus’s genome.

3) Electron microscopy is performed on cell culture fluid. When scientists observe small particles under the microscope they proclaim this to be the ‘virus’.

Dr. Lanka’s study aims to reproduce this process, except they will be using proper control experiments to show that each one of these steps can be done without the presence of a virus.

• In other words, cytopathic effects are observed due to cell starvation and the introduction of antibiotics and other toxic chemicals;

• Computer programs can manufacture “viral” sequences without the need for an actual virus to be present and, finally:

•  The particles seen under the electron microscope are normal constituents of dead and dying cells.”

This is the first study of its kind and it is truly revolutionary. Once complete, a hundred years of virological research will be shattered into tiny fragments…”

New Book on Covid19 Challenges “Official Truth” Narrative

June 24, 2021

New Book on Covid19 Challenges "Official Truth" Narrative

A Pandemic of Ignorance, Fear,
Hysteria and "Official Truth" Lies

An independent scientific review fails to confirm

the central claims of the CDC, WHO, NIH, FDA,
alarmist media and political tyrants.

by James DeMeo, PhD

Pre-Order Now at discount, the book will ship out after the first week of July.

Facts Vs. Error
Truth Vs. Censorship

Natural scientist James DeMeo reviewed the CDC, WHO and medical arguments and data about the claimed USA Covid-19 pandemic, finding numerous serious problems in basic scientific methods and claimed causality:

* Covid-19 deaths are 81% confined to elderly people over 65 nearing end-of-life, each of whom has an average of 4 pre-existing deadly comorbidities.

* Excess Mortality due to claimed Covid-19 disease, without preexisting deadly comorbidities, is only around 5000 to 18,000 deaths for all of 2020.

* Many of the elderly with those comorbidities were transferred out of hospitals into nursing homes, where other elderly with already weak immune systems succumbed to similar comorbidities, worsened by inhuman lockdown-masking-isolation policies.

* PCR and antigen testing methods are wildly inaccurate, not specific to any corona virus, and cross-react with other DNA/RNA fragments from prior exposures.

* "PCR Confirmed Cases" do not predict who will succumb to Covid-19 sickness or death. Most "positive" people are asymptomatic, non-infectious and never get sick.

* Symptoms of Covid-19 are nearly indistinguishable from seasonal influenza or pneumonia, and they all have a seasonally variable incidence, with far more cases and deaths in wintertime than in summer. This undermines the viral pandemic theory.

* Lockdowns, forced masking and anti-social distancing have protected nobody, and have instead dramatically increased human despair, misery, illness and deaths. The economic ruin and emotional anxiety from such inhuman, prison-like isolation of the elderly have killed most of the people claimed as due to "Covid-19".

* Hospitals and doctors were paid extra sums by government health agencies to lie and reclassify the many comorbidity deaths as "Covid-19", to jack up the numbers. People died of their deadly pre-existing diseases and conditions, not Covid-19.

* Ending of lockdowns, forced masking and isolation have not led to an increase in cases or deaths, just the opposite. The "New Normal" is iatrogenic murder.

* Many ignorant or compromised physicians, mainstream media stars and internet billionaires have colluded with the worst of power-drunk government bureaucrats and pharmaceutical profiteers, to censor and criminalize scientific dissent. They systematically ignore the deadly consequences of totalitarian lockdowns, and scare the public into obedience to a growing Medical Police State. The unnecessary experimental mRNA vaccines have already killed more Americans than all post-1990 vaccination programs combined! They also push for Nazi-like "vaccine passports" and other inhuman segregationist policies.

* All the above points are well-documented and fully referenced.

A truth-teller speaks, on the falsity of just about everything “official” as related to Covid-19.

June 5, 2021

A truth-teller speaks, on the falsity of just about everything "official" as related to Covid-19.

Watch the video at this weblink.

Dr. Scott Atlas – Trump’s former C19 task force spox – basically repeats what I’ve been saying for months, and what’s in my forthcoming book, that the public health officials have not shown one speck or hint of concern for the consequences to public health by their irrational, unscientific and deadly dictates to lock down, force masking, inhuman antisocial distancing, and so forth. THEIR POLICIES AND ACTIONS is what killed the majority of people claimed to have died from Covid19.

Also, beware the damned mRNA arm-jabs, now claiming more lives than all other vaccines have, cumulatively, since 1990, when the VAERS data system was set up. Also a record of toxic reactions, mild to near-death severe.

My new book is now at the printer for creation of a final proof. Will go on pre-publication discounted sale in about a week, with shipping internationally about a week or two thereafter.

James DeMeo, PhD

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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it."
– George Orwell

The Most Prolific Serial Killer In American History: Anthony Fauci

June 3, 2021

The Most Prolific Serial Killer In American History: Anthony Fauci

America’s own Dr. Mengele. Trump should have fired him. Biden should do so now. He should have been fired way back in the AIDS years, when his policies to rush out AZT and other toxic meds put tens of thousands of people into early graves. The Banality of Evil. And Yet, people worship him, still do, as he steps on their faces, demands child abuse for medical reasons, and pisses on the graves of their dead relatives, never cracking a smile. Dr. Dead Face. With a global mass psychoses, a Mass Psychology of Fascism, worshiping the powerful bureaucrat, the closest America got to a Hitler figure, but yet it was, as with Hitler, the too easy acquiescence, the easy "going along" with all his dictates, copied by numerous politicians and the power-hungry at every level of society, that empowered him. Liar. Profiteer. Colluder with Communist tyrants. Unmoved by the misery and death his deadly junk-science commands created. Read and share the article. And Never Forget. When all this is over, every politician, bureaucrat, medical "expert" and policeman who enforced these diktats should pay a heavy personal price. The unnecessary 500,000+ dead Americans demand it.


James DeMeo, PhD

James DeMeo, PhD
Director, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab

Ashland, Oregon, USA
e-mail: demeo(at)mind(dot)net

Published Articles, Reports, Videos and Books

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COVID-19: A Pandemic of Ignorance, Fear, Hysteria and "Official Truth" Lies
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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it."
– George Orwell

What a Nice Shot! (sarc)

June 1, 2021

What a Nice Shot! (sarc)

Ooops! Well, they TOLD you it was "experimental", didn’t they? (NO they did not, but most figured that out before lining up to get it.) What a nice injection, of all sorts of bio-garbage and "adjuvant" poisons.

Memorial Day, a time to remember

May 31, 2021

Memorial Day, a time to remember. Mere survival without liberty is a shadow of living. Never lay down your freedoms voluntarily.

Most of the guys my father’s age
Are slow walking old men.
When they could run,
they absorbed grim knowledge.
Childhood had ended,
and across the ocean
a job was emerging,
requiring the tools of death
which only young men could master.
That slow walking old man on the golf course,
once sent the devil back to hell.
Once upon a time,
when he could run.
Dave Fava September, 2013

Cover of the New Book, forthcoming…

May 28, 2021

Cover of the New Book

A preliminary draft of the front cover of my new book, containing more information and detail than in the earlier article as widely circulated. Coming soon….

New Book Debunking Most Covid-19 Claims

May 26, 2021

New Book Debunking Most Covid-19 Claims

COVID-19: A Pandemic of Ignorance, Fear, Hysteria and "Official Truth" Lies
by James DeMeo, PhD

Message from James DeMeo:

For a long time, I worried that I was "…writing a book that will be obsolete by the time you publish because all this masking and virus hysteria will be over by then". However, every month that goes by, the hysteria and fanaticism of the lockdown-loonies gets worse. At least, here in Oregon and in the many Democrat-ruled states generally. California and Washington states are just as bad, though there is growing push-back against their fascist policies.

On the vaccine issue, which gets a lot of attention these recent months, I recently downloaded all the CDC VAERS files (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) going back to 1990. From them, a graphic was made of the numbers of vaccine deaths and adverse reactions for every year from 1990 onwards, into the first five months of 2021. The results are totally shocking. Here’s a preprint version that is one of many in the forthcoming new book:

The range of annual vaccine deaths from 1990 through 2020 remain relatively low at a few hundred. That includes the VAERS deaths from flu shots which have been given to around 160 million people every year for maybe ten years or so. Covid-19 vaccinations have been given, by contrast, to about half the American population, or ~150 million with over 4000 deaths from Jan to mid-May of 2021! That’s more than the deaths from the 911 terror attacks, and look at how the doctor-caused deaths are just ignored or rationalized, while the 911 deaths triggered a war and major changes in the USA.

Over 200,000 mild to severe adverse events also, where for prior years there were only about a tenth of that number, and we aren’t even half-way through 2021.

No way such data can be dismissed as merely due to larger numbers of vaccinations, which is a false claim made here and there. If that were so, and the Covid19 vaccines no worse than prior ones, then the death rates would mirror those of prior years, and they don’t. If the 2021 trend through May continues, by the year’s end we will have 10,000+ Covid19 vaccination deaths, more than doubling that red bar on the right-side of my graphic.

Will the conventional pro-Covid/Vax doctors take note of it by then? Probably not. Certainly not the Fauci-types, nor the politicians like Brown, Inslee, Cuomo or Newsome. They are true totalitarians. Power-drunk. Smiley-faced villains, just as Shakespeare noted "to smile, and be a villain, oh thou wretched smiling villain".

Of course VAERS data is voluntarily submitted, no laws requiring doctors to report such deaths or adverse reactions, and so what I report above is only some unknown percentage of the true number. Some suggest it reflects only 10% of the real deaths.

If you like getting the facts as reported above, then plan to purchase the new book when it becomes available. Get on our occasional newsletter email list for future updates, using this weblink:
My book should become available within a few weeks, with a pre-order and multiple-copy discount. It should also show up at Amazon, etc. Assuming they don’t censor it.

Thanks for your interest,
James DeMeo, PhD

JD an invited speaker at the Energy Science Technology Conference (ESTC) in Idaho on 10-11 July

May 10, 2021

JD an invited speaker at the Energy Science Technology Conference (ESTC) in Idaho on 10-11 July

Also on the home front: I’m an invited guest speaker at the forthcoming Energy Science Technology Conference (ESTC) in Idaho on 10-11 July of this year, 2021. The topic (preliminary) will be "The Wilhelm Reich Orgone Motor and the Power Of the Vacuum."

I’ll be presenting some interesting information not previously made public, although unlike some I make no claims to have solved WR’s "Y" factor or to provide a solution to the orgone motor. It is, however, an update on progress made, and how Reich’s ideas on the cosmic ether of space integrate well with the best evidence from science on the unusual properties of the "vacuum". He once famously declared, "There is no ‘vacuum’". The relevant subject of Townsend Brown’s Electrogravitics will also be discussed.

Many other interesting guest speakers will be there, and I always learn new things. This conference emphasizes new technology, and the presenters are the actual inventors and engineers, with an emphasis upon what works, and hence do not go around defending conventional theory. I find that refreshing.

You can sign up now or watch for announcements from the ESTC conference website: This will be a mask-optional event, with no organized social distancing, etc., in the Free State of Idaho! Tickets to this event are still available, but going fast.

James DeMeo, PhD

New Update on my CDC/Covid-Critical article

May 10, 2021

New Update on my CDC/Covid-Critical article

On the home front: I just posted an update on my CDC/Covid article, with added new information that overall supports all what was presented in the prior version. This new updated version will soon be made into a book, with a further bit of editing. It will nevertheless remain available as a free PDF download.

A Critical Review of CDC USA Data on Covid-19: PCR/Antigen Tests & Cases Reveal Herd Immunity Only, & Do Not Warrant Public Hysteria or Lockdowns

James DeMeo, PhD