POSTSCRIPT: Lake Mead at Record Low Level – But Proven Drought-Abatement Solutions Ignored

May 23, 2016

Lake Mead at Record Low Level – But Proven Drought-Abatement Solutions Ignored

My prior posting on the Southwestern drought and low levels in Lake Mead led to some interesting correspondence. Here is my reply to one of them, redacted a bit.


There are of course plenty of independent reports verifying Reich’s work with the cloudbuster. My reports happen to be the most systematically-constructed field experiments from a scientific-proof standpoint, with large-network data-analyses, often undertaken within a peer-review context and at the invitation by government agencies. I am university trained in the atmospheric sciences and worked for a decade as professor in several top universities, Departments of Geography teaching Earth and Atmospheric Science, Climatology, etc.

For example:

1. There is an excellent book on the subject of Wilhelm Reich’s atmospheric discoveries, and verifications of his findings, written by an Italian engineer a few years ago. It summarizes all the work undertaken by Reich and many others since his death, including a chapter on my own work:

Wilhelm Reich and the Healing of Atmospheres: Modern Techniques for the Abatement of Desertification, by Roberto Maglione

2. There is a hard-cover reprint of my original 1979 systematic study of Reich’s cloudbuster at the University of Kansas, subjected to peer-review by the other professors in my home department. It is an older document, but summarizes many basic issues.

Preliminary Analysis of Changes in Kansas Weather Coincidental to Experimental Operations with a Reich Cloudbuster

3. My summary article on Internet:

4. Finally, here are some historical details on the major overseas field expeditions, and the many people who cooperatively assisted in those efforts.

Most of my associates or co-workers on this subject are today either in retirement or dead and gone. Many were PhDs or MDs, very skilled professional people often with university appointments, or they were officials in Agricultural Ministeries or Civil Aviation departments of foreign governments. Others were unaffiliated people with lesser pedigrees but a lot of knowledge and big hearts, who found great truth in Reich’s discoveries, and applied them in their life, and private enterprises.

In Eritrea I lead a team that ended a 30 year drought cycle with rains that began within a few days after we began working. Overall a 5-year project was developed and funded by that nation, at bare-bones expenses, and they had five years of excellent rains. These rains were subjected to analysis by official Eritrean rainfall data, and documented as developing after the periods of our field operations. The rains spread over much of Ethiopia and Sudan, and other parts of the Sahel, such that the overall runoff through the Nile River basin filled Lake Nasser behind the Aswan Dam for the first time in its history, dating back to 1968. Massive new overflow lakes were also created out in the open Sahara, due to the "excess water" flowing into the Nile and Lake Nasser, something never before happening. Eritrea collapsed into Stalinism and a bloody war with Ethiopia after 1999, forcing an end to that project. The young Eritreans I hoped to train, to take over this work all vanished into the Eritrean military, for front-line actions. I was later informed by friends that the cloudbuster equipment we left behind was rusting away, abandoned in a weed-patch. Drought returned by c.2002 and has more or less persisted since. The overflow lakes, so large one could not see the shoreline on the other side and visible on Google Earth and satellite images, have since begun to dry out. The older democratically-inclined government officials who supported my work could no longer be found, they either fled the country or went into prisons, retired in silence or died. I cannot know.

The Namibia project was organized by the German GDZ development agency, through friends in Germany. They developed contacts in Namibia whom I cannot recall at the moment. My teams’ work triggered excellent rains across the entire southern part of Africa, ending what was a 12-year drought in Namibia. Anyhow, that project was strongly opposed by Namibia’s top meteorologist, a deeply Christian Afrikaner Boer, who in spite of the excellent rains that followed our work and ended the drought, at the end of our project screamed at me "Only Gott Kan mayke it drain! Gett de Hell out ov mein Office!" Totally crazy. The one local fellow who took an exceptional interest in this work, and whom I trained and entrusted the cloudbuster to and kept in contact with — a farmer-rancher of German descent who already knew Reich’s work in some detail — later fled the country with his family, when Mugabe-ism was stimulating murders of white farmers and their families.

The Israel operations ended a 3-year drought with rains of an historical magnitude, which spread across the entire Eastern Mediterranean. It ended their drought, filled their main reservoir Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) but was opposed by the head of their hydrology section who also ran a very ambitious cloud-seeding program. He was boiling with anger against our project, which he felt was a threat to his cloudseeding efforts, even though there were no clouds to seed before our work was undertaken. He also was a former engineer for a housing project built down in an old paved-over dry lake bed… which predictably filled with about two meters of water given all the good rains. He was smart enough to dedicate the lower floor of that apartment complex for automobile parking, but didn’t plan well enough for drainage. The Israeli meteorologists later fabricated an "explanation" that the good rains were due to the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo on the other side of the planet six months earlier, and not due to our cloudbusting. Later investigation by unrelated climatologists, in a published a paper documented a global decline in precipitation following Mt. Pinatubo, making Israel one of the very few places on the planet with exceptional rains in the post-Pinatubo period. Or the post-cloudbusting period, I should say.

Why hasn’t it yet been accepted in the English-speaking world? A comparison of the opposition to the Wright’s airplane or Goddard’s rocket is informing. Saul rarely becomes Paul, and as Max Planck once famously said, "Science progresses, funeral by funeral". We might say, not enough of the old guard who banned and burned Reich’s books, or their intellectual offspring, have died. But Reich’s supporters are not immortal either.

I cannot tell you how many times I was slandered by mainstream journalists and a few scientific big-wigs within the USA and UK, often with my rebuttals refused publication. Or I had to threaten larger public exposure of their unethical lying and censorship to get even a small rejoinder published.

For example, one of my peer-reviewed rebuttal articles on that issue of mainstream scientific slander was co-authored by a long list of my associates — most of whom are PhD-level natural scientists or MD physicians who view Reich’s work quite seriously — in a rejoinder against Nature magazine’s slander of Reich. They all know of my cloudbusting work, either by direct cooperative participation and experience, or review of my published papers. Here:

"In Defense of Wilhelm Reich: An Open Response to Nature and the Scientific / Medical Community", by James DeMeo, et al. Water, 4, 72-81, November 25, 2012
I also recently gave an invited presentation on this subject at the 10th International Conference on the Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water, in Varna, Bulgaria. This was recorded on video, and is available for viewing as a YouTube item:

There are other published materials, but these are easily available via internet.

I’m not sure how much more one could ask for in the way of obtaining support from the US government, or affected agricultural or industrial concerns, to fund a project aimed at drought-abatement and refilling Lake Mead. If the skepticism is so thick and intractable that they won’t even return a phone call, or respond to a serious proposal of a workable solution, in the midst of a severe water crisis, then there is nothing more I could do. We simply do not have the financial resources to launch similar field-work expeditions into the American drought regions.

I hope some of this is helpful.


James DeMeo, PhD
Director, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab
Ashland, Oregon, USA
e-mail: demeo(at)mind(dot)net

"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it."
– George Orwell

In Defense of Wilhelm Reich:
Opposing the 80-year’s War of Mainstream Defamatory Slander
Against One of the 20th Century’s Most Brilliant Physicians and Natural Scientists

Lake Mead at Record Low Level – But Proven Drought-Abatement Solutions Ignored

May 21, 2016

Lake Mead at Record Low Level – But Proven Solutions Ignored

An article recently appeared on ABC News, that one of America’s primary agricultural water reservoirs, Lake Mead, has declined to record low levels.

For the record, over the period 2013-2015, a professionally-drafted Proposal to end the California and Southwestern Drought through authentic cloudbusting, was put into the hands of nearly every major water-resource or drought-emergency organization in California, as well as sent to the offices of state governors or big-city mayors, including to a few private industries. That effort aimed to raise funds to cover the many expenses for a team of workers using several large cloudbusting devices, to take on the work over some extended period of time. OBRL spent around $10,000 of our scarce funds repairing two trailer-mounted cloudbusters in preparation for that work. I had previously lead teams of skilled workers, to end droughts just as severe for Israel, Namibia, and Eritrea, filling depleted reservoirs and lakes across large regions no smaller than the Lake Mead basin. In Eastern Africa, my team of cloudbuster operators created such good rains over the region that Lake Nasser, behind the Aswan High Dam, filled to capacity for the first time in its history. Five gigantic new lakes were created from the overflow, out in the open Sahara Desert. A summary of those results is given here:

The dramatic turn-around in those cases, the major success in restoring widespread rains and ending droughts, is a matter of published record, with far more documentation than Reich was able to assemble, given the modern data and satellite images available today. But for the current drought, our private fund-raising efforts elicited only around $5000 pledged, and around $1000 actually donated to my non-profit research foundation, OBRL (Orgone Biophysical Research Lab), by the end of 2015. Not even enough to cover the repair costs already spent, much less to mount a major field-work expedition into Southern California and Arizona. The pledged funds were never accepted, as it could not begin to cover the expenses.

Such are the real-world consequences of the chronic slandering of Reich by the "skeptics" and "Wikipedia", and the distorters pushing "orgonite" and "chembusters", all of whom deliberately try to make Reich and the whole subject look ridiculous. And I should also say, not a small amount of slander has been hurled in my direction by the same "skeptics" and other malicious buffoons, not a few of which who like to call themselves "Reichians". Such diverse negative reactions to Reich’s findings have the common themes of running away, or emotional plague attacking through slander and distortions. The discovery of a universe filled with pulsating life-energy, which participates in the formation of clouds and rains, and works also inside the human to govern emotions, perception and biology, is generally "too much" for the average person.

Other factors were involved, however. The water resource agencies and the billionaire farming industry all bet upon El Niño to save them with massive rains. But El Niño didn’t deliver the rains in sufficient quantity. Also, there is too much money to be made with drought. The price for an acre-foot of irrigation water increases dramatically during droughts, making irrigation districts happy. Drought-related funding agencies see their budgets triple or quadruple, and Billions of taxpayer money are devoted to drought issues that would never have been given out otherwise. The "drought experts" become important people, everyone wants to interview them, and they are promoted to higher-paying jobs with inflated budgets. Massive new irrigation and pipeline schemes, and desalinization plants which deliver either small amounts of extra water, or water at very high prices, and which never would be funded without a really severe drought, suddenly are reviewed as "serious proposals". Governments and investors line up to pour Billions into the pockets of the "drought engineers". Then the big farmers collect massive insurance money, often nearly equal to the profits for a good crop harvest, so they are inclined to sit back and relax. All that is stimulated by drought, but is threatened by good natural rains, as could be brought and sustained by authentic cloudbusting work. Meanwhile, the costs for a cloudbusting project as necessary to restore Lake Mead to its normal levels is about that needed for one large agricultural tractor. A pittance for such high-rollers and government agencies, but a small fortune for working-class people, myself included. Current OBRL funds are not sufficient either.

But all those usual "drought activities" fall within the currently-accepted methods of mechanistic science, industry and economics. Everyone is accustomed to them. Media writers also "know" those approaches and write favorably about them. Something so truly new and revolutionary as Reich’s discoveries – the orgone energy and cloudbuster – simply stuns them, they can’t believe it, and so the first impulse is to put it down, ridicule it, slander it. It is not reported on their favored media, or is slandered by that media as on "Wikipedia", so they don’t even get to the point of reviewing the evidence. It is all "too fantastic", no matter what the evidence. My work through OBRL has some of the very best scientific evidence in numerous studies supporting Reich, and on the cloudbuster as well, documented with new data and satellite documentation methods not available in Reich’s time. No matter, no amount of evidence will overcome the will to disbelieve, the urge towards ridicule and sarcasm, the running away, and so forth. Reich wrote about this problem extensively, in discussions on the Emotional Plague of Mankind.

Based upon what I know from more than 40 years of active research in orgone biophysics and the empirical aspects of classical atmospheric science, it is technically easy to end a severe drought, if one has the knowledge and experience. But it is nonetheless extremely laborious and taxing, and also a serious life-or-death enterprise, with heavy responsibilities. We have the right equipment, the best people, the accurate knowledge, and have made atmospheric breakthroughs many times already. But navigating the social desert, the emotional desert, this is a true wilderness for which no device like the cloudbuster can make any breakthrough. The social desert was created by the emotional plague, and is dominated by it. One has to proceed carefully, like walking in a swamp with crocodiles, who worm their way into vital social organizations and institutions.

What is needed is personal contacts with high-up officials who can open doors to funding and logistics, or alternatively, contacts with people of wealth, who can cut a sizeable donation check to our non-profit, to get things moving. We can then figure out our own logistics.

James DeMeo, PhD
Director of OBRL

"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it."
– George Orwell

In Defense of Wilhelm Reich:
Opposing the 80-year’s War of Mainstream Defamatory Slander
Against One of the 20th Century’s Most Brilliant Physicians and Natural Scientists

More support for Saharasia

May 15, 2016

More support for Saharasia.

What destroyed the Maya? We have a new clue, in the form of an ancient stalagmite.

Drought-famine and starvation drives social violence and collapse of social structures. In this case, collapse of a very nasty "civilization" of pyramid-builders, thick with heart choppers, self-mutilators, and violent war-lords, all before Columbus showed up. I discuss this in my book, Saharasia.

And truth be told, this new finding is nothing so new, actually, as it was the geographer Elsworth Huntington who firstly identified these major climate shifts in Mesoamerica, in the mid-20th Century. Citations given in my work.

This also helps understand the emphasis of the heart-choppers on rain-making "magic". Didn’t work, no matter how many hearts were chopped out, Nature scorned them and the good rains didn’t return.

Hundreds of smaller cultures across Mesoamerica were decimated, and didn’t take kindly to being constantly raided, kidnapped and hauled back to the tops of pyramids to be butchered, some skinned alive also, all commanded by those wunderful Mesoamericans. Mel Gibson’s movie Apocalypto gave a fairly accurate portrayal of the great cultural differences, between the violent heavily armored heart-choppers and their more peaceful relaxed victims, but the PC brigades in the academy went nuts over it, claimed the ancient pyramid-builders were "peaceful" (not so, they were severely emotional plague), just as the same academy today says about Muslim culture. The peace of the grave, in both cases.

For clarification on how the Mesoamericans came to be so heavily armored and violent prior to the arrival of Columbus and the Europeans, it is covered in my book.

A tip of the hat to Donald Bill for alerting me to this item.

"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it."
– George Orwell

The Healing Powers of Bionous Clay, and Boosting Plant Growth with Orgone Energy

May 5, 2016

The Healing Powers of Bionous Clay, and Boosting Plant Growth with Orgone Energy
A Short Overview, by James DeMeo, PhD

Orgone-Charged versus Control Mung Beans
from James DeMeo’s 3-year study on the subject.

An interesting article recently appeared in Acres USA magazine, which is a primary publication for information on ecological natural agriculture, with a subscriber audience within communities of organic home gardeners, large organic agricultural firms, and urban people interested in issues of healthy farms and foods. The article, "Harnessing the Power of Clay" by James Silverthorne of the Three Hills Farm in Pennsylvania, detailed his experiments with clay and separately calcareous material, in creation of bionous solutions or poultice compresses that were used on his farm animals and agricultural fields, with clear life-positive healing or growth-boosting influences. He presented different specific materials useful to the farmer or gardener, and methods for preparing the solutions, making the argument the effects are at least as much from bionous orgone life-energy radiation as due to strict biochemistry. He gives full credit to Wilhelm Reich in this work. Silverthorne’s full article, from the February 2016 issue of Acres, can be downloaded from here:

A follow-up Letter from one of their readers, Mike Toppen, was also of interest, with an interesting photo of plant growth differences in a simple orgone seed-charging experiment, as reproduced below. The Letter itself can be reviewed from the following link: Some of the publications I cite below have similar, even better and more amazing photographs of orgone-enhanced seed-sprouting experimental differences.

Control versus Orgone-Charged Seeds (see below for reference).
From Acres, USA:

The article by Silverthorne and the letter brought back personal memories, from the time when I was a teaching classes on Renewable Energy and Human Survival Geography at the University of Kansas, and later at Illinois State University. I always had a section on organic farming and beneficial insects in those classes. These were agricultural regions with a high percentage of students from farm families. I could also note, having grown up among farm animals and agricultural fields, these students were far more contactful, alert and alive by comparison to the generally dulled citified students I later encountered from wealthy families, attending classes at an expensive private university I once taught at, and which prided itself mostly for the student party-life than serious study of science and the world. I subscribed to Acres, USA to reinforce my knowledge of ecological agriculture and beneficial insects, and encouraged the students to do likewise. I later got to meet Charles Walters, the founder of Acres which has been published for over 40 years now, and was graciously invited by him to speak several times on my orgone energy research at their conferences in nearby Kansas City. They were warm and welcoming to my experimental work confirming Reich’s discoveries.

For myself, I had been building orgone accumulators and testing them out in various ways since the early 1970s. By 1990 I had also written the Orgone Accumulator Handbook, which today is into its third edition, still selling well among people of all different backgrounds. Orgone energy is real, and the effects can be documented in various ways, as I detail in the Handbook.

One of my experimental studies was later published in the peer-reviewed journal Subtle Energies, which at the time had an editorial board of senior scientists. My experiments, which were conducted under tight control procedures over three years, indicated a 37% growth boosting effect on sprouting mung beans. A copy of that article is available for download from here:
A photograph of one of the experimental results is given at the top of this article.

Another version of this article appeared in our publication Pulse of the Planet #4: Heretic’s Notebook, along with more than a dozen other interesing articles on similar subjects.

I also at the time came into contact with farmers applying ancient handed-down lore and ecological methods that suggest life-energy functions. For example, there are powerful lunar cycle effects upon all life, including plant growth and seed-sprouting factors. Frank Brown, the biologist at Northwestern University, years ago proved in excellent experiments how full and new moon periods exerted powerful influences upon seedling growth, yielding increased sprouting, and validating the ideas of ancient farmer’s lore. Likewise the old art of the "claysingers" has validity, stirring water in large barrels and mixing in various clays, manures, and other things, making Viktor Schauberger-type of "living water" vortexes into which they could speak or sing to yield fascinating harmonic resonance tones, and then spreading that liquid onto their fields under specific lunar cycle conditions. Such ideas go back to old Europe, but may also have aspects from Native American lore incorporated. The bionous formulations as per Silverthorne’s article, such as the use of clays or herbs for healing poultices, were well known on both sides of the Atlantic, well before the coming of the MD or hospitals, as healing or energy-charging preparations. Likewise the rich tradition of herbal preparations and “healing waters” in thermal hot springs. Those methods along with the human health benefits of the orgone energy accumulator, as well as with the orgone-charging of seeds for agriculture. They can enhance and boost plant growth, flowering and fruiting, whether one coordinates with the lunar cycles or not. But in my opinion, it is always better to do such things with the natural cycles. My Orgone Accumulator Handbook also goes into these issues in some detail.

There is one distressing phenomenon needing brief mention, of hucksters selling various electronic gadgets or "orgonite&quot lumps or pyramids, where Reich’s name and terms (orgone, dor) are misappropriated to boost-up sales of things that are wholly mystified and concocted, with no factual connections to Reich’s work. Or worse, they abuse Reich’s terms completely, calling a lump of "orgonite" an "orgone accumulator" fully and fraudulent misrepresenting themselves, all to sell people trinket-junk. Buy some orgonite and the evil demons will leave you alone, they say. Unlike the farmers, the orgonite-etc. customers are mostly out for salvation, so one rarely shakes their belief to the point they might actually build a real orgone blanket, or rid their homes of wifi, fluorescent lamps, cell phones or similar which might be making them sick. By comparison, a bag of steel wool pads you buy at the hardware store will have a stronger and more sensible orgone energy field than any lump of "orgonite", which in any case are today being manufactured in China and India by the hundred- or thousand-fold wholesale batches, for distribution to various New Age trinket stores, or selling on eBay. It is Big Business, bigger than baseball cards or sand-candles of yesteryear. Put a lump of orgonite in your pocket and money will rain down from the sky, women will chase you like hungry dogs following a cheeseburger, and your life will be happy and fantastic! I’ve written more details on this problem, here:

Reich’s name and work has survived all of this nonsense, at least among intelligent people, thankfully. But even modern physics is troubled by the same, with hawkers appropriating the terms "quantum" or "tachyon" with equal absurdity. Aside from the fraud and ridiculous nature of it, it has a harmful effect in how "orgonite" and the claims of its advocates, are today used by the awful "skeptic club" people and on equally terrible Wikipedia, to define Reich’s work. Another total lie, but that’s how it goes. Wikipedia is the worst-possible source of information about Reich and his discoveries, mostly given how they routinely censor from discussion any mention of the various scientific research experiments that have been undertaken by university-trained PhDs. Even citations to peer-reviewed scientific papers verifying Reich are chronically deleted from Wikipedia pages. More info here!

Returning to the positive evidence for Reich, another resource on the plant growth-boosting effects of orgone energy needs to be mentioned, and that is the work of the Portuguese organic gardener Jutta Espanca. In the 1980s she wrote a series of articles for the journal Offshoots of Orgonomy, wherein she reported controlled experiments with orgone-charging of seeds, with very good results upon flowering and fruiting of a variety of garden vegetables. She documented these growth-boosting effects on garden crops more clearly than anyone before or since, including to show the effects of orgone-charged water. She also observed a second-generation carry-over influence, a persisting effect of greater flowering and fruiting among the progeny of the orgone-charged group, as compared to the progeny of the control group. Copies of her articles are still available in the original printed back-issues of Offshoots, as detailed here:

While much of orgone energy research has tended to focus upon human beings, for symptom-reduction or healing effects, the issues of plant-growth and agricultural or pasture applications are just as important, if not more so, given how they can help to produce healthier and more vibrant foods and animals. I therefore encourage, once again as I have for nearly 40 years of work in the field of orgone energy research, for ordinary farmers to self-educate and apply Reich’s orgone accumulator technology for their crops and farm animals. And in the process, give support to Acres USA by subscribing to their magazine, one of the most interesting natural agricultural publications, interesting also to the non-farmer as well, with many articles on nutrition and natural healing methods as well. Here’s their website for follow-up:

Note that I do not sell orgone energy accumulators, but I can recommend the Orgonics company on the West Coast, which makes the very best ones.
Ask about their special garden seed charger, in which flats can be put for boosting.

In all cases, whether you buy or build your own accumulators, I still recommend the Orgone Accumulator Handbook, for guidance on just what the orgone energy is, and how to optimally use the accumulator. For example, it must be protected from microwaves and other toxic radiant influences such as computers, cell phones, electric power-line fields, fluorescent lights, and similar. And beware, most of the “information” about orgone energy on internet is pure bunk, with few exceptions.

Our thanks to Mr. Silverthorne, Ms. Espanca, and all the others who have kept the life-affirming and beneficial aspects of Reich’s authentic orgone energy discovery alive and thriving.

Happy Experimenting!


"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it."
– George Orwell

In Defense of Wilhelm Reich:
Opposing the 80-year’s War of Mainstream Defamatory Slander
Against One of the 20th Century’s Most Brilliant Physicians and Natural Scientists

NEW BOOK: MARX ENGELS LENIN TROTSKY: GENOCIDE QUOTES: The Hidden History of Communism’s Founding Tyrants, in their Own Words. by James DeMeo, PhD

May 1, 2016

NEW BOOK by James DeMeo, PhD

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The Hidden History of Communism’s Founding Tyrants, in their Own Words.
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Stalin and Mao were butchers, most Marxists admit…

“But Stalin and Mao betrayed the original Communism of Marx and Engels!” “Lenin freed the Russian People and if Trotsky had won the power struggle with Stalin, things would have gone differently!”

So say the Marxists. But a dispassionate examination of the writings of Communism’s founding tyrants, things they wrote in lesser-known books, articles, letters, documents, briefs and telegrams, indicates this benign view simply isn’t true.

Comrades Marx & Engels advocated war, slavery, racism, ethnic hatreds & genocide. They mocked justice, freedom, democracy & equality, and had only contempt for the poor, workers, farmers & moderates.

Comrades Lenin & Trotsky put Marx & Engels into practice, instituting a reign of terror, assassinations, slavery, mass-murder & genocide. They promised democracy but usurped it & imprisoned or murdered dissenters, opponents & "counter-revolutionaries." They seized food from starving farmers, executed surrendered & wounded soldiers, along with random prostitutes, alcoholics, factory workers, tradesmen, peasants, villagers & ethnic groups, with massive deportations of men, women and children to the Siberian Gulag – a prison system begun by Lenin, not Stalin.

In this exacting review by historical scientist James DeMeo, PhD, the Hidden History of Communism’s Founding Tyrants is exposed, in their Own Words. Marx Engels Lenin Trotsky: Genocide Quotes is a must-read book for every thoughtful student and adult, about the false "peace-justice" agendas of the Marxist movements which once again threaten the world’s democracies.

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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it."
– George Orwell

NEW BOOK: MARX ENGELS LENIN TROTSKY: GENOCIDE QUOTES: The Hidden History of Communism’s Founding Tyrants, in their Own Words. by James DeMeo, PhD

April 23, 2016

NEW BOOK by James DeMeo, PhD

The Hidden History of Communism’s Founding Tyrants, in their Own Words.
Perfectbound, 67 pages, color covers, with full citations and references. Illustrated.

Stalin and Mao were butchers, most Marxists admit…

“But Stalin and Mao betrayed the original Communism of Marx and Engels!” “Lenin freed the Russian People and if Trotsky had won the power struggle with Stalin, things would have gone differently!”

So say the Marxists. But a dispassionate examination of the writings of Communism’s founding tyrants, things they wrote in lesser-known books, articles, letters, documents, briefs and telegrams, indicates this benign view simply isn’t true.

Comrades Marx & Engels advocated war, slavery, racism, ethnic hatreds & genocide. They mocked justice, freedom, democracy & equality, and had only contempt for the poor, workers, farmers & moderates.

Comrades Lenin & Trotsky put Marx & Engels into practice, instituting a reign of terror, assassinations, slavery, mass-murder & genocide. They promised democracy but usurped it & imprisoned or murdered dissenters, opponents & "counter-revolutionaries." They seized food from starving farmers, executed surrendered & wounded soldiers, along with random prostitutes, alcoholics, factory workers, tradesmen, peasants, villagers & ethnic groups, with massive deportations of men, women and children to the Siberian Gulag – a prison system begun by Lenin, not Stalin.

In this exacting review by historical scientist James DeMeo, PhD, the Hidden History of Communism’s Founding Tyrants is exposed, in their Own Words. Marx Engels Lenin Trotsky: Genocide Quotes is a must-read book for every thoughtful student and adult, about the false "peace-justice" agendas of the Marxist movements which once again threaten the world’s democracies.


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"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it."

– George Orwell

CORE Network Success – “Miracle March II” West Coast Rains & Snow — Preliminary Report

March 30, 2016

Released: 27 March 2016

CORE Network Success – "Miracle March II" West Coast Rains & Snow
Preliminary Report

Here I will detail some past and present efforts by the CORE Network USA, applying Wilhelm Reich’s method of cloudbusting to end a most serious drought situation.

Background History – Severe Drought of the Late 1980s.

Back in the late 1980s and early 1990s, California and the West suffered from a serious drought problem of many years duration. Several cloudbuster operators had tried to affect an end to that prior drought, working from isolated locations along the West Coast. The results from those efforts were often quite good, and constituted some of the only rains to enter California throughout the period from November 1990 through January 1991. However, the quantities and distribution of those rains were minimal and regionally isolated, and the drought persisted. By February 1991, with open discussions on the severity of the situation, a more comprehensive and organized plan was developed among skilled West Coast cloudbuster operators, following Reich’s original theory and approach.

A series of coordinated operations was planned undertaken in both early and late February, at different West Coast locations, ranging from Southern Oregon south to San Diego, and from the Pacific Coast east into the Sierras. The new operational procedures involved significant dor-busting and rain-draws at the different locations, moving from the peripheral areas towards the core of the drought zone. This more organized method proved to be a major success, particularly the late February operations which were followed by a major atmospheric breakthrough, triggering copious rains across nearly all of California throughout the entire month of March. The newspapers at the time heralded those excellent rains, which went against the mainstream weather forecasts, as the "Miracle March". During that excellent rainy epoch, lakes and reservoirs filled, forest fires were extinguished, dry landscapes were replenished, and the air became clear, crisp and healthy.

That particular CORE-cloudbusting project was the first such major team effort using the cloudbusting methods of Reich at different locations, to occur since Reich’s passing in 1957. It drove home the point that under such severe widespread drought conditions, coordinated operations from different locations worked far better than only uncoordinated, isolated and/or single-site efforts. That cooperative effort constituted the origins of the CORE Network of cloudbuster operators adhering closely to Reich’s original methods, a group which continued in similar work, on and off, over the subsequent years. A report on the 1991 operations leading to that "Miracle March" was later published in the Journal of Orgonomy, "CORE Report #26: California Drought of 1990-1991", V.26, No.1, p.49-71, 1992. A copy of that paper is available on the internet, here:

While the original bioenergetic reasons for that drought were never fully clarified, it did appear related to the expanded nature of a large dry zone and dor-layer known to exist over the open Pacific Ocean adjacent to Southern California and Baja Mexico. Another related possibility was a long-duration consequence from the April 1986 Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident, plus several West Coast underground atomic bomb tests at the Nevada Test Site, episodically throughout the 1980s and early 1990s. Those events were observed to trigger atmospheric oranur reactions with subsequent widespread atmospheric stagnation and drought conditions. Numerous reports on those atmospheric and also geophysical reactions to underground atomic bomb tests and nuclear power plant accidents were routinely reported in the journal Pulse of the Planet.

Development of the CORE Network USA

Following the cooperative 1990-1991 operations on the West Coast, the CORE Network was formed, and subsequently undertook additional major drought-breaking efforts. It has expanded to include serious workers in orgonomy both in the Central and Eastern USA. Its members have included natural scientists at the PhD-level, with past or current university posts, several MDs, professional engineers, perceptive and long-time professional weather watchers, and students in training. It is a prerequisite that everyone have a good background knowledge of Reich’s over-arching discoveries, a serious concern for a healthy environment, a good history of responsible work, and no "playing around" to impress others. All adhere to Reich’s original methods and approach, with no compromises on essentials. CORE Net members take the view that cloudbusting is not "weather modification" in the sense of "do-make", or "forcing", but rather that we are Nature’s assistants, working to remove dor-stagnation obstacles that block natural atmospheric pulsation and rains. A short statement on this essential difference between cloudbusting and mechanistic weather-modification, written in 1993, is given here:

CORE Network operators also give each other constructive critique, monitor CORE operations in progress within a rapid-notification network alerting others to new atmospheric developments, as well as potential hazards. Post-facto analysis and documentation of the results of operations is also undertaken. Review and oversight are as central to the CORE Net as are the actual operations, and it functions in a work-democratic manner. CORE Net members have been involved in successful overseas drought-breaking projects in the USA, Africa, Israel and Europe.

The Current West Coast USA Drought

What began in c.2010 as a serious drought across the Southern tier of US states, from Southern California through Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, slowly shifted north towards the West Coast region. Severe drought conditions thereafter enveloped the entire West Coast, starting earliest in California but gradually pushing north into Oregon and Washington. By this time, several of the California operators had retired from this work, with only one functioning station in Northern California, and another in Oregon. Efforts from those two stations produced good results with widespread rains over their particular regions, but drought conditions generally returned just as quickly. And there were very few of the big breakthrough rains as had been the case in March 1991. This was so, even though forecasters were constantly speaking about anticipated benefits from a Pacific El Niño which never materialized.

The cause of this drought appeared quite similar to that of the situation in 1990, being a combination of an expanded Pacific dor-layer and dry zone just off the coast of Southern California, along with a fairly recent serious nuclear power plant accident in March 2011 at Fukushima, Japan, with multiple massive radiation releases. North Korea also began a program of underground nuclear bomb tests as well, notably in 2009 and 2013. Downwind nuclear radiation effects from the Fukushima accident were recorded as distant as Hawaii and the West Coast of North America.

The central core of the drought was in Southern California, as revealed in various drought monitoring websites. This was too distant to be significantly influenced by cloudbusting efforts isolated in Northern California or Oregon. Also, the primary large cloudbuster once used at multiple locations in the successful 1991 operations had serious mechanical problems, making road-trips to new locations impossible. In spite of significant efforts by several well-connected and professional volunteers, fund-raising efforts to pay for repairs, upgrades and other necessities to bring the status of CORE Net equipment back to top levels were unsuccessful. Significant efforts were also made to solicit the interests and support of local and state government officials, and those in the various water-resource and irrigation bureaucracies. All these efforts failed, and our various outreach efforts were greeted with a loud silence. Wealthy "donor angels" also could not be found. Only a few individuals without financial resources or abilities to assist with logistical necessities contacted us, which were greatly appreciated, even if nothing came from those contacts. Basically, we were on our own.

CORE Net Efforts of 2014-2015

The typical drought pattern of this period was, Pacific storms approached the West Coast, but dorish conditions over Southern California caused them to deviate to the North-East, where they made landfall only in Washington State or British Columbia, Canada. Effective CORE Net cloudbusting operations have the ability to energize the Pacific storms as they approach the West Coast, and with the reduction of the coastal dor-barriers, they may naturally move onshore at more southerly latitudes. This more natural pattern can then benefit the entire West Coast of North America, sometimes producing a "big result" that ends or significantly reduces serious droughts with above-average rains. This was accomplished in the 1991 "Miracle March" effort, and on a few other occasions thereafter, where a more natural pattern developed only days or a week after ambitious cloudbusting operations began. Such was the plan for the current drought, and CORE Net operators had reasonably good expectations they could produce a similar result once again, assuming our own needs for better equipment and assistance could be satisfied.

By the Summer of 2014, the drought situation had rapidly deteriorated. CORE Net took on several new members in California, including south to San Diego. Efforts went forward to rebuild and repair existing equipment, and to build new cloudbuster apparatus. Lacking donors, the individual CORE operators dug into their own pockets to pay for considerable expenses, out of concerns to do something of help to nature and the community.

Over the 2014-2015 Winter rainy season, new methods were tested out. Nobody had the ability to put large cloudbusting equipment on the road, for dor-busting operations in some of the driest places where the atmospheric blocking seemed the worst – such as in the Southern California Central Valley. But preliminary operations and continued repair and upgrading efforts went forward slowly, with optimism.

CORE Net also learned of another effort undertaken in the Southern California region near Bakersfield, by a team of novice cloudbuster operators who had little experience with the challenges posed by California droughts. Efforts towards contact and communications with this group, to bring them into the CORE Net for cooperative work and training, proved fruitless. The Winter season of 2014-2015 nevertheless ended with slightly improved rainfall and snowpack totals in the Pacific Northwest and parts of California, revealing an interesting pattern: All locations with a cooperating CORE Net cloudbusting station experienced either above normal precipitation percentages, or amounts that were the highest for their particular region. The Bakersfield team, due to its decision to "go it alone", by the weather data had little to show for their efforts.

CORE Net Efforts of 2015-2016 Breakthrough!

Over Summer 2015, further efforts were made for repairs and upgrading of CORE Net equipment. By October of 2015, a new round of CORE Net operations commenced, but with a significantly improved network and additional serious cloudbusting equipment. As in 1991, and in a preliminary manner in Winter 2014-2015, operations were again possible from Oregon south to San Diego.

October-November operations were brief, and followed by regional rainfalls and some light snows here and there. A more concerted effort in December was followed by a significant temporary breakthrough, with excellent rains and heavy snow in Oregon, and Northern and Central California, notably in the high mountain areas. As previously witnessed, regions near to operating CORE Net stations had the highest rainfall or snowpack quantities. Snow accumulations around the higher-altitude Oregon and Shasta stations ranged up to 3.5 feet of accumulated depth by mid-January of 2016, the highest quantities witnessed in around 8 years. Newspapers also reported the heaviest snowfalls in five years in the mountains of Northern California. Lake Tahoe received an amazing 9.6 billion gallons of runoff rainwater in 24 hours. Lower elevations experienced excellent rainfalls across most of Central and Northern California, and much of Oregon and Washington. This early excellent result, stimulating a return of natural atmospheric-energetic pulsation and rains, was briefly described in a published report "Research Project: CORE: Western Drought Emergency " in the OBRL Newsletter and Year-End Report #28, for 2015 (p.36-37).

The breakthrough rains and snow of late December and early January were to be exceeded over the following months. CORE Net was not working continuously over this full period, only at selected times, episodically, when natural rainfall patterns appeared to revert back to the older drought pattern. Operations were never more than a few days work at any one location, but with coordinated patterns of usage at other stations, in a manner known from prior experiences to produce good results. For much of January, operations ended, in fact. Drought tendencies returned, and so by late February, more ambitious efforts were undertaken.

This latter set of late February and early March CORE Net operations was followed by the 2016 "Miracle March" rains currently celebrated in the newspapers. Billions of gallons of rainwater fell across Northern and Central California, lasting for 2 weeks. 35 billion gallons of water ran into Folsom Reservoir alone in 12 hours. Lake Shasta, California’s largest reservoir is now filling so fast they are allowing excess water to drain away as downstream discharge, south into the Sacramento River.

Snowpacks in the California Sierras and Oregon ranges have been mostly excellent, above normals in Northern California, and the higher peaks were inundated with exceptional snowfalls guaranteed to keep the irrigation reservoirs full over the forthcoming natural summertime dry period.

Both of these two epochs of exceptionally good rains and snow followed specific sets of cloudbuster operations, taking down the dor-barriers to allow progressive pulses of Pacific Ocean storms to enter the West Coast. The most recent of these breakthroughs produced sequential storm pulsations moving east off the Pacific Ocean, each with a rainy-snowy epoch that only subsided in the last week, hopefully with more on the way. Overall this suggests a good natural pulsation may now be restored across a large portion of the drought region.

The newspapers once again herald the turn towards good rains and snow as another "Miracle March", even though the month was not quite finished at the time of publication.

This exceptional change in the weather was not specifically forecasted – only a general expectation of "El Niño’s arrival" had been discussed by weather forecasters going back to 2014. They did not anticipate the recent weather change, though once it started, the forecaster’s "now-casting" embraced the welcome changes. As before, the highest precipitation quantities continue to be generally observed near to each of the operating CORE Net stations. Precipitation quantities have increased, most noticeably in the Coastal Range, Sierras, Northern California and Oregon.

CORE Net operations continue, and we hope to see the water year finish with above-normal conditions across most of the entire West Coast. Unfortunately, there still are no experienced or cooperative cloudbuster operators in the worst-hit critical Southern California Central Valley region, which remains dry, and the entire CORE Net effort is proceeding on a shoe-string budget.

Going Forward…

This is merely a preliminary report, and a more detailed account is planned for a future date, with a more structured and objective analysis of these general observations, and a comprehensive analysis of official National Weather Service precipitation data. Meanwhile, CORE Net is openly soliciting donations to defray the significant expenses the individual operators incurred in the way of equipment repairs and construction costs. These collective expenses currently amount to around $20,000. Those wishing to help can do so by making a donation to the non-profit Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory, Inc., which has a PayPal donor page established for this purpose.
Donations are tax-deductible, and may also be sent by other methods.

Should any of our readers have the financial abilities to assist in funding a more ambitious effort across persisting extremely dry regions of the Southwestern USA, please get in touch. CORE Network is able to offer the services of its skilled operator-members in dry regions where drought has persisted, but the considerable expenses must always be covered.

Thank you for your interest, and support.

James DeMeo, PhD
Writing on behalf of the CORE Network USA


Storms replenish key reservoirs amid California drought

El Niño is rapidly filling California’s once-dusty reservoirs, easing drought

California’s Biggest Reservoirs Filling After Parade of Wet Storms

California’s largest reservoir filling too fast thanks to El Nino, must release more water

Orgone Accumulator Handbook – Abridged Japanese Edition – オルゴンアキュミュレーター八ントブック

March 20, 2016

Orgone Accumulator Handbook – Abridged Japanese Edition

by James DeMeo

Japanese Translation by Fumiko Kuninaga-Shigeta
Abridged 1st Edition, 52 pages, illustrated.
ISBN: 9780989139090


Purchase in Japan, Guam from Amazon:

Purchase elsewhere (except USA) from Amazon in UK:

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Or, check with your favorite online or streetside bookstore.

NOTE: This is a Japanese translation only, of the early 1990 Abridged 1st edition, and constitutes only an introduction to the subject. For more detailed information, get the Revised and Updated Edition of 250 pages, in English, Spanish, German, Italian and Greek.

オルゴンアキュミュレーター八ントブック ,
Orgone Accumulator Handbook, Abridged Japanese Edition,

オルゴン・エネルギーとは何か ,
ウィルヘルム・ライヒの発見したオルゴンと、オルゴン・アキュミュレーター ,
ライヒの外に、オルゴン・エネルギーに類似 ,
したものを確認した科学者がいただろうか ,
アキュミュレーターの建造と ,
実験的利用に閨する一船原則 ,
東京でオルゴン・ブランケットを製作中のライヒの長女エバ・ライヒ ,
オルゴン・アキュミュレーターを用いた簡単な実験と、 少し手のこんだ実験 ,
四、庭の植物の成長増進に関する実驍 ,
聿騒室での発芽実験 ,
牛命千ネルギー写真 ,
層の大きな実験用アキュミュレーターの建造 , 各工程の説明 ,
五層の種充電用のアキュミュレーター製作 , オルゴンの荷電もやし ,
層の実験用オルゴン・ブランケット製作 ,
実験用ろう斗状オルゴン・シューター(照射器)の製作 ,
実験用オルゴン・シューター棒作り方 ,
症例四前腕の二度の火傷 , 症例 胃癌 , 症例六閏、→静脈瘤性潰瘍 ,
症例七頭部の悪性メラノ!,マ(黒角細胞肺) , 症例気管支癌 , 捲例釦響砿肉腫 ,

Daoud “The Sexual Misery of the Arab World”

February 25, 2016

The Sexual Misery of the Arab World
Kamel Daoud, NY Times, 12 Feb. 2016

This article by novelist Kamel Daoud is extremely rare for the NY Times, as it touches upon themes similar to what Wilhelm Reich wrote in his different works, and even more decidedly shines light on subjects I’ve been writing and speaking about for 30 years. Namely, that the sexual life of people living within the Muslim world is severely restricted and damaged, far beyond the conceptions of ordinary people living elsewhere in the world, with immense sexual misery and violence as a consequence. They have a 1400-year record of slavery, totalitarianism, genocide and conquest, now covering nearly the whole of the Saharasian Desert Belt. Islamic culture, driven by this one-same sexual dissatisfaction – and emotional plague hatred of all other world cultures who have a happier and more loving sexuality – continue the process of invasion and conquest all around their borderlands. Ergo the continuing terrorism and slaughter of more peaceable non-Muslims in sub-Saharan Africa, India, China, Russia and Europe, even reaching out by new technological methods of transportation by airplane, to commit mass-murder in the Americas. And such mass-murder elicits the kind of joy among average Muslim populations that typically is reserved in other nations for wedding celebrations, or winning a sports competition, or winning the lottery. Even (or especially) if the murder is accomplished by one of their own children being abused as a suicide bomber.

This takes a special kind of sexual sickness, where mothers and fathers are fully emotionally disconnected from their own children, who came into the world not out of loving sexual embraces, but by the deadness of loveless arranged marriages. Or by rapes of little girls or young women, "got" by vile and violent older males, purchased as chattel brides for donkeys, or booty-loot from a raided and massacred village. How many unwanted children from unwanted sexual rapes must a woman have before her soul is murdered, and she, like the unloved and loveless man, then becomes a killer of their own offspring. No other culture-type on the planet has this kind of psychopathic "normalcy". When parents are observed leading their child towards murder and death in all other world cultures, they are quickly identified as sick and pathological, quickly arrested and put into prison or a mental asylum. But not within Islam, where even in the case of laws against such things as rape of infidel women, "honor murder" or child-bombers, the police and the dominant males have a "wink and nod" approval for it, and ways to get around such inconveniences. And that’s the case even in such "reformed" Muslim nations as Turkey or Indonesia, which overall appear quite enthusiastic about Islamic State, and all what it represents.

But it all tracks back to the intensive and deep sexual misery, touched upon in minor ways by author Daoud. If he went into the matter in greater depth, he’d discover what Reich did, and gain a deeper understanding of the Emotional Plague of Mankind: the "why they hate us". And "us" includes the Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Animists, and myriad smaller tribal groups like the Yizidis, Assyrians, Druze, and so on. It has nothing to do with American foreign policy, nor the foundation of Israel, nor "desperation" brought by "capitalism", nor petroleum politics, though each of those has a minor role to play in the excuse-making, and evasion of the essential.

This truth is about as "un-PC" as it gets, but my statements are backed up by my Saharasia work, the largest-ever global survey of human family and sexual life, involving a systematic review of 1170 different world cultures in a study-matrix of up to 63 different social variables. The data comes from the standard ethnographic data, used by generations of psychologists and social scientists for social theory testing. I was the first to make world maps of those ethnographic data, and the maps reveal the global patterns in stark regional patterns. It is neither "hypothesis" nor "theory" but a set of hard facts and discovery, as certain in human social issues as gravitation is to physics, a kind of historical-geographical "law of emotional gravitation" that used Reich’s sex-economic theory as a kind of telescope, to map out the locations of specific peaceful-loving versus hateful-violent cultures, for the first time.

My seminal work on this subject is known to many, but not within the Times, nor in many other "high" places, which have a habit of writing only nasty things about Wilhelm Reich, going back for even more than 30 years. And hence to also ignore my own findings supporting Reich (which do not support the popular new "genderism/polysex" concoctions of Kinsey inspirations). But I can nevertheless congratulate the Times on breaching the long-standing heterosexual taboo, which might open the door towards deeper understandings. Including about why 19 furious sex-frustrated Saudis crashed crowded airliners into crowded buildings just a few dozen blocks away from the headquarters of the NY Times.

For those who don’t have it, here’s the basic info:

Saharasia: The 4000 BCE Origins of Child Abuse, Sex-Repression, Warfare and Social Violence, In the Deserts of the Old World

Islam badly needs an authentic Reformation, Women’s Rights movement, and Sexual Revolution, or it will continue to remain backwater, retrograde, and a danger to itself and everyone else. But the major part of this can only be accomplished from within, by Muslims themselves. Meanwhile, the non-Muslim world must vigorously protect itself. The West can also help by lending strong military support overseas to non-Muslim cultures currently being attacked and exterminated by the worst of the Islamic psychopaths. At home we must end "tolerant acceptance" of Islamic fanatics setting up Sharia Law enclaves in the West. We should also give aid and support to the many rational critics of Islam, especially the ex-Muslim apostates who have quit Islam for the very reasons mentioned above. They are an excellent resource of information about the Islamic cultures they departed, and typically raise warnings about Islam quite similar to what I write.

James DeMeo, PhD

"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it."
– George Orwell

Also see:
In Defense of Wilhelm Reich:
Opposing the 80-year’s War of Mainstream Defamatory Slander
Against One of the 20th Century’s Most Brilliant Physicians and Natural Scientists


February 19, 2016

Courtesy Announcement
Go to the weblink for full information

July 11-15, 2016 – RANGELEY, MAINE

A Laboratory Course

At the Wilhelm Reich Museum

Monday Morning – July 11

9:00am: "Reich’s Bion Experiments and the History of Their Development"
Presenter: James E. Strick, Ph.D.

10:45am: Hands-on Workshop: Laboratory Techniques and Observations of Preparations 6 – Soup, Earth, Iron and Carbon Bions

Monday Evening – July 11

7:30pm: "An Introduction to Optical Microscopy"
Presenter: Stephen S. Nagy, M.D.

Tuesday Morning – July 12

9:00am: "The Bions: Biological Characteristics and Culture Experiments"
Presenter: C. Grier Sellers, Ph.D.

10:00am: "Natural Organizations of Protists in Bionously Disintegrating Plant Material"
Presenter: C. Grier Sellers, Ph.D.

11:15am: Hands-on Workshop: Laboratory Observations of Grass Infusions

Tuesday Afternoon – July 12

2:30pm: Further Laboratory Observations (optional) – supervised by C. Grier Sellers, Ph.D.

5:00pm: Reception at the Orgone Energy Observatory

Wednesday Morning – July 13

9:00am: "Bionous Processes, From the Test Tube to the Living Organism: Cancer"
Presenter: Stephen S. Nagy, M.D.

10:45am: Hands-on Workshop: Continuing Laboratory Observations of Bions (And cancer cells if available)

Wednesday Afternoon – July 13

2:30pm: Hands-on Workshop: Further Laboratory Observations (optional) – supervised by James E. Strick, Ph.D.

7:30pm: Reich’s Films of Preparation 6 & Natural Organization of Protists in Moss and Grass Preparations

Thursday Morning – July 14

9:00am: "Experimental Orgone Therapies of the Cancer Biopathy"
Presenter: James E. Strick, Ph.D.

10:00am: "The Reich Blood Test: Promise and Problems"
Presenter: Stephen S. Nagy, M.D.

11:15am: Hands-on Workshop: Laboratory Observations Demonstrating the Reich Blood Test

Thursday Afternoon – July 14

2:30pm: Hands-on Workshop: Further Laboratory Observations (optional) – supervised by Stephen Nagy, M.D.

7:30pm: Reich’s Film of Natural Organization of Cancer Cells

Friday Morning – July 15

9:00am: Summary and Review
Presenter: James E. Strick, Ph.D.

Panel Discussion: Implications of Reich’s Finding in Bions and Cancer for Contemporary Biology and Medicine
Panelists: Stephen S. Nagy, M.D., C. Grier Sellers, Ph.D., & James E. Strick, Ph.D.

11:00am: Questions and Answers and General Discussion


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