Banned Doctor’s Covid19 & HCQ-Therapy Video

July 29, 2020

The Banned Doctor’s Covid19 & HCQ-Therapy Video

The banned doctor’s Covid19 & HCQ-therapy video is now available on Bitchute.
20 million views internationally, before the internet giants erased and banned it. Hopefully it won’t be censored on the Bitchute platform, which is known for its independence and honoring of the First Amendment.

The major message of these front-line physicians offers hope to the world on the use of Hydroxychloroquine+zinc+azithermycin (HCQ) therapy, which makes the social hysteria, lockdowns and masking totally unnecessary. No need to wait for some super-expensive med or unproven risky vaccines either. The lockdowns can end today.

Since yesterday, aside from deletion of all mentions of their press conference, their private websites were deleted, and it appears they are personally being threatened in serious ways, headed for professional destruction. Finally, a secure link to yesterday’s briefing was available, and I’ve linked to it above, on BitChute. There now is a second video, the same group of physicians responding to yesterday’s massive censorship.

Very essential to review.

Meanwhile, here are three excellent new peer-reviewed papers showing the great benefits of the HCQ+ therapy.

Outcomes of 3,737 COVID-19 patients treated with hydroxychloroquine/ azithromycin and other regimens in Marseille, France: A retrospective analysis

Clinical Efficacy of Chloroquine derivatives in COVID-19 Infection: Comparative meta-analysis between the Big data and the real world

Treatment with hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, and combination in patients hospitalized with COVID-19

More details on these same issues are regularly posted to my FB page, where it appears I am already shadow-banned for doing so.
Few other effective alternatives exist, except for my private newsletters, which I will use to post out occasional items on this serious situation

There is much more at stake here than merely the issues regarding HCQ therapy, going to the heart of American freedom of speech and government toleration of such bald censorship. There is the power-drunken nature of the mostly-Democrat Party politicians, who have weaponized the Covid19 issues in hopes to garner even more power in the forthcoming November elections. Their allied left-media also censors truth and fact in favor of election manipulation and censorship. Coincidental to this, we already now have neighborhood spy systems being established, and in some regions, special Orwellian “social ambassadors” – your neighborhood plague characters given a badge and a gun, and a generous salary – are enforcing masking, distancing, and are empowered to arrest offenders or shut down their businesses, to force dissenting individuals or groups into isolation and obedience.

When the new Fauci-Gates vaccines come out, complete with tracking tech imbedded within them, such “ambassadors” will force them onto the unwilling, and by internet-giant tracking systems, the disobedient who are skeptical of the virus-hysteria will be blocked from participating in American society – blocked from public events or going into large stores, banks, airliners or trains, banned from social media, etc. – much as the “social credit scores” are already used in China to punish those dissenting against communism. Already the big internet firms, such as FB, Google and Twitter, gather such information on everyone by which to develop such a system, which is today used in their system of shadow-banning – tomorrow, they have additional social-control/censorship plans. The fears of yesterday, dismissed as “conspiracy theory”, are today being implemented, and there is no example more clear about this than how these dissenting physicians are being subjected to public censorship and vilification by the political Leftists.

Censorship of truth and facts, and perpetuation of public hysteria for lockdowns, masking, etc., are necessary to keep Americans obedient and docile. The lie-filled attacks on HCQ therapy, and attempts to erase anyone saying otherwise, no matter what their professional expertise, is a step towards discrediting of Trump and others who supported HCQ treatment. And from that comes the hope that all the Covid deaths can be blamed upon Trump and his supporters, leading to a big Democrat Party win in November. They openly say it! The system of public hysteria, forced lockdowns, masking and other obedience-control features have become a curse upon American society, wrecking the economy and leading to their own serious emotional and somatic pathologies, far worse than the claimed Covid19 “pandemic”. And so these dissenting doctors and other professionals, scientists and physicians who speak out in opposition to the “official truth” (or “official medical quackery”) must be silenced.  And if American citizens and professionals do not find their own voices to speak out and act against such draconian anti-freedom measures, and to support those who stand up and speak Truth to power, they just might succeed.

James DeMeo, PhD

Confirmed Covid “Cases” dramatically increase as Confirmed Covid Deaths decrease or remain stable.

July 5, 2020

Confirmed Covid “Cases” dramatically increase as Confirmed Covid Deaths decrease or remain stable.

Below are two graphs showing the numbers of “confirmed daily Covid19 cases” and “confirmed daily Covid19 deaths” for the world, and for the USA only:


USA Only:

The red line shows the confirmed daily Covid19 case numbers, zooming up to the top of the graphs. The black lines at the very bottom are the respective confirmed daily Covid19 death numbers, which remain very low, in a gradual decline.

Go to this weblink to see the original graph, which must be adjusted for the USA, or for the world or any individual nation, using the “change country” link at the bottom of the graph.

As I’ve documented and written about many times, referencing articles and videos from other professionals (notably on my Facebook page, the public hysteria about increasing daily Covid cases is unwarranted, as it is not reflected meaningfully in the increasing daily deaths. Today for the USA, 5 July, there are 45,212 “new confirmed cases”, but only 242 “new confirmed deaths”, which is around one-half of one percent – a figure that, while very low, actually should be much lower given the CDC’s and WHO’s chronic unscientific inclusion of all sorts of deaths from other causes into the “covid” category. Now, that’s tragic for those deaths, but this low and declining number of deaths was fully expected, though it is being widely distorted in the politically-charged news media. The Covid death numbers were further artificially amplified by new CDC/WHO Covid definitions, just a few weeks ago.

The “cases” reflect people testing positive for Covid but who were largely infected months ago, and never showed any signs of illness and who remained asymptomatic. They are today immune and not infecting other people. A small peak in deaths occurred from March through early May, which is reflected in a growth and decline of both case and death numbers. After early May, an ambitious and accelerating program of Covid testing began, and so the numbers of “cases” increased dramatically. However, this was not reflected in any “second peak” of deaths. Nevertheless, media and medicine are not mentioning the confirmed daily Covid deaths anymore, as the daily “case” numbers can be more easily abused to scare people into a panic, and order up more lockdowns and psychological terrorism. The facts are, we have already reached herd immunity, and none of the public mandates for lockdowns, masking and distancing was ever scientifically justified. The new spate of lockdown orders is due to government ignorance and/or power-drunkenness, in an effort – like Antifa and BLM rioters – to wreak havoc and destroy the nation. An Emotional Plague! Share widely.

James DeMeo, PhD

Our Year-End Summary and Request for Your Support.

“The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it.”
– George Orwell

Dynamic Ether in Space – OBRL Update, and hopeful ending of Lockdown Lunacy

May 17, 2020

OBRL Newsletter, May 2020

From James DeMeo, PhD and the
Orgone Biophysical Research Lab (OBRL)
Ashland, Oregon, USA

Update on Research and Activities at OBRL:
Dynamic Ether of Cosmic Space, and other books
New Videos In Process – Orgone Motor Update
Hopeful Ending of Lockdown Lunacy

Update at OBRL – New Videos and more…

The last months of “lockdown lunacy” (see below) have been counter-productive to my research, even while it has been a disaster for most small private businesses and working people subjected to it. While my laboratory research was slowed in February, work continued on gathering materials for continued water-structure research, and below I give a preliminary progress report on investigations into the orgone energy motor of Reich. Time was also spent towards editing videotapes of prior OBRL conferences, seminars and research projects, which will be made available sometime before the end of the year, for a small fee on Also the video archive of original interview tapes from the old Digne Marcovicz film “Viva Little Man” will also be edited and made available as well. There is no time-line on this process at present, as all the video editing work is being done on our in-house digital editing system. Prior years allowed to convert those old videotapes of various formats (u-matic, VHS, Hi-8, Digital8) into digital files. Today we also have a higher quality HD 1080p videocam, which records to digital formats directly. The older materials record a significant part of my research, with additional lectures on orgonomic subject material by my associates in the USA, who spoke about their work at prior OBRL seminars. Once made publicly available, these videos will educate and be much appreciated by all.

Preliminary Report on the Orgone Motor Question

A two-pronged line of investigation was started at OBRL in 2018, one following the line developed by Wilhelm Reich during his American period of research, precise details of which were never published. A second line developed by Townsend Brown, on “electrogravitics” has also been followed, showing relationships to the line developed by Reich. Investigations along these two lines have progressed slowly, but steadily. To best understand this preliminary report, the reader should acquaint themselves with the papers on the OR motor question as found in the publication Heretic’s Notebook, available from Natural Energy Works (, as well as to obtain the laboratory notebooks of T.T. Brown as made public by his heirs.

As of early 2019, improvements to one of the KS 9154 spinner motors as used by Wilhelm Reich in his original experiments, confirmed its standard 2-phase operation at 12 Volts, 60 cycle AC, with a rotational velocity of ~3400 rpm when the full 12 volts was applied. However, under a special configuration, the same motor could be made to rotate at 1 volt AC or lower, at a velocity of ~900 rpm, consuming 0.06 watt.  At a half-volt, velocities of 140 rpm at 0.02 watt were obtained.  Indications suggest a triggering voltage after which rotation may proceed at lower energy consumption. A standard flashlight battery with an oscillator circuit may substitute, with proper connections to natural sources. Efforts continue towards obtaining rotation at these lower voltages, acquired from the atmosphere, from high-vacuum, and from orgone accumulators. No “free energy” per se has yet been obtained, but the possibilities are suggested.

A 100 KV DC power supply was constructed, and used to power a special version of the T.T. Brown gravitor. Various configurations and materials were used to discern the most reactive elements and geometry, tested on a freely-moving rotating arm with counter-balance, with radius of 2′. One rotation per ~3 second was obtained, computing to a forward velocity of around 4′ /sec. or ~2.7 mph, or ~4.4 kph. This reproduction produced a velocity at the higher end of prior efforts by other contemporary experimenters, but slower than what Brown obtained using much higher voltages. Ordinary air-ionization effects were present, but appearing as secondary effects.

Videos of these early tests will be made public at some point in the near future.

The Dynamic Ether of Cosmic Space:
Correcting a Major Error in Modern Science

My newest book on the Dynamic Ether of Space, the product of many decades of study and historical research, continues to gain interest among dissident physicists, engineers, university students and experimenters. It presents historical evidence for positive results from the early ether-drift experiments, with a parallel discussion on Wilhelm Reich’s ether-like orgone (life-energy), and a discussion of the implications of such a cosmic energy continuum. Two of those implications suggest fundamental errors in the theory of “black holes” and in Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity.

Are “Black Holes” a fantasy-world illusion?

One of the implications, discussed in the book in great detail, is how black holes become fully unnecessary in a universe filled with a dynamic and gravitational ether. Only within the false universe of “empty space” and a dead universe do black holes become necessary, existing only in the minds of those who believe in them. It is similar to how Medieval demons and devils were once “required” to explain human irrationality and violence. A few existing images from radio telescopes (ie, the core region of M87) have been massaged by computer enhancements to show what astrophysics expected to see. But for ordinary mortals, mostly one only sees “artists’ renditions” as in the image below, which comes from the pen of an artist, and not from any of the large telescopes. Even more fantastic graphics are seen on Sci-Fi movies, also showing big black holes which, in reality nobody has ever seen. Sometimes there are real groups of stars forming a vortex motion, as with Saggitarius-A near the center of the Milky Way Galaxy – but that doesn’t prove the existence of an invisible black hole, as it could be a gravitational vortex or superimposition of cosmic energy in open space as Wilhelm Reich wrote about decades ago. Like Galileo, his books were banned and burned, and he died while incarcerated.

Artist’s imaginary rendition of a “black hole”.


Einstein’s Relativity Deflated

Just like invisible “black holes” that have only very sketchy evidence for their existence, the Einstein theory of relativity with its invisible “space-time gravity wells” also remains in a metaphysical never-never land of unseen and unproven illusions. “Artist’s renditions” are the best you can find anywhere, to visualize what is supposed to exist, but which nobody has ever seen or made a photo of. Virtually ALL of the claimed “proofs” for Einstein’s relativity are based upon inferences resting upon complex maths, mostly as a belief system. And what evidence is offered as “proofs” can be more easily and simply understood by the presence of a light-affecting gravitational cosmic ether in space. That includes starlight bending near to the surface of the Sun, and gravitational bending of light from distant galaxies, the so-called “Einstein Rings” which should be re-named as Ether Refraction Rings. Aggregations of a higher density of light-refracting cosmic ether surrounding closer cosmic objects, or as in open cosmic space, would bend light much as a transparent glass globe would do given its higher density and refractive index by comparison to the open air. Likewise for the perihelion shift of Mercury, now best understood as due to the faster moving gravitational vortex of cosmic ether near to the Sun, and how Mercury moves closer into that faster region, giving it a slight “kick in the pants” during its perihelion. The same also with the changes in atomic clocks at different altitudes, or in orbit around the Earth, the consequence of a thinning of ether-density at higher altitudes, with a complement change in inertia, and not from any strange and unproven “warps in time”.

None of Einstein’s postulates or claimed “proofs” in modern times, are unequivocal, meaning that only Einstein’s relativity can explain them. Einstein’s metaphysical illusion has no independent proof for its existence which cannot be equally or better understood from the viewpoint of a substantive, gravitational and dynamic cosmic ether in space. Such a cosmic energy medium has been proven out in multiple experiments over decades, including as identified by the early ether-drift experiments of Michelson-Morley, by Morley-Miller, and by the nearly erased and forgotten scientist Dayton Miller, who did the most extensive ether-drift experiments ever, and got systematic positive results. The textbooks, written almost entirely by ether-skeptics and Einstein cheerleaders, have systematically mis-reported the actual facts of those experiments.  The older Galilean Relativity remains with us, unchallenged, as it is in harmony with a gravitational cosmic energy medium. Einstein’s Relativity is not.

Einstein once famously declared that “Reality is an Illusion”, which summarizes his metaphysical viewpoint. He also wrote how the proof for cosmic ether as obtained by the top American scientist Dayton Miller (today almost erased from history) would cause his relativity theory to “collapse like a house of cards”, and he upheld the virtue of metaphysical speculation over empirical experimental evidence. Sorry Albert, none of your claims were true, and you were Wrong at the basic assumption level. My book gives all the details and quotes on this, along with a history of how positive evidence for the cosmic ether was defeated politically, but never scientifically.

The Dynamic Ether of Cosmic Space is the product of over 40 years of investigations into this subject, including the parallel discovery of Wilhelm Reich’s cosmic orgone energy continuum. With precise details, numerous graphs, photos and references, it is a very good read during the remaining (hopefully short or already ended) Lockdown hysteria, and afterwards, when we all get back to work!  Get the book, for an engrossing read, and learn what else you’ve been misled about.

How nice it will be when the world breaks free from this Covid psychosis, going back to more “normal crazy”. Available from here: and also from Amazon, B&N, etc.

Hopeful Ending of Lockdown Lunacy

I expect some will disagree with what I say below, while hopefully most will have already come to similar conclusions.

The last months have been an extremely crazy, taxing and deadly time for people all around the world. We have seen the best and the worst of human behavior on display, with scientific/medical fraud and exaggerations fanning the flames of public hysteria on a virus which, by all rational analysis, appears no worse than ordinary seasonal flu. The Centers for Disease Control began fraudulently inflating the numbers of Covid19 deaths in mid-March. Junk-scientists and vaccine-pushers like Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates, who befuddled the world with their frightening but never-accurate claims about massive deaths in the millions for the USA alone, and posturing a false “expertise” before world cameras, behind the curtain were plotting for a global forced vaccinations and despotic tracking programs, in what I have warned about over decades as a growing Medical Police State. Untested serums that no sane person should submit to, are now being prepared and distributed in a rushed manner, raising a very rational skepticism of the general public. Lockdowns, which originally were advocated to “flatten the curve” of infected people, predicted to overwhelm hospitals (it never happened!) are today being continued “until a vaccine is found” – an alarming expression of medical totalitarianism, given that vaccines take years to develop, and for coronaviruses no such vaccines have ever been developed.

Meanwhile, clinically tested and powerful immune-boosting remedies such as high-dose Vitamin C therapy, and hydroxychloroquine with supplementing vitamins, zinc and antibiotics get minimal press attention, or slander-lies being told, in spite of excellent track records and very low costs – their patents expired decades ago, and so a daily dose might cost $2. On the other hand, risky vaccines and super-expensive patent medicines are now being advertised with big claims but little study or evidence, where a single pill might price out at hundreds of dollars. Increasingly authoritarian politicians, and MD-Hospital and Big Medicine “experts” appear everywhere, to bark out alarming predictions of death and doom, demanding every longer lockdowns, which is enthusiastically reported in serious tones by mainstream media and political opportunists the world over, to “never let a crisis go to waste”.

Ventilator hysteria came and went, and we now know there never was any shortage of them, but 80% or more of the old folks put on ventilators died on them. They were the primary victims, but not so much from a Chinese “super-virus”. It took awhile, but today many public health and medical experts, working on the “front lines” and not in Washington DC offices remote from where people were dying, have come out openly against all these trends, especially the crude hammering of the public by government edicts, lacking in legal or constitutional merit, demanded everyone stay at home, locked down, or put under ineffective masks and counter-productive antisocial “distancing”. The media reception of these independent voices has been horrid, filled with contempt, slander, or outright erasure of their testimonial videos from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and so forth. All what makes people healthy and facilitates herd immunity is basically forbidden from mention in mainstream media, and prohibited from enactment in certain states, in a perfect storm of ignorance, arrogance, despotism and junk science.

And let us be frank about it, all such bellicose totalitarian edicts came from Democrat Party Governors, Mayors and their administrative associates. What should have been a straightforward, scientifically developed set of plans to quarantine only the old and higher-risk groups degenerated into a wholesale world wide hysteria and panic, which only added to the numbers of dead. Some of the tyrant Democrat govs and mayors, while locking down their entire populations (in NY, NJ, PA, WA) actually ignored the best advice and demanded that elderly people with clear Covid19 sickness be forced into old-folks homes, where it spread quickly and resulted in massive deaths, as much as half of all Covid deaths in those states. By contrast, nations and states which did not lock-down and quarantine their entire populations wound up having fewer or no more deaths than the nations and states which had the most draconian and unconstitutional lockdown “Royal” edicts, which in the process destroyed their economies and bankrupted many citizens into poverty. And yet, a cooperative left-mainstream media did all they could to facilitate the hysteria and lockdowns, and all what I write above.

Books will be written about how this self-imposed disastrous panic and hysteria, in response to what Communist China released upon the world, created a far more deadly disastrous situation than it otherwise would have been.

Over the last several months, I’ve scoured the international news and scientific sources, to seek out the facts that led me to these dissenting, alarming conclusions. Given the crisis nature of the unfolding catastrophe, it was impossible to sit back and gather information over months, as is usually done to write up a scholar’s article, before speaking out about what was fully apparent within days or weeks. I felt it best to report on these issues as the information came to my attention, being posted to my Facebook page. If interested to review the facts which I currently stand upon, and get more of the same as this madhouse situation develops, the reader is encouraged to review, “friend, follow and share” the various postings at that Facebook page, going back to mid February. Here:

Thanks for your support and interest in my work.

Please consider to purchase the books from Natural Energy Works,
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Good wishes in these trying times,

James DeMeo, PhD
Director, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab
Ashland, Oregon, USA

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“The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it.”
– George Orwell

Twenty Science-Based Articles and Reports Crushing All Arguments for Continued Lockdowns, Masking, Anti-Social Distancing and Ruination of National Economies

April 25, 2020

Twenty (Plus) Science-Based Articles and Reports Crushing All Arguments for Continued Lockdowns, Masking, Anti-Social Distancing and Ruination of National Economies

This OBRL Newsletter is not about selling you books, or soliciting donations, but rather to educate about the biggest unnecessary disaster to befall our nation in my lifetime. There is no “conspiracy theory” offered here. No political blabbering. Just a list of links to scientifically accurate articles, reports and videos which conclude there is no scientifically defendable reason for these continued lock-downs, masking and anti-social isolation and distancing. The materials are organized by date, all within April 2020, the most recent at the top, the oldest at the bottom of the list. I have hesitated to publicly share these information links until I was certain about the accuracy of the scientific claims and data being presented within them. But I’ve personally reviewed the data and finally came to similar or the same conclusions, and so today have no hesitation to affirm their contents, and share with others.

Several videos also list here, mostly short items of 5-10 minutes or less, except for the very first, where two emergency-room physicians also directing Covid19 testing for Southern California, openly speak out against the lockdowns, with the most up-to-date data and numbers on infections and deaths as of April 24th, which nearly NONE of the mainstream media is reporting. Not yet, anyhow.

My personal opinions on these and many other items related to this historically unprecedented and fully unnecessary lockdown hysteria, about the barely-documented SARS-Cov-2 virus causing the Covid19 disease, with mortalities no worse than the average seasonal influenza, about the CDC fabricating and inflating their data, about people resisting the lockdowns, about the totalitarianism emerging among politicians pushing for the lockdowns, and about the plots and schemes of the vaccine-pushers and pharmaceutical interests to capitalize upon the hysteria, are given at my Facebook page, link given at the bottom.

I hope to soon return to reporting on more life-positive things, sharing other articles, books and videos on my research. However, as Wilhem Reich noted, when facing severe problems with a remedy in the hand, one is forced to firstly confront the obstacles in the way, which block the path to resolution.

Read, and share widely. Thanks.

James DeMeo, PhD

Here’s the list of items:

Two California Emergency Room Covid doctors may start revolution with calm, science/data-based questioning of extreme measures **ALARM**!!  YouTube has censored this video, which now gives the message:”This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.” Try the first weblink and see for yourself.  The second one may still be up, but it is useless without the more important Part 1.  (Part 1)  (Part2)

You can still view that Part 1 video here, if you are quick.
It is posted up by a TV station in southern California, where the ER physicians are from.

PA removes 200 deaths from state coronavirus count as questions mount about reporting process, accuracy (in recent weeks the CDC and hospitals have been “cooking the books” by including deaths among elderly patients from many different causes – cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc. – into the Covid19 category, without testing or other objective evidence)

The Models Were Wrong. Does Anyone Care?

Antibody Testing: Proves We’ve Been Had!

Coronavirus disease 2019: The harms of exaggerated information and non-evidence-based measures

CDC TRIPLES its list of coronavirus symptoms (thereby artificially inflating the numbers of Covid19 deaths)

The Best Arguments Against Govt Mandated COVID-19 Lockdowns

Stockholm Expects ‘Herd Immunity’ in Weeks Despite Sweden Resisting Lockdown

Another Doctor Blows Whistle.. Claiming Fake Virus Pandemic! “They Are Manipulating Numbers.”

What if the Lockdown Was All a Big Mistake?

Landing AI Social Distancing Detector Demo – Alarming!

Shock: Official Statistics Expose UK’s COVID-19 Lockdown Fail

L.A. County Study: Coronavirus Outbreak Up to 55 Times More Widespread, Less Deadly than Predicted

Robert F Kennedy Jr. Reveals the Extent of Vaccine Carnage and Corruption Caused by Bill Gates

After Repeated Failures, It’s Time To Permanently Dump Epidemic Models

Projections Were Way Off, But States Are Still Trampling Rights While the CDC Inflates Death Tolls

The WHO Lied, IHME Lied, Fauci Bought the Lies: Latest International Study Shows COVID-19 Mortality Rate at 0.2% Not 3.4%

BOMBSHELL! Cooking the books! Doctor reports that Medicare is paying docs and/or hospitals to list admissions as COVID

New Study: COVID19 is Widespread Thus Not Very Life-threatening

What The Networks Aren’t Telling Us About Coronavirus

Was the COVID-19 Test Meant to Detect a Virus?

And here’s the “Plus”:
12 scientists criticize the coronavirus panic
Here are another 10:
Plus another 8 scientist-critics:


James DeMeo, PhD
Director, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab

Ashland, Oregon, USA
e-mail: demeo(at)mind(dot)net

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“The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it.”
– George Orwell

Wuhan Corona Virus and Global Panic-Hysteria

March 29, 2020

Wuhan Corona Virus and Global Panic-Hysteria

To OBRL subscribers,

Over the last months, like most of you, I’ve been giving more attention to the issue of this viral epidemic — which encompasses both the Covid-19 situation and the Emotional Plague root of it, as well as the mass panic-hysteria that has been needlessly generated. Consequently I’ve been sharing much information not widely known, nearly all of which is rejected by mainstream conventional medicine. (And what deeper facts about health and illness isn’t rejected? Reich? Orgonomy? The orgone accumulator? Natural healing methods? Inexpensive therapies and cures?)

I wanted to share that material with my subscribers at Yahoo groups, but with critical reports appearing each day, I’ve only been posting them on my Facebook page, with short commentary. The reason for that is, it takes only a moment to do so on Facebook, and by that method my posts quickly reach over 2000 people, many of whom can then easily share them, and add their own informative comments to those items. Re-posting those materials to Yahoo is, by contrast, very time consuming, so I haven’t done it. Maybe there is a way to automatically do so, that a FB item can be auto-posted to Yahoo, or to WordPress? If someone knows how to do that, please get in touch.

Consequently, those of my OBRL subscribers who wish to get that material should visit my Facebook page, and scroll down through the postings over the last month for an eye-opening education. Here’s the weblink:
If you haven’t got an account with them, I recommend to do so but only provide the most minimal of information. Name, email, and that’s about it. They will pester you for more info, but it is not necessary or you can provide pseud. info just to get on.

I wish it was easier to share these materials onto Yahoo, or to my WordPress blog, but it isn’t. So if interested in those posts, then review them on FB as you please. While it would be easy to say "to Hell with FB" and quit them, it is hard to ignore the one billion+ people who are on it. Separate FB pages announce OBRL events and sell my books, which spreads factual information much more widely and easily than Yahoo.

Meanwhile, as you shelter from this storm of mostly Emotional Plague, purchase my books if you haven’t, from here:
They are a good foundation for critical thinking. And that is something quite rare in these times.

James DeMeo, PhD

Director, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab
Ashland, Oregon, USA
e-mail: demeo(at)mind(dot)net

Published Articles, Reports, Videos and Books

Our Year-End Summary and Request for Your Support.

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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it."
– George Orwell

Film on Wilhelm Reich and discussion in NJ tomorrow, March 10th

March 9, 2020

Film on Wilhelm Reich and discussion in NJ tomorrow, March 10th.

"Love Work and Knowledge, The Life and Trials of Wilhelm Reich".

The film will be shown at the Hopewell Theater in Hopewell, NJ, on Tuesday, March 10, 2020, at 7:00 PM. A panel discussion will follow. The Hopewell theater address and instructions for tickets is found here:

And if you cannot make it to Hopewell, then the film can also be viewed on-line at Vimeo:

Please share this announcement with your family, friends, and social networks.

Preliminary Announcements, James DeMeo Lectures and Book-Signing, Events for 2020

March 5, 2020

Preliminary Announcements, James DeMeo Lectures and Book-Signing, Events for 2020

* Medford, Oregon, Saturday 7th March 2020, 3PM to 5PM. Lecture and Book Signing by Dr. James DeMeo at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore. At 1400 Biddle Road, Medford. The topic is Dr. DeMeo’s new book, The Dynamic Ether of Cosmic Space: Correcting a Major Error in Modern Science. The book can be purchased at this event, or ordered on-line from

* Hayden, Idaho, 8th to 12th July 2020. Two Lectures by Dr. James DeMeo at the Energy, Science, Technology Conference (ESTC). One lecture will be on the "The Implications of Cosmic Ether to Modern Astrophysics", the other on "Orgone Energy Experiments: Proofs of a Cosmic Life-Energy". See the ESTC conference website for the full speaker’s list, more details and registration information.

* Albuquerque, New Mexico, 12th to 16th August 2020. Two Lectures by Dr. James DeMeo at the joint Conference on Future Energy (COFE) and ExtraOrdinary Technology/Tesla Tech Conference (same location and registration). One lecture on "Positive Evidence for the Cosmic Ether", a second one on "Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone Energy Discovery". See the COFE and Tesla Tech websites for more detail. Registration For the TeslaTech conference gives automatic entry for the COFE event.

* Portland, Oregon, 13th to 15th November 2020. Lecture Dr. James DeMeo at the Weston A. Price Foundation’s "Wise Traditions" Conference. The lecture will be on "The Dynamic Ether of Cosmic Space". See the Wise Traditions conference website for the full speaker’s list, more details and registration information.

Your purchase of books, and donations (see below), helps to pay the bills at my institute. Thanks!

James DeMeo, PhD
Director, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab
Ashland, Oregon, USA

James DeMeo Lecture and Book Signing, Medford Oregon Barnes and Noble Bookstore

February 22, 2020

James DeMeo Lecture and Book Signing, Medford Oregon, Barnes and Noble Bookstore

For those who live close to Medford, Oregon, on Saturday, March 7th, starting at 3 PM I will be giving a lecture and book-signing at the local Barnes and Noble bookstore. Ending around 5 PM. The topic is my new book, The Dynamic Ether of Cosmic Space.

James DeMeo, PhD
Director, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab
Ashland, Oregon, USA
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Our Year-End Summary and Request for Your Support.

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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it."
– George Orwell

The OBRL January 2020 Newsletter

January 26, 2020

The OBRL January 2020 Newsletter

For those who missed it, you can view our January 2020 OBRL Newsletter, here:

Subjects are:
* My 2-part article in Principia International.
* A special sale for Saharasia at 40% discount.
* Announcement on Kevin Hinchey’s film, Love Work and Knowledge, The Life and Trials of Wilhelm Reich, it is now available for viewing on Vimeo.
* And a few other things.

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Thanks, and Good Wishes

James DeMeo, PhD
Director, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab (OBRL)
Ashland, Oregon, USA

Published Articles, Reports, Videos and Books

Our Year-End Summary and Request for Your Support.

To get our occasional announcements on these same subjects, for new books, seminar offerings and other related content, enter your email address into the blue "Sign Up" button near the top of this webpage:

To view our past postings, see here:

"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it."
– George Orwell

Dynamic Ether, New Article

January 6, 2020

Dynamic Ether, New Article

A two-part article of mine summarizing key points from the new Dynamic Ether book, has been published by Principia Scientific International online.

If you haven’t purchased the book, now is a good time. It is getting excellent reviews from readers, such as:

"Your book changes forever the minds of who reads it."

Other reviews on the Amazon page are also educational (including the snippy nya nya nya one from an angry "skeptic clubber"):

I am also extending the 40% discount on sales of the Saharasia book, for the next month.

Purchase both from here:

For international destinations, purchase from the Amazon network, or from where free international shipping is offered. The discount on Saharasia, however, is only available for USA destinations, from the Natural Energy Works website.

The truth and facts of our bioenergetic universe slowly emerge!

Please share this announcement within your social networks, and also consider making a donation to my non-profit institute, the Orgone Biophysical Research Lab.

Thanks, and Best Wishes for the New Year 2020.

James DeMeo, PhD
Director, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab
Ashland, Oregon, USA

Published Articles, Reports, Videos and Books

"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it."
– George Orwell