‘Your Mindless Dictates Will No Longer Be Tolerated!’ Sheriff Rips Oregon Governor

‘Your Mindless Dictates Will No Longer Be Tolerated!’ Sheriff Rips Oregon Governor

Governor Brownshirt, leftist Nazi-Commie in character, hates the people of Oregon, and so inflicts as much damage as possible. Same with the other Nazi-Commie Democrat governors.

Unconscious motivation is no myth! Smiley-faced people, with big grins, superficially pleasing but immobilized faces can also be psychopaths, and are merely covering up a boiling sadistic rage behind their characterological mask. Time to fight back meaningfully, and disobedience is the key word. This Sheriff shows the way, and citizens around the USA should be contacting and speaking to their local Sheriffs, demanding that they draw the line, and obey their sworn oaths to the US and State Constitutions which forbid such anti-freedom totalitarian edicts.


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