Updates now mostly on Facebook

For those who have followed my postings to WordPress, I suggest to start reviewing them on Facebook. I’ve not had time to do more than post the latest Covid news and my reactions to it on that platform, which is very easy to do. Re-configuring them with images to place on WordPress (which then gets auto-posted to my Twitter and Blogger pages) simply takes too much time, and so I have not been doing it with any regularity. So my advice is, go to my Facebook page and get those newer informations — for now at least. Tomorrow FB could censor me fully, but recently with the news about vaccinated people getting NO protection of merit from the arm-jabs, and vaccinated people also creating and shedding the Covid variants from their own bodies, has changed the equation in favor of the "vaccine hesitant" skeptics. And if you didn’t know that, then you have additional reason to go to my FB page:

Meanwhile, if you are in Oregon, the following notice may be of interest:

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