POSTSCRIPT: Lake Mead at Record Low Level – But Proven Drought-Abatement Solutions Ignored

Lake Mead at Record Low Level – But Proven Drought-Abatement Solutions Ignored

My prior posting on the Southwestern drought and low levels in Lake Mead led to some interesting correspondence. Here is my reply to one of them, redacted a bit.


There are of course plenty of independent reports verifying Reich’s work with the cloudbuster. My reports happen to be the most systematically-constructed field experiments from a scientific-proof standpoint, with large-network data-analyses, often undertaken within a peer-review context and at the invitation by government agencies. I am university trained in the atmospheric sciences and worked for a decade as professor in several top universities, Departments of Geography teaching Earth and Atmospheric Science, Climatology, etc.

For example:

1. There is an excellent book on the subject of Wilhelm Reich’s atmospheric discoveries, and verifications of his findings, written by an Italian engineer a few years ago. It summarizes all the work undertaken by Reich and many others since his death, including a chapter on my own work:

Wilhelm Reich and the Healing of Atmospheres: Modern Techniques for the Abatement of Desertification, by Roberto Maglione

2. There is a hard-cover reprint of my original 1979 systematic study of Reich’s cloudbuster at the University of Kansas, subjected to peer-review by the other professors in my home department. It is an older document, but summarizes many basic issues.

Preliminary Analysis of Changes in Kansas Weather Coincidental to Experimental Operations with a Reich Cloudbuster

3. My summary article on Internet:

4. Finally, here are some historical details on the major overseas field expeditions, and the many people who cooperatively assisted in those efforts.

Most of my associates or co-workers on this subject are today either in retirement or dead and gone. Many were PhDs or MDs, very skilled professional people often with university appointments, or they were officials in Agricultural Ministeries or Civil Aviation departments of foreign governments. Others were unaffiliated people with lesser pedigrees but a lot of knowledge and big hearts, who found great truth in Reich’s discoveries, and applied them in their life, and private enterprises.

In Eritrea I lead a team that ended a 30 year drought cycle with rains that began within a few days after we began working. Overall a 5-year project was developed and funded by that nation, at bare-bones expenses, and they had five years of excellent rains. These rains were subjected to analysis by official Eritrean rainfall data, and documented as developing after the periods of our field operations. The rains spread over much of Ethiopia and Sudan, and other parts of the Sahel, such that the overall runoff through the Nile River basin filled Lake Nasser behind the Aswan Dam for the first time in its history, dating back to 1968. Massive new overflow lakes were also created out in the open Sahara, due to the "excess water" flowing into the Nile and Lake Nasser, something never before happening. Eritrea collapsed into Stalinism and a bloody war with Ethiopia after 1999, forcing an end to that project. The young Eritreans I hoped to train, to take over this work all vanished into the Eritrean military, for front-line actions. I was later informed by friends that the cloudbuster equipment we left behind was rusting away, abandoned in a weed-patch. Drought returned by c.2002 and has more or less persisted since. The overflow lakes, so large one could not see the shoreline on the other side and visible on Google Earth and satellite images, have since begun to dry out. The older democratically-inclined government officials who supported my work could no longer be found, they either fled the country or went into prisons, retired in silence or died. I cannot know.

The Namibia project was organized by the German GDZ development agency, through friends in Germany. They developed contacts in Namibia whom I cannot recall at the moment. My teams’ work triggered excellent rains across the entire southern part of Africa, ending what was a 12-year drought in Namibia. Anyhow, that project was strongly opposed by Namibia’s top meteorologist, a deeply Christian Afrikaner Boer, who in spite of the excellent rains that followed our work and ended the drought, at the end of our project screamed at me "Only Gott Kan mayke it drain! Gett de Hell out ov mein Office!" Totally crazy. The one local fellow who took an exceptional interest in this work, and whom I trained and entrusted the cloudbuster to and kept in contact with — a farmer-rancher of German descent who already knew Reich’s work in some detail — later fled the country with his family, when Mugabe-ism was stimulating murders of white farmers and their families.

The Israel operations ended a 3-year drought with rains of an historical magnitude, which spread across the entire Eastern Mediterranean. It ended their drought, filled their main reservoir Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) but was opposed by the head of their hydrology section who also ran a very ambitious cloud-seeding program. He was boiling with anger against our project, which he felt was a threat to his cloudseeding efforts, even though there were no clouds to seed before our work was undertaken. He also was a former engineer for a housing project built down in an old paved-over dry lake bed… which predictably filled with about two meters of water given all the good rains. He was smart enough to dedicate the lower floor of that apartment complex for automobile parking, but didn’t plan well enough for drainage. The Israeli meteorologists later fabricated an "explanation" that the good rains were due to the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo on the other side of the planet six months earlier, and not due to our cloudbusting. Later investigation by unrelated climatologists, in a published a paper documented a global decline in precipitation following Mt. Pinatubo, making Israel one of the very few places on the planet with exceptional rains in the post-Pinatubo period. Or the post-cloudbusting period, I should say.

Why hasn’t it yet been accepted in the English-speaking world? A comparison of the opposition to the Wright’s airplane or Goddard’s rocket is informing. Saul rarely becomes Paul, and as Max Planck once famously said, "Science progresses, funeral by funeral". We might say, not enough of the old guard who banned and burned Reich’s books, or their intellectual offspring, have died. But Reich’s supporters are not immortal either.

I cannot tell you how many times I was slandered by mainstream journalists and a few scientific big-wigs within the USA and UK, often with my rebuttals refused publication. Or I had to threaten larger public exposure of their unethical lying and censorship to get even a small rejoinder published.

For example, one of my peer-reviewed rebuttal articles on that issue of mainstream scientific slander was co-authored by a long list of my associates — most of whom are PhD-level natural scientists or MD physicians who view Reich’s work quite seriously — in a rejoinder against Nature magazine’s slander of Reich. They all know of my cloudbusting work, either by direct cooperative participation and experience, or review of my published papers. Here:

"In Defense of Wilhelm Reich: An Open Response to Nature and the Scientific / Medical Community", by James DeMeo, et al. Water, 4, 72-81, November 25, 2012
I also recently gave an invited presentation on this subject at the 10th International Conference on the Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water, in Varna, Bulgaria. This was recorded on video, and is available for viewing as a YouTube item:

There are other published materials, but these are easily available via internet.

I’m not sure how much more one could ask for in the way of obtaining support from the US government, or affected agricultural or industrial concerns, to fund a project aimed at drought-abatement and refilling Lake Mead. If the skepticism is so thick and intractable that they won’t even return a phone call, or respond to a serious proposal of a workable solution, in the midst of a severe water crisis, then there is nothing more I could do. We simply do not have the financial resources to launch similar field-work expeditions into the American drought regions.

I hope some of this is helpful.


James DeMeo, PhD
Director, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab
Ashland, Oregon, USA
e-mail: demeo(at)mind(dot)net

"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it."
– George Orwell

In Defense of Wilhelm Reich:
Opposing the 80-year’s War of Mainstream Defamatory Slander
Against One of the 20th Century’s Most Brilliant Physicians and Natural Scientists

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