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New Articles and Book Chapter by James DeMeo, PhD

Several of my articles have recently been recently published, including within mainstream peer-reviewed science journals and books, on the subject of orgone biophysics or the cosmic ether of space. Also a few popular-magazine articles, in Korean translations.

Here are the details and background info:

James DeMeo: "Water as a Resonant Medium for Unusual External Environmental Factors", Water: A Multidisciplinary Research Journal, p.1-47, 2011.

PDF download or on-line viewing available:

This is a major new paper of nearly 50 pages, which integrates a lot of materials. Notably the subject includes materials from Wilhlem Reich on orgone energy fields, Giorgio Piccardi on cosmic fluctuating phenomenon, Dayton Miller on the cosmic ether of space, with discussions also including the works of Viktor Schauberger, Frank Brown, Bjorn Nordenstrom and many others. This publication came about when I was asked to make a submission on these subjects.
The scientists who compose the editorial board and working group behind this Water journal have detected what they call an "exclusion zone" energy field effect along the surfaces of cells and high dielectric materials, in which water structure is "spontaneously" organized to a high level. However, they cannot say just what is causing the "water structuring". Typical molecular interface theory suggests, by electrostatic forces primarily, layers of long-chain structured water molecules would be clinging to the outside surfaces of cellular membranes, on the order of maybe 100 molecules thick. Instead, they are observing such layers of highly structured water in tens of thousands of molecules thick, so that they can be directly observed in a microscope. The observations show, small particulates freely moving in the water refuse to migrate towards the edges of those membranes or surfaces, are are repulsed from this "exclusion zone". There is a repulsive force, barring the intrusion of all particulate material, associated with an increased viscosity of the water in that zone where the exclusion of particles takes place. Hence the term "exclusion zone" or "EZ water".

From this, one of the principal scientists involved in this work became interested in Wilhelm Reich’s ideas of a life-energy field surrounding living creatures, and in my own work confirming Reich on these subjects. A current research project underway at OBRL on water structure using spectrographic analysis also came to the attention of this working group. I was asked to present a paper at their Fourth Annual Conference on the Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water, in 2009 at Mount Snow in Vermont, an event which is described here:
and here:

Following this event, I was invited to provide a contribution to their journal, which was done. The conference was filled with top scientists from universities and research establishments, from around the world, many of whom spontaneously expressed to me during the free discussion periods their admiration for Reich. Though in a few cases, they also expressed a fear to be open about this among their colleagues.

Part of the reason why I go into these details is to correct the mis-impression that the work of Wilhelm Reich, and his ideas about orgone energy, have no standing or interest among classically-trained natural scientists (of which I am but one example) or within the world of classical mainstream science. This isn’t true, and the above (and following) examples are only a few which could be made to reinforce this point.

Another paper of mine was invited to be included in a new collected work on the questions of cosmic ether and gravitational anomalies:

James DeMeo: "Dayton C. Miller Revisited", in Should the Laws of Gravitation Be Reconsidered? Hector A. Munera, Editor, Aperion, Montreal, p.285-315, 2011.

This is a fascinating new collection which includes papers on anomalous pendulum behavior and other physics experiments which are inexplicable from the viewpoint of both Einstein’s relativity theory, and the "Big Bang" creationist theory so popular today – and which threatens to throw science back to the Middle Ages, when divine revelation, priests and the Book of Genesis were consulted about life and cosmology.

I can also announce the following paper published in 2010 is now available as a PDF download:

James DeMeo: "Experimental Confirmation of the Reich Orgone Accumulator Thermal Anomaly", Subtle Energies, 20(3):1-16, 2010.

PDF download available:

This paper gives a preliminary discussion of an automated and To-T experiment, with a very tight protocol for eliminating all known classical thermodynamic objections, and whereupon the thermal anomaly still persisted, verifying Reich on all the central points, but also showing new aspects which were previously not apparent.

And finally, a Korean popular magazine has translated (into Korean) and published some of my materials, including an interview which transpired during my presentation to a Conference on Space-Energy in 2010.

* Interview with James DeMeo (Korean), in Here Now Journal, 16-1, p.172-184, 2011.

* Selections from the Orgone Accumulator Handbook (Korean), in Here Now Journal, 16-2, p.144-156 and 16-3, p.73-86, 2011.

* "Saharasia" (Korean), in Here Now Journal, 16-2, p.70-97, 2011.

I cannot read Korean, but am told this journal can be obtained via the following website:

Thanks for your interest, and if you wish to support this kind scientific research and public outreach, please consider to make a donation to my institute, the Orgone Biophysical Research Lab, here:

James DeMeo, PhD
Orgone Biophysical Research Lab
Ashland, Oregon, USA

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