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Letter on Modern Jew Hatred, the Holocaust, and the Egyptian Revolt

February 25, 2011

Most recently I penned some words to a fellow who claimed there was no relationship to Holocaust denial and the Muslim communities living in the West. The points seem important enough to repeat in a more public forum. I haven’t posted anything out on the Islamic problem in quite a while, and given how the Middle East is currently exploding with both hopeful protests against Kings and Tyrants, and reactionary violence by theocratic forces, it seems a good time. J.D.


Dear X.

You are correct that there is no larger policy in the UK to erase the Holocaust from public school history lessons. However, there have been a few instances of efforts in that direction, and there most certainly is a push more broadly by Muslim organizations across the Western world, to institute Sharia Law, both in the schools and in general society.

Here’s the original article against which you objected, and it is reasonable and straightforward, the only apparent error being, the use of "schools" in plural, as it speaks to an incident at one school only – apparently.

But in fact this is no isolated incident, and the public schools have become a battle-ground for Islamic supremacists to make demands and become the dominant authorities over all things related to the Middle East.

For example, the Muslim Council of Britain wants all UK schools to become "Sharia compliant", which means, to institute the precepts of Islamic superiority and domination into the system:

Here’s another couple of examples from France:

And then there is this sort of thing:

Muslim youths attacking teachers for violations of their "honor" codes:

Teachers in UK afraid to discipline violent Muslim (aka "Asian") students:

French teacher assaulted after calling al-Qaeda a terrorist group:

This webpage gives a few more examples (scroll down):

These were gathered in about five minutes, by a simple internet search. Probably another hundred could be found if I spent a day or two on the matter. They document increasing bully-boy tactics by organized Islam, which is something one finds geographically present in every place on the planet where non-Muslims are confronted by an invading or immigrating Islamic population. Go anywhere around the edges of Islamic Saharasia, and you find things far worse that simple altercations in schools – there are nearly non-stop killings, rapes, beheadings, burnings of churches, suicide bombers, and Islamic mob violence committing multiple murders of non-believers. The recent events in Nigeria, Mumbai India, Pakistan and Russia are cases in point, and go back as far into history as you wish and the pattern chronically repeats itself. Take a review of this website if you will, as it documents and tracks such violent Islamic activity.

By their count, there have been 16,850 separate Islamic terror attacks since 911. Got that? Sixteen Thousand Eight Hundred and Fifty. Each one is a despicable action where from one to dozens of innocents were slaughtered, all in the name of Allah.

Also: Jews all over Europe are under physical attacks by Muslim youth-mobs, as a part of the Islamic push for increased political power and dominance. Hate-crimes against Jews remain the dominant variety, committed overwhelmingly by Muslims. You can proudly walk anywhere in Europe wearing the Islamic Keffiyeh neck scarf without harassment, even though it is widely recognized as a declaration of solidarity with Islam and the Palestinian terror factions specifically. However, you cannot wear a Jewish Yarmulke or Kippah in many areas without risking a physical beating by Muslim "youths" – organized and approved in that kind of action by the local mullahs. The left-political groups merely smirk about this, not realizing they and their female relatives and girl-friends are next on the list.

A physician contact of mine recently emigrated from France to Israel for this very reason, the physical threats he and family were subject to, and he’s not even a religious Jew, doesn’t wear any outwardly defining clothing. He simply could see the poison and hatred spreading socially, especially in regards to how French police would do little or nothing about Muslims beating up or even killing Jews. So he wisely took his family and departed. It is so bad that Israeli political leaders have openly warned French Jews to "get out". The virus of Jew-hatred goes back hundreds of years in Europe, and one wishes they had extinguished it, but it now is carried on very proudly by the political leftists, generally under the cloak of "anti-Zionism" rhetoric, which in turn rests upon Islamic and ultra-left propaganda.

Do your own internet searches, there are plenty more examples like these. Consult the archives of Robert Spencer’s or websites, or the list I provide below for multiple and distressingly daily examples. They also document the larger issue of creeping Islamification of the secular West, in such things as many cases of "honor killing", and also how the dhimmified "multi-culti" attitudes frequently give Muslims a slap on the wrist for brutal crimes that would land any non-Muslim into prison for years – typically cases of rape or wife-beating, or even brutal murdering of wives or daughters, where the judge might invoke the "cultural norms" of the woman-hating killer to adjust their sentence downwards.

Especially along this line we have the case of the German Youth-Court Judge Kirsten Heisig, whose Berlin district had a very high proportion of Muslim offenders even though they currently are a minority population nationally. She broke with the "cultural norm" approach and began giving young Muslim males more authentic stiff fines and prison sentences for their social violence – gang rapes of "immoral" unveiled women, brutal beatings of their female relatives, murders, theft, arson, drug-dealing, etc. For doing so she came under severe attacks and death-threats by the Mullah-leaders and their cadres of angry men in the Muslim communities. Most of her fellow Judges did not give serious punishments to Muslims equal to those of non-Muslims committing serious crimes, out of timid false liberalism, or abject fear for their own lives. She eventually quit the job, and wrote a book about it: Das Ende der Geduld (The End of Patience) for which she was further attacked by the multi-culti Islam-defending left-media as "Judge Merciless".äter/dp/3451302047
So the lesson is, stand up and protect innocent women and children who are being violently raped and beaten, or being killed by older Muslim men as organized through the mullah-mosque system, and you become a "hater", and the liberal PC advocates of multiculturalism will also turn on you with sharpened knives. She died under mysterious circumstances only last year.

Do you really think those kinds of violent Muslim communities believe the Holocaust happened? Or if they do, that they think it was a bad thing? Or that there is a difference between them and those in France or the UK who are even today committing similar brutalities, and also getting "slaps on the wrist" by an Islam-friendly justice system? At this very moment we have the specter, which reminds one of George Orwell’s novel 1984, that when European political leaders speak out against Islamic violence, they are hauled before the courts for "hate crimes" – as happens today with Geert Wilders. Read his speech "The Lights Are Going Out All Over Europe":

And if you know a bit of history, to reflect upon how it comes that one cannot even publicly quote from the "Holy Koran" where it calls upon Islam-believers to kill the Jews or other infidels, without one’s self being accused of "race hatred". Got that? It is OK to read such a book in mosques, or if you speak it out loud in Arabic where nobody but Muslims will know what you are saying. But if you read those same passages in English, or Dutch, or German or French, or put them into a film to warn people about the social conflagration and disaster that is most assuredly going to come, then you are the violent one, the dangerous one, the evil one. The BBC, now a very leftist outfit, said it most aptly: "Europe’s most dangerous man"!
Dangerous to whom? To those who want to institute violent Sharia Law, which demands Islamic superiority, pedophile child-marriages, female sexual slavery, stonings of "sinful women", cutting off the hands of thieves, hanging of homosexuals, etc.? Every decent human being is against such things, Muslim or not. But if you declare it openly in the Land of Political Correctness, then you risk going to prison!

And there are plenty of other examples today, of Muslim leaders who make public speeches denying the Holocaust ever happened, even while openly proclaiming how they can hardly wait to commit the next one.

Consider the public statements by Ahamedenijad in Iran, or Nasrallah of Hezbollah in Lebanon, and those guys are not making empty talk. They are building a-bombs and amassing tens of thousands of shrapnel-filled rockets by which to attack the civilian Jews of Israel at some point in the near future. But… the PC left-wing loves them! Defends them! Invites them to give speeches at Columbia University, even while conservative speakers critical of violent Islam are forbidden. Or if they manage to get an invitation to speak, they are shouted down by leftist brownshirts allied with Muslim brownshirts, and threatened with violence. And that’s happening in the USA, frequently. One only has to consult the Frontpage Magazine website, for a regular recounting of those and similar incidents.
There are any number of ranting sermons by various high-rank Mullahs and Imams of both Shiite and Sunni backgrounds which you can find documented in videos and translated by the organization – where they sneer and claim the Holocaust never happened, and that it was an "excuse by the Jews" to "steal Muslim land" in the creation of Israel, which should be "wiped from the map", etc. And that stuff is broadcast all over the world, into Muslim homes in native languages by al-Jazeera or al-Aribiya satellite networks. These cases are widely reported and documented on the websites and media which take the Islamic threat seriously. See these, for example, on the alarming widespread Islamic views about terrorism generally.

This international situation infects Muslim populations globally with a rancid historical revisionism, the results of which can be seen in opinion polls showing high percentages of Muslims in both the Islamic world, as well as in both Europe and America, feel a great sympathy for terror leaders such as Osama Bin Ladin, and support the use of suicide bombings in high percentages. The brainwash of historical revisionism typically from left-wing propagandists like Chomsky, Zinn and Moore, couples with Holocaust denial from the neo-Nazis, and modern-day pro-terror propaganda from Islamist sources, and is then spread globally. It is reinforced within the Islamic world proper through the widely-read Arabic and Persian editions of various anti-Jewish texts such as Mein Kampf, Protocols of Zion, The Eternal Jew – stuff from the old Nazi era – which are frequently best-sellers in the Muslim world, and were made into serial TV dramas in several cases, notably on Egyptian and Lebanon TV.

It all works to amplify feelings of Islamic superiority and victimhood, and to fabricate a false narrative of Jewish/infidel aggression and inferiority. So whenever any part of that phoney "historical" narrative is challenged, the committed Muslim who is already saturated with vile propaganda from the homeland or as what they get in the West, and who is also resistant or contemptuous against the greater sexual freedom and freedoms for women in secular Western democratic societies, they are going to become quite upset… and specifically for young males in Western classrooms, they are frequently encouraged to be confrontational on a whole variety of Islamic issues by the adults. There is the troubling specter of religiously-devout Muslim youths who are far more violent than non-Muslim or more secularized children of Muslim background.
My own research (see my Saharasia book) additionally suggests a higher level of pedophile abuse of boys within the Islamic world, which in addition to the intensive heterosexual repression, yields up a very hate-filled attitude towards women and sexuality in general, with a lot of unresolved conflicts and anger – all of which is then culturally permitted to be thrown at the non-believer, who generally has a healthier sexual life. Reich wrote about this problem, of course, though not addressing the sex-economic dynamic in the Muslim world.

Of course, what I describe above is not universally so for all individual Muslims, but it is a larger cultural pattern characteristic of Islamic societies. Even in so-called "secular Turkey", which is so rapidly slipping back under the jack-boot of Islamic theocracy, that the rates of "honor" murdered women has increased 1,400% between 2002 and 2009! Where only 66 women were killed in 2002, nearly a thousand were murdered in 2009. Added to this are the large numbers of wife-beatings and daughter-beatings, or sister-beatings.

You can search the entire planet for something comparable, and you won’t find it except within other Saharasian-Islamic nations.

And the Pew opinion polls cited above show very high percentages of Muslims, including those living in the Western secular democracies, agree with such sentiments. So it is not surprising that all these press reports appear, documenting the growing violence within Islamic communities now transplanted into Western nations. What is surprising, however, is how the liberal-left political factions have so overwhelmingly become defenders of Islamic theocracy! So great is their hatred of Jews, so intensive their hatred of Western capitalism, that they will take the side of cut-throat Islamic theocrats against the well-being of their own societies.

It is a basic sex-hatred and life-hatred, a hatred of love which also includes the demands that young girls be forced under the slave-veil while at school, or to be refused school altogether, or to be shipped back to the homeland for clitorectomy, or where a young girl is bullied or threatened into an arranged marriage to an old man, who purchased her like a horse or camel. Or one sees the problem of "fetching" marriages for the young men, where a girl totally ignorant of Western customs and languages, who has not even a basic education on how to read and write, but totally emotionally squashed by having been raised in a strict Islamic household, is "imported" like an automobile to become the "proper wife" of an Islamic man, who may already have one or more legal wives, all concealed from Western authorities given the illegality of polygamy. Or, if sufficiently liberal and PC, the Western authorities will just turn a blind eye to such things, even when one man may have four wives and a dozen children, all on social welfare. But one is not supposed to criticize this suicidal insane attitude of the Western authority, or the cruelty of the Muslim man who engages in such practices.

This kind of situation is also reflected in the 600-odd regions of France where police and firemen mark them on the map as "no-go zones", where secular Western law no longer exists – because the Mullahs have taken over and with their youth-gangs rule the streets, burn cars of infidels at night to run them out, and any non-Muslim who goes into those places gets rocks thrown or they are shot at. This problem is growing also in the Netherlands, Denmark, Scandinavia, the UK, and elsewhere in Europe where the suicidal doctrines of political-correctness and multiculturalism have taken root. And in America also – I know from women friends living in certain areas of Chicago, or in Michigan near to large Muslim communities – that it now begins here as well; when walking down the street, they are frequently openly called "whore" by the men, and get spit upon, because they are not wearing an Islamic veil.

Geographical proximity to Islamic regions determines how intensive and difficult this situation has become. There are voices in the Islamic communities who try to stand up against these trends, but they are themselves under assault, and the liberal-left news media seems forever "in the tank" with the Islamic forces. So the authentic Islamic reformers are ignored by the Western media, who instead go make interviews with deceitful radical mullahs, who smile from ear to ear, and utter soft words of "peace" like honey and cream being poured over your head.

This attitude works towards protection of the worst representatives of violent Islam, and a cruel or even treasonous abandonment of the safety and well-being of moderate Muslims and non-Muslims within the community. Make no mistake, it is primarily the more moderate Muslims themselves who are the larger victims of this intimidation and harassment by the more violent types who tend to rule their communities.

But how long must we endure the lies and dismissive tone from those who suggest there is no problem with the Islamification of Europe, or that anyone who objects to Islamic Sharia Law – which is the legal system of the brutal slave-master for dominance over his purchased or kidnapped slave-wives and conquered subjects – is somehow a "hater". No, Sharia Law is a doctrine of hatred and violence, and should be opposed at every turn.

If it is allowed to take root, we will all weep bitter tears.

Regarding the protests and open revolts currently taking place in the Muslim world today, I want to be hopeful. I want to believe these are predominantly freedom-loving people who are rising up against Kings and Tyrants, who will be overthrown and then establish happier and freer lives, with governing systems of tolerance and democracy. However, I also fear – and this is a rational fear – they will merely replace the old Kings with new ones of a more theocratic and totalitarian orientation.

One must firstly realize, these protests are being largely carried forward by a population explosion of unemployed youth. Due to the forbiddance of contraception and slave-like status of women, who are rendered mostly into baby-making factories, there are many more young people under 25 than in older groups. And because of long-known Malthusian principles, their explosive rates of population growth are always going to outstrip the capacity to make more food, and create more jobs, sufficient to meet the needs of those new young people. They are consequently ripe fodder for the radical mullahs, precisely because of the intensive sex-repression that exists across the Islamic world, which renders them succeptible to mystical and unrealistic thinking. They have little to lose, however, and outnumber the older folk and military forces significantly. But what happens when “youth” grabs power? Generally, up will step some smooth-talking reactionary who will blame all their problems on the Jews or the Western infidels, and demand that they genuflect and put their trust in Allah — or rather, to trust “Allah’s representatives”.

Another key indicator of a more democratic orientation would be the presence of women in the public protests who dare to throw off the Islamic slave-veil. We saw this during the Iranian rebellion last year, of many young Iranian girls and women appearing in public without veils, cursing the mullahs, as did their young male friends. But all those wonderful and brave young people were shot down by rapist thugs organized by the mullahs, and the hangings of dissenters began in dramatically large numbers. The Western powers abandoned those young people to the most vile and violent of theocratic murderers. One aircraft carrier stationed in the Persian Gulf, as a warning to the Ayatollahs, could have turned the situation. With two aircraft carriers, the USA could have taken the bold step to wipe out the Iranian a-bomb facilities, and spared the world a probable atomic World War III, in addition to turning the Iranian military against the Ayatollahs, and in favor of the young protesters. But nothing was done to help them! Nothing! So they were killed in numbers so dramatically high that only estimates, over several hundred thousand massacred, could be made.

We also saw many young women without veils, mixing with young men, during the Cedar Revolution in Lebanon only a short time ago. But these were overwhelmingly Christian Arabs, who are decidedly softer in character structure, for a variety of sex-economic reasons. The street demonstrations passed without violence. But shortly thereafter, car bombs and individual killings began, instigated by Hezboallah factions who even more recently seized power in Lebanon. Again, the West did nothing. The true freedom-fighters, those who supported women’s rights and human rights, and love, were abandoned to the Theocratic killers of Hezboallah – the "Party of Allah".

Now we see rebellions in Tunisia, Algeria, Libya and Egypt. Maybe soon also in Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia and the Emirates. What will it mean? For Europe and America, certainly some threats to the oil supplies, though this is probably short-term, and is a small price to pay if some authentic democratic and freedom-oriented changes develop in those nations. However, already we see the signs it is not going in that direction. The only women I have seen in the streets during the Egyptian protests have been fully-veiled. And too often, one saw masses of men bowing in Islamic prayer – which by itself indicates a theocratic take-over, and not an authentic freedom movement. Worse, there were reports of mass-rapes of women during these protests, as when hope-filled women actually dared to come out in public without the veil, thinking this was an authentic freedom movement! The men, their own countrymen and neighbors, sexually attacked them. This happened also to a female CBS News reporter, who was gang-raped by a group of "protesters" in Tahrir Square, given her unveiled condition. During the rapes, the men shouted "Jew! Jew! Jew!" She was finally rescued by a group of soldiers and Muslim women, who did wear the typical Egyptian veils, which cover from head to toe.
The fingerprints of the Muslim Brotherhood – the oldest and most vile-violent of Islamic terror organizations – are all over this rebellion, this grab for power, and their intentions are to tear up the peace treaty with Israel, cut off oil supplies to Europe through the Suez Canal, and other acts of economic and military war. Most alarming in this direction was the gathering of around 2 million Egyptian Muslim men in Tahrir Square in Cairo, all genuflecting to Allah and screaming for Jewish blood:

Is this any different from the Nuremburg Nazi Rallys of the 1930s? Yes it is different; it is even more spine-chilling and alarming! It is the early expressions of a possibly resurgent and expansionist Islamic Caliphate.

Predictably, little or none of this was reported by the left-wing Western "news" reporters, who repeated ad nauseum the standard propaganda about "Islam is a peaceful religion", "the Muslim Brotherhood is no threat", etc. Nor did they mention how the Muslim Brotherhood assassinated Sadat, and tried to kill Mubarak several times. As I discuss in my Saharasia book, Sadat was hated because of his making peace with the hated Jews of Israel, and also because of his unveiled Western-oriented wife, Jihan Sadat. Under her influence, Anwar Sadat had passed a new family reform act which granted women a list of rights and privileges which moved them towards a more equal status, such as abolishing marriages against the consent of the woman, and giving them rights of inheritance, and rights to their own children during a divorce. The average Egyptian man hated Sadat’s guts for this, and ridiculed him as a castrati, ruled by his wife. When I was there in 1980, every photo of Sadat had been defaced, sometimes with a Star of David. Photos of Mubarak also appeared during the recent protests, defaced also with a Star of David, which is to say, "Mubarak-the-Jew", "Mubarak who is ruled by the Jews" – they hated him mostly for his keeping peace with Israel, and not for any domestic constraints on freedom, which their Islamic leaders would reject in any case no matter who grabs the power.

One is also supposed to forget how the left-groups and media back in the 1970s supported the power-grab by the Ayatollah Khomeini, under the very liberal Jimmy Carter administration. They heaped contempt upon the old Shah of Iran, who had tried to free women from the veil and forced slave-marriages. "Iran will benefit from a spiritual revolution" all the leftys said, not caring about the situation of women within Islam. "It is a religion of peace, don’t you know?" Within a few months, all women were back under the veil, arranged and child-marriages were resurgent, and liberal Iranian women leaders who dared to speak out against it were being hung from cranes and lamp-posts. Horrified liberal-left activist women who had previously cursed and spat upon the Shah, and kissed the feet of the Ayatollahs, were then clawing over each other to get on any plane or ship, to anyplace else.

I still try to be hopeful, against my better judgement. Maybe, people’s core impulses will triumph over their secondary-layer hatreds, and the mullahs will be locked into their mosques. Maybe, after some turmoil, they will work out a stable arrangement similar to what now exists in Iraq, which has sustained its new democracy against tremendous odds. I hope the Arab-Muslim and Persian rebellions against Kings and Tyrants is successful, and spreads into Communist China also, to rid them of the Marxist Kings and Tyrants, who have kept the Chinese people down in the dirt for so long. But coming back down to reality, the larger parts of these rebellions are "in the name of Islam", an organized push for power by the fanatical and violent Muslim Brotherhood cadres, who also get support from the same kind of Western leftist groups who helped put the Iranian Ayatollahs into power. What a nighmare it will be for the smaller number of authentic freedom-seekers who organize against that outcome. Will the West help them? Or just sit back and let the Muslim Brotherhood killers devour the smaller number of authentic Muslim reformers? In that case, most assuredly these nations will degenerate towards even worse anti-freedom and violent directions, with more power and controls into the hands of fanatical Islamic leaders, whose hatred of women, of sexuality, of the West and of Jews especially is extreme, and where Holocaust denial and Jewish extermination politics are central tenets of their world-view. A new Caliphate will then be in the works.

In that event, the 21st Century will be just as bloody as the 20th, if not more so.


James DeMeo, PhD
Author of Saharasia

For a list of recommended websites giving accurate information on the Middle East, often organized by reform-minded Muslims, see the weblinks on the center- and lower-left side of the OBRL Links page:

Another Strong Alaskan Lady, Standing Up Against the TSA Gropers

February 22, 2011

Tsa Bars Alaska State Rep. Sharon Cissna From Flying
Alaska State Rep. Sharon Cissna of Anchorage was returning from Seattle when the TSA insisted on an intrusive hand exam at SEA-TAC Airport. Below is her statement:

PRINCE RUPERT, BC (February 21, 2011). The following is Rep. Sharon Cissna’s account of the events of February 20th, 2011 at SEA-TAC International Airport:

“The evening of the 20th of February 2011 started with relief, as I was anxious to get back to the important work of the Alaskan Legislature. Heading into security after time with the line of passengers, I felt upbeat. I’d blocked out the horror of three months earlier, but after the pleasant TSA agent checked the ticket and ID, I suddenly found myself directed into scanning by the Seattle Airport’s full-body imaging scan. The horror began again. A female agent placed herself blocking my passage. Scan results would again display that my breast cancer and the resulting scars pointed a TSA finger of irregularity at my chest. I would require invasive, probing hands of a stranger over my body. Memories of violation would consume my thoughts again.”

“Being a public servant and elected representative momentarily disappeared. Facing the agent I began to remember what my husband and I’d decided after the previous intensive physical search. That I never had to submit to that horror again! It would be difficult, we agreed, but I had the choice to say no, this twisted policy did not have to be the price of flying to Juneau!”

“So last night, as more and more TSA, airline, airport and police gathered, I became stronger in remembering to fight the submission to a physical hand exam. I repeatedly said that I would not allow the feeling-up and I would not use the transportation mode that required it.”

“For nearly fifty years I’ve fought for the rights of assault victims, population in which my wonderful Alaska sadly ranks number one, both for men and women who have been abused. The very last thing an assault victim or molested person can deal with is yet more trauma and the groping of strangers, the hands of government ‘safety’ policy.”

“For these people, as well as myself, I refused to submit.”

“The trip to Juneau is one of adventure in working to restore dignity to government policies designed to build the well-being of our people. All of them. The trip to the Capitol has been by car, small plane and the Alaska Marine Highway. It feels like a trip of pride as well.”

“The TSA threat of “Do you want to fly?” means something very different to Alaskans. Flying in Alaska is not a choice, but a necessity. The freedom to travel should never come at the price of basic human dignity and pride.”

Airport Body Scan Radiation Concerns UCSF Researchers

February 14, 2011

Excellent article on what you are not being told. If you plan to travel by air, avoid these machines. But then be prepared for the Obama Sexual Molestation by Federal T&A Gropers

Airport Body Scan Radiation Concerns

UCSF Researchers

February 10, 2011 11:55 PM

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5) – The public outcry over those new and revealing full body scans at the nation’s airports seems to have died down. But even though passengers may not be thinking about them, some scientists are voicing new concerns. …

Go to the above link for the full article

Another Micro- Wave of the Future?

February 8, 2011

More Microwaves and Government Snooping. Today it is "monitor". Tomorrow it is "control".

Beware the Watermellon Greens. Green on the outside. Red on the inside.

New Meters Stir Fears for Health and Home

Monday, January 31, 2011


INVERNESS PARK, Calif. – Pacific Gas and Electric’s campaign to introduce wireless smart meters in Northern California is facing fierce opposition from an eclectic mix of Tea Party conservatives and left-leaning individualists who say the meters threaten their liberties and their health.
In the San Francisco Bay Area, “Stop Smart Meters” signs and bumper stickers have been multiplying on front lawns and cars. Four protesters have been arrested for blocking trucks seeking to deliver the meters.
Since 2006, PG&E has installed more than seven million of the devices, which transmit real-time data on customers’ use of electricity.
But in Santa Cruz County, south of San Jose, the Board of Supervisors recently extended a yearlong moratorium on installations. Officials in Marin County, north of San Francisco, approved a ban this month on meters in unincorporated, largely rural areas, where about a quarter of its population lives.
The meters are a crucial building block for what the Obama administration and the industry envision as an efficient “green grid.” The goals are to help utilities allocate power more smoothly and to give people more information on how they consume energy and incentives to use less.
At first, the backlash against PG&E focused on the notion that the meters were giving artificially high readings, but that died down after studies confirmed their overall accuracy.
The new wave of protests comes from conservatives and individualists who view the monitoring of home appliances as a breach of privacy, as well as from a cadre of environmental health campaigners who see the meters’ radio-frequency radiation – like emissions from cellphones and other common devices – as a health threat. ….

* Go to the above link for the rest.

Open Letter to a Warmist

February 8, 2011

Dear (deleted),

Regarding your comments about global warming proofs:

The Hansen-NOAA and Hadley CRU team have discredited themselves repeatedly, for their politically-motivated "hockey stick" graphic which was created by mathematical sophistry. Additional deliberate lies were committed to erase the Medieval Warm Period (MWP) and Little Ice Age (LIA) – from their graphs as well as from textbooks – and is another causus belli as to why they cannot be trusted, as is the "climategate" email fiasco, where they were caught openly plotting on how best to spread what they knew were lies, and how to professionally back-stab and destroy their critics, as well as to censor them.

Any temperature record that starts at c.1800 will show a progressive global warming because the Earth was then coming out of the Little Ice Age. But the temperature increase after the LIA fluctuated back to cooling from c.1940-70, and then went warm again, and now begins to moderate or cool once again. It is a natural cycle, maybe solar-wind/cosmic-ray driven, but in any case not driven by CO2. Every study of ice-core data has shown CO2 variation lags behind ice-mass (global thermal proxy) variations by some 500 years – atmospheric and ocean temperature changes drive atmospheric CO2 changes, as shown in the same ice-core data abused by Gore in his movie, but shown at such a low resolution nobody could see the deception. That, in addition to other outrages, such as his showing photos of boats stranded in sand dunes from near to the Aral Sea, which were the product of failed Soviet irrigation schemes which left several of their port cities stranded, and re-claimed by the deserts in later years.
Or similar satellite photos of Lake Chad, which has been diminishing in size since long before the Industrial Revolution – but with acceleration of this trend in more recent years due to a combination of Sahara Desert expansion, increased agricultural irrigation pumping and diversion of the river systems which formerly kept it alive. The deliberate deceptions aside, is incredibly simplistic and unscientific to merely blame such things upon the unproven effects of a claimed CO2 warming (which even if true, by many theorists should increase clouds and rains), while ignoring all the other powerful and more obvious influences.

As to the warming trends after c.1800 – most of the critics of CO2-warming theory agree there has been some real warming, including myself. However, there are others who make a reasonable argument that too many of the weather measuring stations which were once located in isolated greenery of rural regions, have since suffered from encroaching urbanization with more paved-over and roof-top surfaces replacing greenery. This has led to an increasing intrusion of the well-known urban heat-island effects into the global temperature record. And that has nothing to do with CO2’s claimed atmospheric powers, which always have been suspect.

While most climatologists accept there has been a warming in the last 200 years, it is also widely known that this hasn’t been continuous, and a majority also agree it hasn’t been CO2-driven, nor is it necessarily going to continue even if CO2 levels continue to rise – but even if it does, we have the much warmer time of the Medieval Warm Period to show that it won’t be anything like the doomsday scenario of the alarmist politicians like Al Gore, or the IPCC staff, which is stacked with politicans and political activists, and fewer climate scientists on board as compared to those of us who protested against it in widely-known petitions and open letters.

By sophisticated mathematical lies, the warmists have erased prior natural thermal cycles within their data, of the MWP and LIA, which were far more extreme in both cold and warm than what we’ve experienced in the last several decades. This was accomplished first by irrationally applying mathematical "correctives" to diminish the large transients in ice-core proxy data up through around 1950. They then merged that proxy data with a questionable set of tree-ring temperature proxy-data – whose peculiarities were exaggerated to yield up a constant "warming" and the well-known "hockey stick". A slightly different set of proxy data, or mathematically honest presentation of the ice-core data to show its fluctuations, would demolish warmist arguments – and in fact, the IPCC’s first report showed no such "hockey stick" because it included the important transients of the MWP and LIA. That original graphic of the IPCC validated and matched known historical records. Nobody is today living in the same areas the Vikings once colonized in Western Greenland, and neither the Thames nor New York Harbor have yet frozen shut over winter as happened regularly during the LIA – though I hear the Thames did get close to it both last year and this one.

Before finger-wagging under my nose about what government websites are saying – websites which routinely censor out opposing opinions – you might benefit by actually reviewing the critics’ arguments to know what they are saying.

In the 1970s Hansen championed a coming New Ice Age, and was shown to be wrong. His reputation sank into the melting permafrost, so he now has "got religion" and jumped on the warming band-wagon, getting a ton of grant money to promote socialist agendas as a reward. But it is all based upon a big fraud. The Medieval Warm Period had much more melted permafrost, with no extinctions of penguins or polar bears, no significant rise in sea levels (Greenland and Antarctic ice is not "melting away", but are actually increasing in many areas – and floating Antarctic ice sheets are expanding while only those in the Arctic are reducing, so it is no "global" effect.) And so on, and so on. Every major claim of the warmers make is predicated upon half-truth or lies of omission, with a lot of data fudging.

For starters, I suggest to review the new book The Hockey Stick Illusion: Climategate and the Corruption of Science by A.W. Montford, which details the arguments, pro and contra, as well as the data-fudging and lying by the warmists.

There are many other points one could make on this issue, but for an email letter this should be sufficient to at least show you are off the mark in many major respects.

James DeMeo, PhD

Update on Global Chill

February 3, 2011

A few lesser-known reports… which 75% of Americans won’t need to hear about from internet.

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Confused Al opens mouth, inserts foot. Mixing up the homeostatic theory of natural climate cycles with the CO2 theory of global warming.

Follow-the-Cheater: Demos line up to copy Confused Al, opening mouths, inserting feet.

Only Hope Against ‘Climate Disaster’ is Indoctrinating Your Children