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“Peace” Activists with Daggers

May 31, 2010

The recent defensive struggle by the Israeli forces to prevent Hamas terror-supporters and their European fellow-travellers from breaking an Israeli blockade of Gaza has left some of the "activists" dead, some of the Israeli commandos seriously injured. There’s all sorts of photos and reports on internet now, but the ones included here are not getting much circulation. I thought it important, as it speaks volumes about how the IDF was greeted when their soldiers landed on the ships, with legitimate intent to stop them from arriving at Gaza ports. These "activists" included large groups of Turkish brownshirts armed with knives, clubs, deadly slingshots, and possibly also handguns and rifles. By contrast, the IDF commandos expected the usual mob of unruly but unarmed protesters, and were armed mainly with paint-ball guns, which are used for that purpose.

The Musim fanatics were singing "Intifada" and "Martyrdom" songs even before departing on the voyage:

Here’s more:,7340,L-3896796,00.html

In past times, those ships would simply have a shot put across their bow, and if they did not turn back, their steerage or pilot-house would be shot away by naval guns, followed by armed boarding parties assuming the ships were not sunk. It is serious business, as nobody knows yet what kind of cargo those ships were carrying. We shall see.

The whole purpose of this exercise was self-righteous and deceptive propaganda to make Muslim thugs and their hard-left handlers look like "caring persons" or "peaceful war protestors", out to "save starving Palestinians" (who aren’t) and to make the Israelis look bad. The Muslim terror factions are already crowing loudly on this one point, that the deaths of their "martyrs" is as big a propaganda victory over the hated Jew, even better than if the ships had actually landed in Gaza.

And so it seems.


AAP Reverses, Halts Approval of Clitorectomy in USA

May 28, 2010

Good news, and bad… Little girls across the USA can breathe a little easier tonight.

Following a howl of protest from multiple persons and organizations, dozens of letters from every quarter, professionals, women’s groups, private individuals, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) reversed and dropped its recent ill-conceived approval for female genital mutilation. Here’s a report:
Sometimes public criticism and protest works. Now, if only little boys can be equally protected, with an end to this violent contempt for the penis and male sexuality.

The bad news: Australia is considering an identical ruling to the AAP, to allow for "limited" female genital mutilation, which as discussed in prior postings will most certainly plant the seeds for more horrific mutilations later on.

A better solution would be to give a lengthy prison sentence and then deport any "Islamic cutter" — the sadist-specialists who travel from home to home and perform this butchery — and to likewise punish with jail terms and/or deport the fathers and mothers who do such a barbaric act, or any "health" professional who does so. There is a need for muscle and teeth in laws for protection of children against razor wielding sadists, with or without the "seal of approval" of medical organizations or mosque-leaders.


NOAA Hurricane Forecast Challenged by Experts

May 19, 2010

Top climatologist Dr. James Hansimian has challenged NOAA’s methods and conclusions on hurricane-number prediction, showing new techniques which are far more reliable than the standard models which employ CO2 theory as part of the mix. It is very much worth the look.

Climate change research isn’t what it used to be, and its not an exaggeration to say many of the "top bananas" at NOAA simply have climbed up the wrong tree.

New Volcanic Ice Age Cometh?

May 17, 2010

If this turns out to be true, then prepare for a very chilly period, for decades if not longer.

Scientists forecast decades of ash clouds
Many more of Iceland’s volcanoes seem to be stirring

THE Icelandic eruption that has caused misery for air travellers could be part of a surge in volcanic activity that will affect the whole of Europe for decades, scientists have warned.
They have reconstructed a timeline of 205 eruptions in Iceland, spanning the past 1,100 years, and found that they occur in regular cycles – with the relatively quiet phase that dominated the past five decades now coming to an end.
At least three other big Icelandic volcanoes are building towards an eruption, according to Thor Thordarson, a volcanologist at Edinburgh University.
“The frequency of Icelandic eruptions seems to rise and fall in a cycle lasting around 140 years,” he said. “In the latter part of the 20th century we were in a low period, but now there is evidence that we could be approaching a peak.”
His findings coincide with new warnings that the eruption of Eyjafjallajokull, which has disrupted air traffic across Europe for several weeks, could carry on for many months – and possibly years.

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FDA: We Decide What You Eat, Your health, Not You.

May 14, 2010

Eat dirt, Americans. Of course, you are a "subject", and they are the Royal Dictators. How’s that Obama Socialism working out for all you organic farmers, health-food and alternative medicine advocates?


Feds tell court they can decide what you eat
‘Plaintiffs do not have a fundamental right to obtain any food they wish’

Attorneys for the federal government have argued in a lawsuit pending in federal court in Iowa that individuals have no "fundamental right" to obtain what food they choose.
The brief was filed April 26 in support of a motion to dismiss a lawsuit filed by the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund over the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s ban on the interstate sale of raw milk.
"There is no ‘deeply rooted’ historical tradition of unfettered access to foods of all kinds," states the document signed by U.S. Attorney Stephanie Rose, assistant Martha Fagg and Roger Gural, trial attorney for the U.S. Department of Justice.
"Plaintiffs’ assertion of a ‘fundamental right to their own bodily and physical health, which includes what foods they do and do not choose to consume for themselves and their families’ is similarly unavailing because plaintiffs do not have a fundamental right to obtain any food they wish," the government has argued.

"S. 510, the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2010, may be the most dangerous bill in the history of the U.S.," critiqued Steve Green on the Food Freedom blog. "It is to our food what the bailout was to our economy, only we can live without money."
The plan is sponsored by U.S. Rep. John Dingell, D-Mich., who explains the legislation "is a critical step toward equipping the FDA with the authorities and funding it needs to regulate what is now a global marketplace for food, drugs, devices and cosmetics."

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More on the AAP approval of FGM

May 12, 2010

Intact America, one of the more active child-protection organizations, is taking on the AAP. They previously did a good job getting signatures to petition the CDC to not advocate the official medical quackery of boy-mutilation as a method to "prevent AIDS". Historically, boy-mutilation was originally proposed in the Americas as a measure to "prevent masturbation" and specifically the heinous disease known as "masturbatory insanity". That was an officially-recognized disorder in the medical journals of the late 1800s, and the Christian or non-religious MDs of that day, just as today, fell under persuasion from Jewish doctors that it would be a good thing if everyone did it. And so within 50 years or so, it exploded from a tiny percentage of immigrants, into a mainstream mutilation of nearly 80% of all men in the English-speaking world, where it had previously not existed. Today, it is promoted, also without evidence, as a "hygenic" measure — a ridiculous argument when one considers how most of the world’s male population is intact, not mutilated, and is not suffering from epidemics of genital disease, including AIDS. With hard work in public education by oppositional groups, the rates in the USA are today down to about 50% of all baby boys. That’s still 50% too high, and even Jewish activists have joined the anti-mutilation organizations, seeking to end them.

Intact-America is today taking on the AAP over its approval of girl-mutilation, something which the AAP did under pressure from largely-Muslim doctors servicing the Islamic communities, who either want to mutilate the genitals of girls, or who think they can reduce the more serious mutilations by doing smaller ones in the hospitals. Muslims (and a few Coptic Christians) do these mutilations for basically the same religious-superstitions reasons as did the masturbation-anxious physicians of 100 years ago. The AAP thinks a "small cut" will be sufficient to mollify misogynistic immigrants whose ideology views female sexual feeling as a dirty evil needing to be stamped out. The goal of FGM always was, to wipe out the female sexual drive. So this measure by the AAP, if it stands, will be used in opposition to existing laws which make FGM a criminal act. In fact what will happen is, with the AAP approvals, Muslim doctors will begin doing it, and test cases will then go to the courts. They will firstly do only the "little nick", and argue with smooth-talk, with arrogant proclamations that even if it is illegal they will "do it anyhow" so why not "keep it sanitary, in the hospitals", with PC victimhood and "religious freedom" language. "The Jews are allowed to give the holy sacraments to their boy’s penises, to cleanse them of The Devil of sexual feeling, so we should be allowed to bless our girls and rid them of The Devil of sexual feeling in the same manner" they will say. And the courts will probably go along with it, striking down existing federal and state laws prohibiting the mutilations. and thinking it will remain "only a nick". But from there, we will see special clinics devoted to Islamic FGM, just as exist within the Muslim world. And the horrific nature of it will grow, with full clitoridectomies, as nobody in social services will be checking up on such girls. And it will fit magnificently with veils, polygamy, child-marriages (old men to young girls), mosque-violence against infidels, and all the rest which life-hating PC ideology already tries to justify and defend. It will then grow and spread, and only 20 years down the road when older women come forward will the NYT or other lib-newspapers write a hand-wringing articles about "how could this have developed?", ignoring their long-time role in Islamic apologetics.

Evidence from clinics in Africa already have shown how compromises on the mutilations allows them to grow and spread, while strict forbiddance with criminal penalties and loss-of-license for professionals who do them, works to reduce them in a dramatic manner.

This must be stopped before it emerges into daylight, after which it gets social oxygen and spreads. The AAP needs to reverse this ill-considered approval of "the little nick", which will grow into full-scale FGM as seen elsewhere in the world.

Your signature would help. See below.
You can add to or edit their form-letter as desired. Professionals especially are encouraged, to take a stand, using your full names and credentials.

If this issue is important to you, to stop boy-mutilation and girl-mutilation, consider to get on the mailing list of this organization and spread the information through your own personal networks.

James DeMeo, PhD


25,278 Petition Signatures Delivered To The CDC!
(in opposition to boy-mutilation as an "AIDS prevention" measure.)

But now America’s baby girls are at risk!
Pleasetake action to protect them today.

In late April, I spoke via conference call with Dr. Peter Kilmarx, Chief of HIV/AIDS Prevention at the Centers for Disease Control, and several other officials from the CDC, to urge them to refrain from recommending routine circumcision for baby boys. I told them Intact America had a petition from thousands of you who felt the same way.

On May 6th, we followed up by sending 25,278 signatures to the CDC to drive home the message.

I want to thank you and the tens of thousands of intactivists who added your names to this petition calling for the protection of our baby boys.

It’s not over between us and the CDC. We’ll be in touch to let you know its response to our petition.

But our efforts can’t end here.

A new threat has surfaced, and this time it’s our baby girls who are at risk.

Late last month, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) issued a new policy statement calling for a lift of the Federal ban outlawing all forms of female genital mutilation ("FGM") in the United States.

We are stunned by this affront to 30 years of global efforts to stop female genital cutting.

Please send a letter to the AAP demanding that it retract its dangerously misguided policy statement immediately and leave our baby girls intact!

Thank you again for all that you do to help keep America’s babies intact.


Georganne Chapin
Executive Director, Intact America

BARBARIAN DOCTORS – American Academy of Child-Hating Pediatrics approves of Female Genital Mutilation

May 7, 2010

Apologetics and Rationalizations for Sadistic Mutilations of Women’s Genitalia, now in the USA.

Today a "nick", tomorrow (or today behind closed doors) the full mutilation.
What a stark and utter betrayal of children and women.

Nobody dares to say, the parents who do this to their daughters should be arrested and deported if they dare to perform the mutilations by sending the girls overseas. Doctors who do it in the USA should also be arrested and lose their licenses. Boston must not become Baghdad, Chicago become Cairo, etc. And no, the AAP does not have "good intentions" here. This is vicious MD sadism against girls and women, even if done by a female MD or "nurse". It is, however, glossed over by smiles and excuses! We are only trying to help the girls, to protect them, by cutting them on the most sensitive parts of their sexual organs with our knives! See how kind and caring we are! No. You are an ugly bunch of life-haters, making excuses for one of the more toxic aspects of Islam.

It is yet another and quite dirty incremental step towards Islamic totalitariansm within the USA, promulgated and masked by a corrupted and dangerous system of authoritarian and sadistic hospital-MDs. Brought to you by the same fanatics who burned Wilhelm Reich’s books.

Write to them, and tell them what you think:

And no, don’t be polite on this one. Give them hell.

And for heaven’s sake, stop going to any doctor who does this filthy thing, or apologizes for it.


James DeMeo, PhD


Group Backs Ritual ‘Nick’ as Female Circumcision Option

In a controversial change to a longstanding policy concerning the practice of female circumcision in some African and Asian cultures, the American Academy of Pediatrics is suggesting that American doctors be given permission to perform a ceremonial pinprick or “nick” on girls from these cultures if it would keep their families from sending them overseas for the full circumcision.
The academy’s committee on bioethics, in a policy statement last week, said some pediatricians had suggested that current federal law, which “makes criminal any nonmedical procedure performed on the genitals” of a girl in the United States, has had the unintended consequence of driving some families to take their daughters to other countries to undergo mutilation.
“It might be more effective if federal and state laws enabled pediatricians to reach out to families by offering a ritual nick as a possible compromise to avoid greater harm,” the group said.
But some opponents of female genital mutilation, or F.G.M., denounced the statement.
“I am sure the academy had only good intentions, but what their recommendation has done is only create confusion about whether F.G.M. is acceptable in any form, and it is the wrong step forward on how best to protect young women and girls,” said Representative Joseph Crowley, Democrat of New York, who recently introduced a bill to toughen federal law by making it a crime to take a girl overseas to be circumcised. “F.G.M. serves no medical purpose, and it is rightfully banned in the U.S.”
Georganne Chapin, executive director of an advocacy group called Intact America, said she was “astonished that a group of intelligent people did not see the utter slippery slope that we put physicians on” with the new policy statement. “How much blood will parents be satisfied with?”
She added: “There are countries in the world that allow wife beating, slavery and child abuse, but we don’t allow people to practice those customs in this country. We don’t let people have slavery a little bit because they’re going to do it anyway, or beat their wives a little bit because they’re going to do it anyway.”
A member of the academy’s bioethics committee, Dr. Lainie Friedman Ross, associate director of the MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics at the University of Chicago, said the panel’s intent was to issue a “statement on safety in a culturally sensitive context.”
Dr. Friedman Ross said that the committee members “oppose all types of female genital cutting that impose risks or physical or psychological harm,” and consider the ritual nick “a last resort,” but that the nick is “supposed to be as benign as getting a girl’s ears pierced. It’s taking a pin and creating a drop of blood.”
She said the panel had heard anecdotes from worried doctors.
“If we just told parents, ‘No, this is wrong,’ our concern is they may take their daughters back to their home countries, where the procedure may be more extensive cutting and may even be done without anesthesia, with unsterilized knives or even glass,” she said. “A just-say-no policy may end up alienating these families, who are going to then find an alternative that will do more harm than good.”
Currently, more than 130 million women and girls worldwide have undergone female genital cutting, according to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. It is mostly performed on girls younger than 15 in countries including Ethiopia, Sudan and Somalia. Consequences can include severe complications with pregnancy, childbirth and sexual dysfunction.
The academy’s statement acknowledged that opponents of the procedure, “including women from African countries, strongly oppose any compromise that would legitimize even the most minimal procedure.”
Dr. Friedman Ross said, “If you medicalize it and say it’s permissible, is there a possibility that some people will misunderstand it and go beyond a nick? Yes.”
But she said the risk that people denied the ceremonial procedure, usually on the clitoris, would opt for the more harmful one was much more dangerous.
And the statement said that, “in some countries where FGC is common, some progress toward eradication or amelioration has been made by substituting ritual ‘nicks’ for more severe forms.”

May 6, 2010

A squalid bunch, these FDA dictators and book-burners.

Food Regulators As Benign Dictators-FDA Says It Could Be Tougher on Raw Milk; Anyway, “No Absolute Rightto Any Particular Food” Or “Bodily and Physical Health”

… In recounting its version of the history of food safety and regulation, the brief concludes, “There is no absolute right to consume or feed children any particular kind of food.” The basis? “Comprehensive federal regulation of the food supply has been in effect at least since Congress enacted the Pure Food and Drugs Act of 1906 Thus, plaintiffs’ claim to a fundamental privacy interest in obtaining ‘foods of their own choice’ for themselves and their families is without merit.” …

The FDA bureaucrats and lawyers had to reach back to pre-Constitutional European Royal Decrees, when citizens did not exist, only "subjects", to justify that opinion.

The only way to stop this nonsense is to slash the Federal budget to half or less of what they now get. No matter what they say or promise, the more money you put into the hands of Congress and the Fed (or States) the more trouble they will make for everyone. Unfortunately, we are going in exactly the opposite direction.


Turkish Immigrants to USA Celebrating the Armenian Genocide

May 5, 2010

Turkish immigrants to America outside of the Turkish Embassy in Washington DC, celebrating the genocide of 1.5 million Armenians (and an equal number of Greeks around the same time) by their relatives, a little more than 100 years ago. No shame, no heart, filled with rage covered over by a smiley-face, and still very dangerous.

If given the opportunity, they would rape and kill across the West, just as did their ancestors only 150 years ago, and then dance on our graves, even after being welcomed into the West, whose foolish forgiveness for past Muslim butchery was never matched by any kind of Islamic guilt or shame. So much for the lie about "moderate Turkey". Or that the Muslim women don’t wallow in contempt-filled hate-vainglory about the butchery of their men-folk. They celebrate it, just as do the men. But what else can you do when your own life has been so severely crushed down, with no chance or capacity for love, except to hate, and hate, and hate.

Already Turkish PM Erdogan has gotten so enraged about the American Congress passing a resolution recognizing the Armenian genocide, he’s threatened another massive expulsion (genocide) against the remaining 100,000 Armenians still living in Turkey. "Stop calling us murderers or we will murder again!" The Turks still "honor" murder young women in the regions outside of the main city areas, where a girl typically is yanked from school at 16, and then married off to an old man by paid arrangements.

And Yes, they also want an Atom Bomb!

Turkish Americans dance in celebration of the Armenian genocide

Washington, April 24, 2010.

For the Armenians:

Among Criminal Muslims

May 5, 2010

Important interview with a Danish psychologist.

"… seven out of ten teenagers in the average Danish youth prisons have a Muslim background"

Among Criminal Muslims

Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Nicolai Sennels, a Danish psychologist who worked for several years with young criminal Muslims in a Copenhagen prison. He is the author of Among Criminal Muslims. A Psychologist’s Experience from the Copenhagen Municipality. The book will be out in English later this year.

FP: Nicolai Sennels, welcome to Frontpage Interview.
I would like to talk to you today about your experience working with young criminal Muslims in a Copenhagen prison. Let’s begin by talking about how you got into your line of work.

Sennels: Thank Jamie.
Well., many people think that I took the prison job because I wanted to get a closer look at Muslim mentality, failed integration and Islam. But I did not. I was just looking for a job and having worked as a social worker taking care of teenagers for several years part time while studying at Copenhagen University to become a psychologist, it was natural for me to apply for a job involving juvenile offenders. I had no idea that seven out of ten teenagers in the average Danish youth prisons have a Muslim background. Since I was the first psychologist at the institution I was very free to develop my position as psychologist.
The main job was to find out the young peoples’ pedagogical and therapeutic needs and develop therapeutic methods fitted for those needs. And this I did and this is what my book is about. The unusual thing about my work is that I found out that my Muslim clients had certain psychological characteristics that my non-Muslim – mostly Danish – clients did not have. They were all between 15 and 17 years old, most of them showed antisocial behaviour and a big part of both groups came from homes with a certain lack of emotional support. I guess nine out of ten were boys and though the main part came from less well functioning homes I also had many Muslim and Danish clients who’s parents and elder siblings were well educated, had normal jobs and so on.
I worked in the prison for a bit less than three years and had around 150 Muslim clients and 100 Danish clients. I conducted group therapies and individual therapies and with such a large amount of both Muslim and non-Muslim clients I had a relatively large background material for understanding and comparing their psychological development and the underlying conditions influencing this development. Normal “real” research projects of this kind – consisting of long and several qualitative interviews – most often only have 20-30 subjects as background material.

FP: Ok, so some of your conclusions?

Sennels: Well, one significant conclusion was that having been raised in a Muslim environment – with Muslim parents and traditions – includes the risk of developing certain antisocial patterns.
About two thirds of all teenagers accused for criminal actions in Copenhagen have a Muslim background. For years the explanation for this phenomenon has been that Muslims are discriminated against by Danish employers and are thus unable to find a job. The consequence is that Muslims are poor – and this poverty then gets the blame for the high crime rate among young Muslim men.
As a humanist and psychologist I have to expose and oppose this faulty explanation. Explaining psychological development and complicated human mental and behavioural patterns by pointing on the amount of kroner, Euros or dollars rolling in to a person’s bank account every first bank day of the month is a very materialistic and two-dimensional view on the human being. What is first of all deciding our actions is our own free will and motivation – which are first of all influenced by the emotional, cultural and in some cases religious frame that we grew up in.
It is easy to establish a statistical connection between poverty and criminal behaviour – but what comes first? I saw a lot of young teenagers sowing the seeds for their own future unemployment by not going to school, staining their criminal records and developing unattractive social habits such as aggressiveness, insecurity and lack of respect for authorities.

FP: Did you find any real differences between Muslims coming from different parts of the Muslim world? …

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