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Orgonomy Conference in Rome: DVDs Available

January 19, 2014

Courtesy Announcement

Conference on Orgonomy, Rome Italy.
DVDs Available for All Presentations

This conference was hosted by the Italian Association for Orgonomy, held on October 4-5-6 of 2013, with a long list of professional speakers from Europe and the USA. It was attended by over 100 persons, and covered both the basics of Wilhelm Reich’s discoveries, as well as new findings, over the full subject area from gentle birthing of babies, to orgone therapy, to the bions, the orgone energy accumulator, the treatment of cancer and other diseases, orgone physics, cloudbusting, and even the UFO question. A set of DVD videos containing each presentation, or as a collection for the full Conference, is available from the organizers, as per the details given here:

Or here:

OBRL Newsletter #26 for December 2013, Now Available

January 18, 2014

Dear OBRL-News Subscribers,

The OBRL Newsletter #26 for December 2013 is now available for a free download.

Topics include:

1. New Published Articles, Essays and Notes, by James DeMeo for 2013
2. Lectures with PowerPoint Presentations (where available):
3. Conference on Orgonomy, Rome Italy.
4. Research Projects at OBRL
Spectrographic Research
CORE: Southwestern Drought Emergency Project
5. OBRL Funding Request

You can obtain it by going to this weblink:

Also, our tardy, but very best wishes for the New Year 2014.

Breathe deep, fly high, and thrive!

James DeMeo

James DeMeo, PhD
Director , Orgone Biophysical Research Lab (OBRL)
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