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Update on New Offerings: Book Sale, Seminars, New Publication

October 24, 2018

Update on New Offerings:
Book Sale, New Seminars, Forthcoming Publications

From James DeMeo and the
Orgone Biophysical Research Lab (OBRL)
in Ashland, Oregon, USA

Book Sale Ending Soon

* The Special Sale for my book Saharasia will end in about one week. This sale was announced a few weeks ago, and will end on October 31st. The $39 book is offered, internationally with few exceptions, for $12.95 plus shipping. To purchase at this low price, you must get it directly from our own on-line bookstore:
More information on the subject of the Saharasia discovery. and the book sale, is given here:

Seminars 2019

* A one-day Weekend Seminar will be offered next March in Germany. The exact date, location and subject are not yet fixed. I don’t get to Europe very often, and am willing to present material on the interests of those who would attend, be it on my Saharasia discovery, Bion experiments, the Orgone Accumulator, Orgone Physics, Cloudbusting, my new Water Research, or Reich’s (and my own) UFO observations and research on gravitation. This is a good opportunity for both newcomers and serious students of orgonomy. If you are interested to possibly attend, send me a short email marked "Germany Seminar", along with your primary subject interests.

* A two-day Seminar will be offered early next Summer. The seminar will be held at the OBRL facility near Ashland, Oregon, with lectures and demonstrations, and various opportunities for open discussions on aspect of both social and experimental physical orgonomy. The subject of the Seminar has not yet been fixed, nor has the date. Probably in late May or early June. To stay informed on this event, keep on this mailing list, and check the OBRL Events Page periodically:

* A one-day international Webinar round-table discussion may be offered for serious students of orgonomy, for those studying in the universities or similarly engaged in serious research. This would allow for open exchange of ideas on such things as how to navigate research projects on orgonomic subjects into the mainstream of science, difficulties encountered, and also for advice on specific points of research and methodology in orgonomic science. The event would take advantage of the new service offered by which is very easy to use for anyone with a computer having a microphone, videocam, and internet connection of sufficient speed. You can test your system here: If it works for you, and if interested, send me a separate email marked "Webinar".

Forthcoming Publications
to be announced in the near future

* One of my research articles recently cleared peer-review for publication in a mainstream science journal, and will soon become available for on-line viewing. This is a major 30+ page article summarizing many years of research, detailing changes in the spectroscopic properties of water charged up inside the orgone accumulator. It is a new discovery that provides substantial support for Wilhelm Reich’s orgonomic science. I’ll have another announcement on that in a few weeks. In the meantime, here is a YouTube lecture on this subject, with preliminary info:
"Anomalous Living Spectrographic Changes in Structured Water"

* New Book in the works, hopefully by the end of this year, or early next
The Dynamic Ether of Cosmic Space:
Correcting a Major Error in Modern Science
by James DeMeo

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ALSO: You can review a summary of my research record and other activities undertaken at OBRL over the years by reading our most recent fund-raising letter, here, still current excepting for new things in this update.

Please Support Orgonomic Science Research at the DeMeo Laboratory
Orgone Biophysical Research Lab – OBRL

Take a moment to consider making a donation to OBRL, which is a non-profit scientific research and educational foundation, approved by the IRS for tax deductions. This, and our book sales, is how my research is supported. To donate right away, please go here: You can select for a single donation, or a recurring donation of any amount, as you prefer, using any credit card (via the PayPal system). Written checks can also be sent to "OBRL" at the address below.

Thanks for your interest and support.

James DeMeo, PhD
Director, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab (OBRL)
Ashland, Oregon, USA
e-mail: demeo(at)mind(dot)net

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James DeMeo Podcast Interview on Saharasia, this Sunday Night

October 6, 2018

Podcast Interview with James DeMeo on Saharasia, this Sunday Night

Tomorrow, October 7th, Sunday at 9 PM to midnight, Pacific Time, Dr. James DeMeo will be hosted for an interview with Richard Hoagland, on his Saharasia discovery. The weblink for tuning in to the podcast, or getting it later on, is

Dr. DeMeo’s controversial research findings, requiring 7 years of investigation and field work on two continents, uncovered an early peaceful period in human pre-history, prior to c.4000-3500 BC. His findings show this peaceful condition ended with the onset of a major shift in climate at that same period in the 4th millennium, from wet to hyperarid conditions across what is today identified as the Saharasian Desert Belt – stretching across North Africa, the Middle East, and into Central Asia. This enormous desert, stretching more than half-way around the Earth, was once well-watered, with massive rivers and giant lakes, thick with wildlife, large and small. It also was the home to early hunter-gatherer and pastoral societies. That massive desert region is still with us today, and its shift from wet to dry was the largest climate change epoch to occur since the end of the last major Ice Age. This event of major desert-spreading fractured emerging human societies, leading to famine, starvation, abandonment of early settlements, and mass migrations, all of which are documented in Dr. DeMeo’s work. Out of this early disaster and chaos came the origins of organized and persisting, institutionalized social violence and warfare.

The Saharasian discovery also included the largest-ever global cross-cultural survey of ethnographic/anthropological data on human sexual and family life, the status of women, marriage customs, slavery, castes, organized religion and military structures, with the first global geographic maps of those data. The finding confirmed how serious infant and childhood trauma, with attending serious sexual repression, leads to social violence and war. And, the most violent cultures identified by relatively modern anthropology are still found within this same Saharasian Desert region.

Saharasia was the cradle out of which human violence firstly emerged in any large measure, which spread outwards over the millennia in mass-migrations and conquest invasions, to destroy peaceful and egalitarian societies around the world. Pre-Columbian ocean voyages figure into the transmission of violence from the Old World across the oceans and into the Americas. There is more, but you’ll have to read the explosive book on this important scientific discovery, and listen to the podcast. Dr. DeMeo’s findings were produced in the 1980s when he served as professor in the universities. It was subjected to rigorous peer-review, with a quadruple-blind analytical procedure, and published in scientific journals. However, his work also suffered an academic "black-out" due to its controversial and "politically incorrect" nature.

More information on Saharasia is found here:

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