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Memorial Day, a time to remember

May 31, 2021

Memorial Day, a time to remember. Mere survival without liberty is a shadow of living. Never lay down your freedoms voluntarily.

Most of the guys my father’s age
Are slow walking old men.
When they could run,
they absorbed grim knowledge.
Childhood had ended,
and across the ocean
a job was emerging,
requiring the tools of death
which only young men could master.
That slow walking old man on the golf course,
once sent the devil back to hell.
Once upon a time,
when he could run.
Dave Fava September, 2013

Cover of the New Book, forthcoming…

May 28, 2021

Cover of the New Book

A preliminary draft of the front cover of my new book, containing more information and detail than in the earlier article as widely circulated. Coming soon….

New Book Debunking Most Covid-19 Claims

May 26, 2021

New Book Debunking Most Covid-19 Claims

COVID-19: A Pandemic of Ignorance, Fear, Hysteria and "Official Truth" Lies
by James DeMeo, PhD

Message from James DeMeo:

For a long time, I worried that I was "…writing a book that will be obsolete by the time you publish because all this masking and virus hysteria will be over by then". However, every month that goes by, the hysteria and fanaticism of the lockdown-loonies gets worse. At least, here in Oregon and in the many Democrat-ruled states generally. California and Washington states are just as bad, though there is growing push-back against their fascist policies.

On the vaccine issue, which gets a lot of attention these recent months, I recently downloaded all the CDC VAERS files (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) going back to 1990. From them, a graphic was made of the numbers of vaccine deaths and adverse reactions for every year from 1990 onwards, into the first five months of 2021. The results are totally shocking. Here’s a preprint version that is one of many in the forthcoming new book:

The range of annual vaccine deaths from 1990 through 2020 remain relatively low at a few hundred. That includes the VAERS deaths from flu shots which have been given to around 160 million people every year for maybe ten years or so. Covid-19 vaccinations have been given, by contrast, to about half the American population, or ~150 million with over 4000 deaths from Jan to mid-May of 2021! That’s more than the deaths from the 911 terror attacks, and look at how the doctor-caused deaths are just ignored or rationalized, while the 911 deaths triggered a war and major changes in the USA.

Over 200,000 mild to severe adverse events also, where for prior years there were only about a tenth of that number, and we aren’t even half-way through 2021.

No way such data can be dismissed as merely due to larger numbers of vaccinations, which is a false claim made here and there. If that were so, and the Covid19 vaccines no worse than prior ones, then the death rates would mirror those of prior years, and they don’t. If the 2021 trend through May continues, by the year’s end we will have 10,000+ Covid19 vaccination deaths, more than doubling that red bar on the right-side of my graphic.

Will the conventional pro-Covid/Vax doctors take note of it by then? Probably not. Certainly not the Fauci-types, nor the politicians like Brown, Inslee, Cuomo or Newsome. They are true totalitarians. Power-drunk. Smiley-faced villains, just as Shakespeare noted "to smile, and be a villain, oh thou wretched smiling villain".

Of course VAERS data is voluntarily submitted, no laws requiring doctors to report such deaths or adverse reactions, and so what I report above is only some unknown percentage of the true number. Some suggest it reflects only 10% of the real deaths.

If you like getting the facts as reported above, then plan to purchase the new book when it becomes available. Get on our occasional newsletter email list for future updates, using this weblink:
My book should become available within a few weeks, with a pre-order and multiple-copy discount. It should also show up at Amazon, etc. Assuming they don’t censor it.

Thanks for your interest,
James DeMeo, PhD

JD an invited speaker at the Energy Science Technology Conference (ESTC) in Idaho on 10-11 July

May 10, 2021

JD an invited speaker at the Energy Science Technology Conference (ESTC) in Idaho on 10-11 July

Also on the home front: I’m an invited guest speaker at the forthcoming Energy Science Technology Conference (ESTC) in Idaho on 10-11 July of this year, 2021. The topic (preliminary) will be "The Wilhelm Reich Orgone Motor and the Power Of the Vacuum."

I’ll be presenting some interesting information not previously made public, although unlike some I make no claims to have solved WR’s "Y" factor or to provide a solution to the orgone motor. It is, however, an update on progress made, and how Reich’s ideas on the cosmic ether of space integrate well with the best evidence from science on the unusual properties of the "vacuum". He once famously declared, "There is no ‘vacuum’". The relevant subject of Townsend Brown’s Electrogravitics will also be discussed.

Many other interesting guest speakers will be there, and I always learn new things. This conference emphasizes new technology, and the presenters are the actual inventors and engineers, with an emphasis upon what works, and hence do not go around defending conventional theory. I find that refreshing.

You can sign up now or watch for announcements from the ESTC conference website: This will be a mask-optional event, with no organized social distancing, etc., in the Free State of Idaho! Tickets to this event are still available, but going fast.

James DeMeo, PhD

New Update on my CDC/Covid-Critical article

May 10, 2021

New Update on my CDC/Covid-Critical article

On the home front: I just posted an update on my CDC/Covid article, with added new information that overall supports all what was presented in the prior version. This new updated version will soon be made into a book, with a further bit of editing. It will nevertheless remain available as a free PDF download.

A Critical Review of CDC USA Data on Covid-19: PCR/Antigen Tests & Cases Reveal Herd Immunity Only, & Do Not Warrant Public Hysteria or Lockdowns

James DeMeo, PhD

57 leading scientists, doctors, and public policy experts call for IMMEDIATE HALT to Covid vaccine programs

May 8, 2021

57 leading scientists, doctors, and public policy experts call for IMMEDIATE HALT to Covid vaccine programs

The CDC Fix is In

May 7, 2021

The CDC Fix is In – PDF download link:
"Respiratory specimen for SARS-CoV-2 sequencing – Specimen selection. Clinical specimens for sequencing should have an RT-PCR Ct value ¾28. If a Ct value is not available, specimens that are positive for SARS-CoV-2 RNA or antigen by another testing modality may be sent."

Allow me to translate: "Ct" is the "cycle threshold by which PCR "test" machines are set, a kind of "sensitivity" selector. Set it high and LOTS of people "test positive". Set it low and few or no people "test positive".
Today, too many vaccinated folk are showing up PCR positive for Covid-19, even if they never did before. This indicates the vaccines do little or nothing to grant immunity.

The CDC Solution?

Reduce the cycle threshold for the PCR machines, but ONLY for the vaccinated ubermensch, which insures a very low rate of positivity. You untermensch filthy running dog counter-revolutionaries who dare refuse the vaccines will continue to be PCR tested with high CT’s, of 35-40, insuring an artificially inflated high level of positivity – up to 100% of those tested, as has been documented here previously.

Do you know how to spell FRAUD?

hat-tip to Mr. OneGoodSong for sharing.

The Incredible Vanishing Influenza

May 6, 2021

The Incredible Vanishing Influenza

Note the above image from a CDC propaganda video, the physician cartoon is "super-medical-man", a fairy-tale image for the weak minded. He lectures you, as if he was the adult, and you are the child.

BRILLIANT: Florida will fine any business or school $5000 each time it requires a “vaccine passport” or proof of COVID-19 vaccination

May 5, 2021

BRILLIANT: Florida will fine any business or school $5,000 each time it requires a “vaccine passport” or proof of COVID-19 vaccination

Another big DeSantis Hurrah and congratulations to the citizens of the Free State of Florida.


Info Links: Recent Articles of Importance

May 5, 2021

Info Links

Recent Articles of Importance, a short sampler of items censored from the mainstream Leftist media. 5 May 2021

Open Republican states Texas & Florida reporting fewer Covid cases than closed Democrat-led states New York & Michigan

Meta-Analysis of 65 Studies Reveals Face Masks Induce Mask-Induced Exhaustion Syndrome (MIES)

Medical Police State Alert: Dr. Mercola getting death threats and chronic attacks, disruptions, for daring to champion non-conventional health care

A quick lesson on epidemic plagues, comparing Covid to prior pandemics:

Gov. Desantis of the Free State of Florida announces a state-wide end to all state. county or city regulations ordering lockdown, masking or anti-social distancing!

Movie describing censorship of anti-lockdown dissenting physicians is censored:

Key Similarities Between Lenin’s Red Terror and America’s Woke Culture Reveal Left’s Blueprint For Complete Takeover:

Civil War Threatens in France (and elsewhere ), from the uninterrupted post-911 Islamic invasions. The Saharasian-type of Islamic invasions were not ended by Covid.

“The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it.”
– George Orwell