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A Critical Review of CDC USA data on Covid-19

January 16, 2021

A Critical Review of CDC USA data on Covid-19:

PCR/Antigen Tests & Cases Reveal Herd Immunity Only and Do Not Warrant Public Hysteria or Lockdowns

by James DeMeo, PhD

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Latest Update: 23 January 2021

“What is the hardest thing of all?
That which seems the easiest.
For your eyes to see,
that which lies before your eyes.”
– Goethe



Basic Data on USA Annual Human Mortality

USA Covid-19 and All-Cause Death Counts by Age Group

Covid-19 Death Data Inconsistencies Identified by Genevieve Briand

Seasonality of Covid-19 Data, and the Absence of Lockdown Benefits

Reviewing the “PCR/Antigen Confirmed” USA Covid-19 Data

Analysis of the Death/Case Ratios

Overlap & Possible Dual-Classification or Re-Classification of 2020’s Influenza & Pneumonia into the Covid-19 Category

Electron Microscope Image Errors?

The Fallacy of PCR/Antigen Testing “Accuracy”

Alarmist Reporting on Death Counts

Problems in Medical Diagnosis, & Suppression of Dissent

Banned and Slandered, but Effective Remedies

Changing Definitions of a Disease “Case”

“Evidence-Based Medicine” Often Ignores the Evidence

POSTSCRIPT: 7 January 2021 CDC/NCHS Data Gymnastics in the Last Week of 2020

Conclusions & Recommendations




Basic annual all-cause deaths data, when reviewed in light of a claimed Covid-19 pandemic and decadal expectations from annual increases in population growth, revealed no overall surge in USA deaths for 2020. Age-specific analysis also failed to confirm any significant increase in Covid-19 deaths among populations of high-risk elderly 65+ years as compared to all-cause deaths within the same demographic. The Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) “daily confirmed-case and confirmed-deaths” data on Covid-19 were also reviewed as plotted together on the same ordinate scale, along the vertical axis, revealing a less frightening perspective of daily confirmed death numbers from the claimed “pandemic” than is usually reported on “official science” and media websites with graphical and numerical exaggerations. Daily death/case ratios failed to affirm any significant growth or spread of an expected deadly viral pandemic, except for the initial period of March-April 2020, which quickly subsided. These direct reviews of the official CDC data, formulated within the existing paradigm of a claimed deadly SARS-CoV-2 virus and Covid-19 disease, expose multiple contradictions to basic causality and logic. Problems in PCR/antigen tests and electron-microscopy for specific identification of SARS-CoV-2 are exposed, indicating cross-reactivity and confusions with other corona viruses and their DNA/RNA fragments, along with antibodies to them. The claimed Covid-19 tests thereby do not appear specific to the living SARS-CoV-2 virus, which is why lab-confirmed cases among asymptomatic people have soared to dramatically high numbers, while lab-confirmed deaths have not. Other contradictions in CDC data were identified, and can best be understood as deaths from ordinary seasonal respiratory disorders such as influenza or pneumonia being inappropriately reclassified as Covid-19. Soaring “case” numbers therefore would reflect herd immunity only, possibly as early as May of 2020. These conclusions are not confined to the USA data, but appear global.

Full Paper Download:

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The Chinese Communist Party’s Global Lockdown Fraud

January 13, 2021

Email from a Friend of OBRL:

The following open letter, written by a couple of attorneys and others, is maybe the best Covid-hoax dot-connector yet. Its long, but thorough, and sort of serves as a Covid-hoax flow chart.

I wanted to make a comment about it, since it supports a contention that I’ve been shy about stating publicly, though I have mentioned it privately as well as to another e-group I work with.

In any genuinely totalitarian society, the press is completely controlled such that nothing gets into or out of the country unless the leadership wants it to get in or out, nor does anything that happens within the country go unnoticed, certainly not for long.

For example, there is the “good news post lockdown” Covid study from China that Nature published last November (see link at bottom). You can be sure that if someone did a study of ten million people in one city, where phone apps and extensive amounts of private information were involved, there is no way that this was not completely overseen by the Chinese Communist Party.

This goes for bad news too. When the “bad news” got out of Wuhan about a terrible new viral infection, while you’d think the CCP wouldn’t want that info to get out because it would make China look bad, the fact that it did get out suggests that they wanted it to get out (if they didn’t make it up in the first place).

Couple all this with the details of the study. Despite the two scientific bombshells in it, namely, that after testing nearly ten million people, they found “no asymptomatic spread of Covid” and “no viable virus in people with a positive test result”; and the social bombshell of nearly 100% compliance among nearly 10 million adults in one city (impressive! but then, the repercussions for not complying in a Communist society can be messy); and the medical bombshell that from 14May – 1June, an entire city of nearly 11 million people went 18 days without one person having respiratory symptoms (where on the planet has that ever happened, especially in one of the most polluted cities in the world); despite all of this, world leadership felt it was reasonable to believe that China’s nearly three month lockdown was 100% successful. Even Neil Ferguson, the highly influential epidemiologist out of the Imperial College in London, whose completely wrong predictions about Covid (and earlier, H5N1 and Mad Cow Disease) got the Covid ball rolling, admitted this was part of what inspired everybody else on the planet to follow suit, to follow the lead of the CCP.

You see where I’m going with this. Deadly outbreak in Wuhan China, two and a half month lockdown, 10 million people tested, zero deaths or evidence of transmission, 100% lockdown success. Nearly everybody in the world emulates it. But strangely, only China gets results (and 100% results at that).

How does the West interpret this? That we got duped? No. Its that we are insufficiently compliant with lockdowns, masking and distancing, and that if we only lockdown harder and destroy even more small businesses, families and relationships, accelerate the death of seniors, instill sufficient fear and future compliance in children and generate sufficient frustration and anxiety in everybody else, we can get the same results as Communist China.

Am I crazy? Did the CCP really plan this out as a way to convince the rest of the world to destroy their economies, their societies and their cultures? And because of our society’s over-the-top fear of viruses and uncritical willingness to accept the doomsday proclamations of a virus-hungry vaccine industry, (CCP-influenced) government leaders and (CCP-influenced) public health officials, they complied? Is there a better example of divide and (approaching) conquer?

I always think of that pithy statement: The Nazis will kill you for their own good; the Communists will kill you for your own good. (Or convince you to kill yourself.)

These attorneys seem to agree and, in essence, are making the same argument:

The Chinese Communist Party’s Global Lockdown Fraud – Request for expedited federal investigation into scientific fraud in COVID-19 public health policies
10 January 2021

To: Federal Bureau of Investigation 935 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, D.C. 20535

CC: U.K. Security Service (MI5); Australian Security Intelligence Organisation; Canadian Security Intelligence Service; Bundesnachrichtendienst; U.S. Department of Justice

From: Michael P. Senger, Attorney Stacey A. Rudin, Attorney Dr. Clare Craig, FRCPath Retired Brig. Gen. Robert Spalding Randy Hillier, MPP Lanark, Frontenac & Kingston Francis Hoar, Barrister at Law, Sanjeev Sabhlok, PhD Brian O’Shea, Maajid Nawaz, Simon Dolan

First sentence:
“We are writing this letter to request that a federal investigation be commenced and/or expedited regarding the scientific debate on major policy decisions during the COVID-19 crisis. In the course of our work, we have identified issues of a potentially criminal nature and believe this investigation necessary to ensure the interests of the public have been properly represented by those promoting certain pandemic policies.”

Last sentence:
“Given the gravity of the decisions being made, we cannot ignore the possibility that the entire ‘science’ of COVID-19 lockdowns has been a fraud of unprecedented proportion, deliberately promulgated by the Chinese Communist Party and its collaborators to impoverish the nations who implemented it.”

Thomas DiFerdinando
President, Rethinking AIDS / Unmasking Covid and AIDS

PS. Here is the extraordinary Chinese post-lockdown study I mentioned:

Post-lockdown SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acid screening in nearly ten million residents of Wuhan, China
Published: 20 November 2020


Update: After I had written and made available to other networks the letter posted above, I found out that investigative journalist Jon Rappoport was way ahead of the curve, having published back in April 2020 a piece called, COVID: The Chinese regime, Sun Tzu and The Art of War

In it, Rappoport makes the argument I was making, but in a much better developed (and entertaining) format. Coupled with the extremely thorough attorney/FBI letter link also posted here, it serves as another block of evidence that the Chinese Communist Pary played a major role in initiating the brutally destructive global lockdown fraud.

When I spoke with Rappoport about his article, I told him I was impressed with his unapologetic approach, while I’d been wondering since November, “Am I crazy? Should I say anything?” He said, “When I started reading Sun Tzu quotes, it felt like I was reading contemporary intelligence-agency memos”.

I’ll let you know if I find more people who have stumbled upon or have more evidence of this shocking, eye-opening relationship between the global lockdown madness and the CCP.

Tom D.

COVID: The Chinese regime, Sun Tzu and The Art of War, by Jon Rappoport, April 14, 2020

The Insurrection Lie, with Timeline on the Trump Speech and Capitol Riots.

January 13, 2021

More proof. The Democrats floated the third effort at impeachement, the second successful one, based upon yet another Big Lie.

History will record this as the product of deranged Oedipal hatred and jealousy of an alpha male with power and a beautiful wife, by an army of frustrated betas.


If you haven’t already, remove the Google tyrants as your search engine.

January 13, 2021

BREAKING: YouTube SUSPENDS Trump’s Account for 7 Days Minimum, Removes Videos, Disables Comments Indefinitely

If you haven’t already, remove the Google tyrants as your search engine. I can say for sure, they censor anything of truth or fact on either the election fraud, the Biden crime family, Chinese Communist atrocities, and also accurate info on pioneering physicians who disagree with the “official truth” of Covid19 hysteria. So they are not very good for searching out truth and fact. Do a search on them, even if you search for “facts on Biden crimes” or “Election fraud summary”, or “alternative treatments for Covid19”, you will get several screens of purely leftist denial about all those things. Also don’t use the spyware Google Chrome unless absolutely necessary. They are manufacturing “social credit scores” by virtue of tracking you to see what you look at or connect with. A better alternative is which does indeed give more accurate searches for things going against the “official truth” of Big Brother totalitarians. Many other things you can do to thwart Big Brother, notably to keep your damned cell phone off and in airplane mode, except for when you want to call out. You can then check messages, briefly, and spare yourself the toxicity of low-level microwaves as well. And NEVER give any of these internet billionaire tyrants any money. Use their free services only, or find alternatives. Best news a few days ago is how Twitter’s stock prices are going down like a rock, because of the tens of thousands of people who are leaving them every day. The alternative which boasts of free speech and no tracking jumped up by 600,000 new customers in one day, with similar increases as time goes on. Censor the totalitarian censors from your daily life.

BREAKING: YouTube SUSPENDS Trump’s Account for 7 Days Minimum, Removes Videos, Disables Comments Indefinitely

Watch: Morano on Fox & Friends on Bill Gates private jet – also COVID lockdown hypocrisy – also, death threats & ‘no-fly list’ for those who dare to question Big Brother! With a really big thanks to Communist China for warm-hearted inspirations to our lovely American leftists!

January 12, 2021

You really didn’t think the Stalinist Left would be content to merely censor and “punish with retribution” (a popular phrase on the Left) the central supporters of Trump, or just Trump himself? Did you really? No, they will go after anyone who is “non-conforming” to the “official truths” (lies) the CCP Big Brother Government demands you to embrace. That includes you “dirty haters, irredeemable deplorables” who don’t believe the “official truth” of “climate change” which at one time was called the “CO2 theory of global warming”. Theory No More! “Climate change” is liberated from any fact-based foundation, and so can mean whatever you want! Ain’t “sience” wunderful? Review the posting here: This may be a “bad boy” weblink, so if it is not active, cut and paste into your browser.

The Chinese Communist Party fabricated the entire Covid19 pandemic

January 12, 2021

The Chinese Communist Party fabricated the entire Covid19 pandemic, as a means to elicit Western tyrants to initiate economically and socially destructive Lockdowns. Surprised? You shouldn’t be.

Important and intelligent account of the current situation

January 12, 2021

Important and intelligent account of the current situation.

Trying to keep a sense of humor in deadly times.

January 11, 2021

Trying to keep a sense of humor in deadly times.

Trump did not incite anyone to violence. I listened to the speech, and the claims that he did incite are wishful thinking and big lies. Now occasionally he is insightful, but for some reason the Left confuses the two words, as their brains are so preoccupied about how best to get Trumps head on a pike.
Whomever rioted at the Capitol was a mix of the insane and feeble-minded, violent right-wingers, and violent left-wingers pretending to be violent right-wingers. I’ve already posted on this.

But just for fun, here’s a powerful delivery on that subject by a strong Republican woman, who properly invokes Orwell, who figured out these social patterns many decades ago.
She is also banned and burned by the Left billionaire teckies, and is also frequently banned by her Fox News hosts.

Freedom of speech is taking a beating, and has become a parriah. Of course, in the universities freedom of speech was banned and burned starting years ago, during the Obama years. The Censorship Pandemic has a long history.

After being shadow-banned on FB and Twitter for several years, for daring to challenge the Democrat Party narrative of "Orange Man Bad", and that Covid19 wasn’t what it was claimed to be, with all the totalitarian posturing I figured I’d be totally blacklisted in the near future. So yesterday I set up new accounts on and Before doing so, I looked around for Nazis and Klansmen hiding in the corners, but didn’t find any and so felt it was safe.

It was outrageous how FB, Twitter, Google, PaPal, YouTube, Visa, Mozilla and others were calling for Trump’s head on a pike, along with all his central supporters, and throwing him and his supporters off their platforms, so as to silence them totally. Also outrageous how everyone in the Democrat Party "who mattered", notably AOC, Pelosi, Schumer, Lincoln Project and so on, were calling for "punishment" and "retribution" against Trump supporters. Trump, members of congress, and maybe a hundred of low-ranking Republican bloggers and podcasters were also deplatformed. So I felt it was good to have a back up.

Silly me, within a few hours, both these platforms, which were gaining around 200,000 new subscribers per day due to the totalitarian censorship of the Left-Billionaires, were collapsing. Visa and PayPal cut them off from accepting payments. Amazon’s web servers cut them off so their websites went dead. Google erased them from searches. YouTube erased all their video links. Twitter and FB deleted their accounts. And from there it spread out to all kinds of groups and people. Millions were affected. The owner of Mozilla which produces Firefox browser, went on a rant from his bunker in North Korea (joke), but he sounded like one of the Kim Jungs, again wanting Trumps head on a pike.

Millions were just defenestrated in what is best described as a Communist Purge of the counter-revolutionaries. (Where is Stalin when you need him?) If you don’t know about what happened in the last couple of days on this matter of broad and deep censorship, then your news sources have been… well, censored. They censor materials you are a ‘bad person’ for sharing, and then censor information about the censorship. Neat. Pass the Soma and Lotus please.

Of course natural healing methods have been getting kicked in the teeth by these same bastards for decades – always more enthusiastically by the Democrats than the Republicans, by my estimation. I believe that’s because more Democrats are eating prozac and luvox in higher proportions than Republicans, who eat Bibles laced with gunpowder – not really.,,, you name it, all are fairly routinely banished from anti-social media. Right along with Alex Jones and InfoWars. How did that essay go "First they came for InfoWars, but I didn’t care about him. Then they came for…" And now anyone with an opinion that matters is in deep doo doo.

My own was at one time near the top of "orgonomy" web searches. No more. Wikipedia also makes sure none of my research enters on their "Reich" or "orgone" pages. And I learned if you dare post something critical of Covid19 on FB, Twit or Yout, then you just might get a visit from the coppers (in Europe for sure, maybe by February in the USA).

Oh, yeah, some "Republicans" also want punishment and retribution — and I don’t reference some new kinky sex thing. But are they really Republicans? Nope. Lincoln Project pretenders. But at least one of their founding fathers does have kinky sex with boys on the mind, when not preoccupied on how to best put Trump’s head on a pike.

I’ve often pondered how liberals appear to have more sex with more people but with less love and gratification, while conservatives have less sex with fewer people, but with more love and gratification. That seems to explain a lot, as does Freud’s old identification of the Oedipal conflict — pure boiling hatred against the "bad orange man" father figure.

Breathe deep! Before the new shallow-breathing Covid restrictions set in.


Communist Style Retribution is Coming.

January 9, 2021

Communist Style Retribution is Coming.

Happy Deep State New World Order Chi-Com Great Reset!

January 1, 2021

Happy Deep State New World Order Chi-Com Great Reset!

You are now officially a happy pawn whose worthless life, liberty and pursuit of happiness has been cancelled by totalitarian better-than-you Democrats.

Meanwhile, watch Comrade deBlasio and wife do a happy dance where you worthless pawns are forbidden.

Elite Lives Matter.

Smile broadly, Be Happy. The Worst is Yet to Come!