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My latest article, in

March 26, 2021

My latest article, in

Here’s my latest article, in It is a short summary of my longer paper on the same subject.

Covid-19 Data Review: Cases Do Not Warrant Public Hysteria or Lockdowns

In the last part, I unleash Hell upon the top ranks, and "sitting quietly" parts of the medical profession, comparing with accuracy what’s going on and in the top-rank plans, to what happened in Nazi Germany. I decided to write more bluntly there, after so many months of growing alarm at the intensity of hatred and dictatorial impulses exuding from the top ranks of politics, media and the medical profession, and knowing the historical parallels. Some of that history is also presented in an interview with health-reformer and holocaust survivor Vera Sharav. She is today raising a similar alarm about the medical profession’s fanaticism, errors, and too-quietly or vainglorious happy "going along" with the lockdown fanaticism and demonization of those refusing the vaccines. She may not even know some of the things that I do, such as what author Friedlander reported more than 20 years back (mentioned in my greenmedinfo article), and so I pull no punches.

And finally, I would highly recommend to view this video interview with
award-winning virologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, living in the masked-lockdowners paradise of Germany, who is absolutely correct on his elucidation of the "old immunology". Unlike our ignorant vaccine-pushers (Fauci et al) who claim without evidence that herd immunity is impossible without vaccines, Bhakdi reminds us about antibodies and predator leukocytes in health and disease, just as as I learned and for a short time taught to undergrad pre-med students in the university.

If you read my research article, then you’ll know I estimate herd immunity was achieved in the USA probably around mid-year of 2020. So much distortion, ignorance and lying has covered up those facts.

Best to all,

OBRL Seminar Videos now On-Line at Vimeo

March 15, 2021

OBRL Seminar Videos now On-Line at Vimeo

Over summer and fall of 2020, I created a new account on, to present the OBRL – Orgone Biophysical Research Lab’s Video Archive. Into that on-line Archive are now transferred our first batch of original videos, from a 2015 Seminar hosted by OBRL, and held at Southern Oregon University. These were digitally transferred into edited renditions that are now available for viewing at Vimeo. The 2015 Seminar videos present 8 different approximately one-hour lectures by myself and by Tom DiFerdinando, another long-time worker in orgonomy.

The portal-entry weblink to this new Vimeo OBRL Video Archive can be found here:

In these newly-released seminar videos are presented basic historical details of Reich’s work, expanding on relevant new research which has supported or exactly verified his scientific findings. New connections and insights abound, and are presented in ordinary language for both the serious professional, as well as educated layperson.

Mr. DiFerdinando’s three lectures on "Connecting the Blue Dots" are fascinating materials, revealing Reich’s discovery of the blue orgone energy as a common functioning principle across the realms of biology, atmosphere and astronomy.

In my own lectures, included are some previously-unpublished materials, specifically my efforts to capture orgone energy motions, of flimmering, streaming motions and orgone units, as observed in the OBRL Orgone Darkroom, and in the open atmosphere. Those and a few other things are only now being made public, and are mixed into the videos in discussions on Reich’s history and discoveries. My better-known experimental papers verifying Reich’s orgonomic science are also discussed, and of course, the orgone accumulator, Saharasia and my cloudbusting work in Africa and Israel, are likewise presented. The videos should be of great interest for both newbies to orgonomy, as well as to the the "old hands".

We never had a professional videographer to operate the cameras in the most optimal manner, nor were our video cameras always the "best, most up to date" technology — the originals in the OBRL Archive are a mix of original u-matic, BetacamSP, VHS, Hi-8, Digital8, and more recently 1080p video. The older formats have been digitally upgraded and edited on Mac Final Cut Studio Pro software, with higher-quality still images, or sub-movies, added in to match the lecturer’s video slides.

There is a small charge to access the seminar videos, about $50 for all 8 seminar videos (the original cost was much higher plus your hotel, food and transport). These can now be viewed by on-line streaming at the Vimeo website, but not downloaded so as to preserve our copyrights. One can pay to view any or all the videos over a 30-day period, or view them separately, one at a time for a lesser fee, within a 48-hour window.

There also are some open-access items for free viewing, including an introductory trailer for the OBRL Archive. All payments go to the non-profit Orgone Biophysical Research Lab, towards covering the considerable costs of making and the Vimeo-hosting of these videos, with any excess funds going towards the on-going OBRL research.

I plan to add additional lecture videos of orgonomically-topical lectures by myself and others who came and lectured at OBRL over the years, as well as some unique items donated to OBRL.

To view the paid-for videos, you must make a free account with Vimeo (email and password is required to start), and there also is a "receive updates" weblink to sign up for email notifications of later additions to the OBRL Archive. They can also be viewed on iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast.

Please let me know if you have any difficulty viewing either the free or paid-for videos, which I found worked best on faster computers with the most updated browsers and of course a reasonably good internet bandwidth. You can experiment with the free items to see how well the paid ones would perform on your system.

After 50+ years of work in social, historical and experimental orgonomy, there is quite a lot to share with the younger generations, who basically know more of the distortions and slanders about Wilhelm Reich and orgonomy, than the enduring truths.

Please bookmark, and share this email and the URL link within your own circles of contacts.

Thanks much, and best wishes,

James DeMeo

Two items of interest on the public health

March 2, 2021

Two items of interest on the public health

Here are titles and links to two items of interest to the public health.


1) Mr. Thomas DiFerdinando wrote an astute analysis of the current situation of widespread Covid hysteria, which is destroying our health, democratic institutions and social structure. Very worthwhile to read.

A (tardy) New Year’s Message from the President of RA/UCA

2) You will all know from prior posts about my research paper: "A Critical Review of CDC USA Data on Covid-19: PCR/Antigen Tests & Cases Reveal Herd Immunity Only, & Do Not Warrant Public Hysteria or Lockdowns."

This article, which is available for open sharing and free distribution, has been downloaded and reviewed approximately 21,000 times, since firstly made public in mid-January. There is a major update of that article from 9 February that supplants the older file, containing a lot of new information on the death-toll due to lockdowns alone. By my preliminary calculations, there were more deaths from lockdowns than are attributed to Covid-19 itself, perhaps over 600,000 for 2020 alone.

To help document my conclusions on that issue, I also created a Supplementary Information paper that lists (with weblinks) more than 30 different science papers, or news articles about scientific studies from around the world, documenting this point, of dramatically increased deaths due to lockdowns, forced masking, and economic ruin.

When viewed in more detail, these increased deaths have a multiplicity of reasons. Many are due to delayed treatments for other existing diseases, notably increases in the two biggest killers, of heart disease and cancers. Legitimate fear of going to hospitals also plays into this, as well as how conventional medicine greets people, like space aliens in full haz-mat suits, delaying emergency care and needlessly scaring people into a panic. Hospital staff are also prone to quickly putting people on deadly ventilators, and have significant financial incentives for doing so. These have their own morbidity and mortality, beyond merely the considerable psyche-somatic emotional wrecking-ball effects. Increases in "deaths due to despair" are also soaring, which includes suicides, drug addiction and overdoses, and general social and emotional misery from isolation, hopelessness, and similar things that are well known to create death tolls that rise and fall in direct proportion to unemployment figures. References on this are included in my original 9 February research paper above, as well as in the Supplement, below.

It is notable that, to my knowledge, nobody in the CDC or the WHO, much less conventional physicians organizations, or the bureaucrat Hoodlums In Government (Wilhelm Reich’s attackers, whom he called the "HIG") with their unconstitutional dictates for massively brutal lockdowns by police enforcement, are concerned about those deaths. Nobody is tracking them. Few mention them. Those people don’t matter, apparently, even if they may account for 100% of those deaths being mis-attributed to "Covid-19". The issue of 2020s "vanishing influenza" most clearly is explained by this sleight-of-hand anti-science, and is addressed in my original paper with an important added note in the Supplement. The added problems of massive errors in the PCR/antigen tests, and the high levels of comorbidity in those who perish from claimed Covid-19 (about 2.6 comorbidities per death) figure into this pattern, of what increasingly appears to me as the largest iatrogenic disaster in human history.

"First Do No Harm" appears largely abandoned today, at least by those who follow "convention" even if "convention" puts many of their patients into the grave. That’s the "old epidemiology", the "old medicine" which was conveniently discarded by the WHO and CDC starting around December 2019.

Anyhow, this file, Supplementary Information: A Critical Review of CDC USA Data on Covid-19, can be downloaded from here:
It also carries weblinks to the original article, if you did not get the update from 9 February.

And again, you can share these weblinks with anyone you think should know about the documents they point to.

Thanks for your attention.

James DeMeo, PhD