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Global Hurricane Activity at Historical Low

June 27, 2011

Not exactly what the CO2 theory of global warming was predicting…. there’s more CO2 in the atmosphere today than anytime since the start of the Industrial Revolution, but temperatures are still chilly in many places where summer warmth should have arrived in full measure by now. The up side is, fewer hurricanes and milder summers in most places. The downside will be, longer and colder winters with more snow. Prepare accordingly.

Maue (2011) Recent historically low global tropical cyclone activity:

In his new paper, "Recent historically low global tropical cyclone activity", Dr. Ryan Maue, a meteorologist from Florida State University, examined the last 40-years of global hurricane records and found strikingly large variability in both tropical cyclone frequency and energy from year-to-year. Since 2007, global tropical cyclone activity has decreased dramatically and has continued at near-historical low levels. Indeed, only 64 tropical cyclones were observed globally in the 12-months from June 2010 – May 2011, nearly 23-storms below average obliterating the previous record low set in 1977.

Go to the above weblink for further details.

Meanwhile, very few sunspots at this time in the cycle when we should have a whole lot more. Predictions for the c.2012 sunspot maximum of the current Solar Cycle are about half what occurred at the c.2000 peak of the last cycle.

An old weatherman’s observation dating to before the era of weather satellites is worthwhile to mention:

Storms on the Sun, Storms on the Earth

Outrageous New Smears Against Wilhelm Reich

June 26, 2011

Brit Author to Educate the Unwashed Peasants in New York City on June 27-28.

There is a new collection of smear-attacks against Wilhelm Reich, targeting his life, loves, biography, and experimental work, across the board, and using the worst of emotional plague tactics one could imagine. Outright lies, lies of omission, sexual slander, you name it.

These assaults came to my attention in a recent book-review article in the on-line version of the Wall Street Journal, "Thinking Inside the Box: Why some of America’s most prominent minds fell for the wildly eccentric ideas of Wilhelm Reich", by one Henry Allen. The article reviews the book "Adventures in the Orgasmatron: How the Sexual Revolution Came to America" by Christopher Turner
The Allen article dutifully reports on what’s in the Turner book, as do the other reviews I mention below. That web-article allows for reader comments, and I left one (#30) in the manner of a personal professional testimonial. I’d encourage everyone else who knows Reich’s biography to also leave comments, after reading it.

I hesitate to even mention this review and the book, not wishing to draw attention to it. But the book and additional reviews repeating its nasty smears and lies are cropping up (like mushrooms on horse manure) across internet and in print-media. The Google search engine showed 30,000 links for the phrase "Adventures in the Orgasmatron" yesterday, but nearly 80,000 links today. A few days back, the "Orgasmatron" book was ranked at around 200,000 in the Amazon selling list. This AM it was at 123,000, and this PM it is now at 57,000.

This phenomenal growth has come from additional smear-article "reviews" which just appeared today in the print edition of the San Francisco Chronicle, and also on, a popular news-commentary website.

The SF Chronicle "review" by one Michael Washburn is currently only in their print-paper edition, but will appear in their on-line edition on Tuesday, here:
From friends who have read the "review" it is pure smut, sexual slander and worse, all rolled into one ugly mud-merde-ball.

The item by one Peter Kramer is already available:
"The Great Proselytizer of Orgasm: A new book explores the highly peculiar legacy of Wilhelm Reich."
This one also contains the same smut and salacious sexual slander.

You can also leave comments on most all of these websites.

Christoper Turner, author of the Orgasmatron book and lead comedian for this troop of vicious clowns, is scheduled to come to New York City in the next day or two, flying over from his UK homeland to give public lectures among the American natives, to "educate" the unwashed peasants about his new slanders of WR. His sponsors have even advertised the events, hoping it will bring them fame and glory as well. So I hope everyone living in the NYC area who has a good feeling for Reich’s work, who has benefited from Reich’s discoveries either as professional or layperson, will go to these events and give Mr. Turner a nice warm welcome. Let him know, openly and with full voice, just what you think of his new book! Certainly he does not hold back on creative self-expression, so the favor ought to be returned.

If I didn’t live on the West Coast, I would go myself.

Details are here:

Monday, June 27, 7:00 PM

The Half King, bar and restaurant

505 W. 23rd St.

New York, NY 10011

Book launch for Christopher Turner’s Adventures in the Orgasmatron

Tuesday, June 28, 7-9 pm

300 Nevins Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Please send your reports about these events, and/or photos, to OBRL for follow-up.

I will have more to say on this matter in the following weeks, as it does not appear to be going away anytime soon.


Recent Noteworthy Articles

June 26, 2011

Construct your world-view on a solid foundation, not on wishful fantasy or the deceit of others.
Geert Wilders Acquitted of "Hate Speech" against Islam
Norway: ALL Rapes In Past 5 Years Committed By (Muslims) "Non-Western" Immigrants
Police Report: All Assault Rapists in Oslo Follow Muhammad The Incredible Disappearing Syrian Lesbian Bloggers
Disappearing Daughters: The War Against Girls
In Asia, The Perils Of Aborting Girls And Keeping Boys
Spencer: Islamic Sharia Law is Not Benign
NASA CO2-Hysteria Global Warming Scientist Accused of Using Celeb Status Among Environmental Groups to Enrich Himself
Delta Airlines Caves to Saudi "No Jews Allowed" Policy (will also ban non-Muslim religious books and symbols, women must be veiled, no pork, etc.), First Sharia-Compliant US Airline
FAA investigation demanded of Delta-Saudi ‘no-Jew’ deal
Not just Delta, unfortunately.
Citified Urban Dwellers More Likely to be Crazy than Rural Folk
CAIR, Largest USA Pro-Jihad Islamic Terror-Supporting Organization, Loses Tax-Exempt Status
Manipulating the US Vote: Soros and left-wing groups seeking top election posts in battleground states

New Articles & Book of Interest

June 20, 2011

For those following the ether-drift experiments, or the anomalies in the behavior of pendulums as during solar or lunar eclipses, there is a new book available presenting important new information.

Should the Laws of Gravitation Be Reconsidered?

The Scientific Legacy of Maurice Allais.

Edited by Héctor A. Múnera

Papers include experimental works and discussions on various ether-drift experiments, including that of Dayton Miller, along with papers by Allais and others on anomalous variations in the behavior of paraconical and stationary pendula. Other physical anomalies are detailed, such as within fiber-optic and radio-frequency interferometry, and other subjects not give the attention they deserve with mainstream scientific circles, though most all of the contributors are classically-trained natural scientists, professors and so forth. At nearly 450 pages with 33 separate contributions by nearly as many professional natural scientists (including one by yours truly), this work is one of the most powerful validating statements for the existence of physical anomalies demanding the existence of a cosmic ether in space, as has yet been produced.

A full description and Table of Contents is given here:

Available from here:

The relevance to the work of Wilhelm Reich should be obvious here, given the similarities between the cosmic ether of space and the orgone energy. While not exactingly identical, modern physics will have to return to some kind of older principle of energy-in-space before it could move towards an idea like the cosmic orgone (albeit the orgone energy also has living qualities not currently recognized in the context of any “dead” ether).


Climate-Warming Crooks Fudge Sea-Level Data

June 18, 2011

"Figures can lie, and Liars can figure"
– farmer’s saying

Changing Tides: Research Center Under Fire for ‘Adjusted’ Sea-Level Data

Is climate change raising sea levels, as Al Gore has argued — or are climate scientists doctoring the data?

The University of Colorado’s Sea Level Research Group decided in May to add 0.3 millimeters — or about the thickness of a fingernail — every year to its actual measurements of sea levels, sparking criticism from experts who called it an attempt to exaggerate the effects of global warming.

"Gatekeepers of our sea level data are manufacturing a fictitious sea level rise that is not occurring," said James M. Taylor, a lawyer who focuses on environmental issues for the Heartland Institute.

Steve Nerem, the director of the widely relied-upon research center, told that his group added the 0.3 millimeters per year to the actual sea level measurements because land masses, still rebounding from the ice age, are rising and increasing the amount of water that oceans can hold.

"We have to account for the fact that the ocean basins are actually getting slightly bigger… water volume is expanding," he said, a phenomenon they call glacial isostatic adjustment (GIA).

Taylor calls it tomfoolery.

"There really is no reason to do this other than to advance a political agenda," he said.

Climate scientist John Christy, a professor at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, said that the amount of water in the ocean and sea level were two different things.

"To me sea level rise is what’s measured against the actual coast," he told "That’s what tells us the impact of rising oceans."

Taylor agreed.

"Many global warming alarmists say that vast stretches of coastline are going to be swallowed up by the sea. Well, that means we should be talking about sea level, not about global water volume."

Read more at the original weblink, above

Meanwhile, this new revelation comes, as the Sun continues to produce only a small number of sunspots compared to what we typically observe at this time of the cycle.
Sun’s Fading Spots Signal Big Drop in Solar Activity
Earth facing a mini-Ice Age ‘within ten years’ due to rare drop in sunspot activity

Interesting New Science

June 13, 2011

In one of my earliest publications, I cited controversial works by Anderson and Spangler, and others, regarding anomalous variations in radioactive decay-rate "constants". In the last few years, there have been many new findings published on this same phenomenon, showing correlated changes in nuclear decay processes with solar activity. They are suggestive of changes in the background orgone energy ocean which triggers changes in both solar activity and nuclear decay rates. Below are mentioned some other things, also newly published, suggesting associated gravitational aspects. The cyclical variations also appear to have a correlation to the Reich cosmic superimposition and Piccardi chemical test variations, which are themselves related to spiral-form motion of the Earth through the cosmos. The arguments are made by the classical scientists based upon Earth-Sun distances within the model of flat elliptical planetary orbits, but the perihelion-aphelion factors of Earth orbit (viewed two-dimensionally) does have an inseparable systematic correlation to the spiral-form motions as described by Reich and Piccardi.

Following below are download links and abstracts.

The last item below requires a subscription to get the original item, but I found these interesting PDF-Powerpoints by the various authors: (4MB download) (7MB download)

The first of these PDF-Powerpoint items has a reference page with additional active weblinks to download papers on the subject.

I should also mention, the orgone-charged neutron counter experiments underway here at OBRL, described occasionally in the various OBRL Newsletters, not only fully supports Reich, but also provides a line of argumentation for evidence on the mechanism of these decay-constant variations as noted in the different experiments. The idea of the orgone accumulator trapping and increasing this same fundamental cosmic force which affects nuclear decay processes, is still quite a bit advanced beyond the classical thinking which notes the very real correlations, but attributes these quite substantial effects to contradictory neutrino effects, or to an ill-defined "quantum" something, to explain them. The most obvious mechanism of these effects, of a determining ocean of energy similar to Reich’s orgone, Piccardi’s cosmic environmental factors, or Miller’s ether-drift, is still something of a taboo.

Meanwhile, a new book edited by Hector Munera of the University of Bogota, Should the Laws of Gravitation Be Reconsidered carries additional papers on this subject, including anomalous pendulum experiments reminiscent of Reich (but which take entirely different approaches). My paper on the Miller ether-drift experiments is also included.

All of these lines of classical science converge towards the same common point, that "empty space" has something of significant energy within it, which interacts with matter in a far more systematic manner than ill-defined neutrinos or quantum unrealities. At some point, given the motional dynamics of the Earth-Sun system, there should be some consideration that these variations in radioactive decay, and of physical pendulum motions, like the variations of the "dark matter wind", are the product of variable speed of the Earth through the background of space, and the variable excitation or charge of this energy which develops as a consequence. But a "cosmic background" composed of what, exactly? That is where Reich’s work, and the orgone energy, will become at issue for every rational natural scientist, assuming they have the opportunity to learn about Reich’s prior experimental work, and don’t kill it once more for another 100 years.

Thanks to Patrice Okouma for providing the weblinks below, and stimulating a discussion on the matter.

James DeMeo, PhD
Director of OBRL


Analysis of Experiments Exhibiting Time-Varying Nuclear Decay Rates: Systematic Effects or New Physics?

Authors: Jere H. Jenkins, Ephraim Fischbach, Peter A. Sturrock, Daniel W. Mundy

Abstract: Since the 1930s, and with very few exceptions, it has been assumed that the process of radioactive decay is a random process, unaffected by the environment in which the decaying nucleus resides. There have been instances within the past few decades, however, where changes in the chemical environment or physical environment brought about small changes in the decay rates. But even in light of these instances, decaying nuclei that were undisturbed or un-"pressured" were thought to behave in the expected random way, subject to the normal decay probabilities which are specific to each nuclide. Moreover, any "non-random" behavior was assumed automatically to be the fault of the detection systems, the environment surrounding the detectors, or changes in the background radiation to which the detector was exposed. Recently, however, evidence has emerged from a variety of sources, including measurements taken by independent groups at Brookhaven National Laboratory, Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, and Purdue University, that indicate there may in fact be an influence that is altering nuclear decay rates, albeit at levels on the order of $10^{-3}$. In this paper, we will discuss some of these results, and examine the evidence pointing to the conclusion that the intrinsic decay process is being affected by a solar influence.



Further Evidence Suggestive of a Solar Influence on Nuclear Decay Rates

Authors: Peter A. Sturrock, Ephraim Fischbach, Jere H. Jenkins

Abstract: Recent analyses of nuclear decay data show evidence of variations suggestive of a solar influence. Analyses of datasets acquired at the Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) and at the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) both show evidence of an annual periodicity and of periodicities with sidereal frequencies in the neighborhood of 12.25 year^{-1} (at a significance level that we have estimated to be 10^{-17}). It is notable that this implied rotation rate is lower than that attributed to the solar radiative zone, suggestive of a slowly rotating solar core. This leads us to hypothesize that there may be an "inner tachocline" separating the core from the radiative zone, analogous to the "outer tachocline" that separates the radiative zone from the convection zone. The Rieger periodicity (which has a period of about 154 days, corresponding to a frequency of 2.37 year^{-1}) may be attributed to an r-mode oscillation with spherical-harmonic indices l=3, m=1, located in the outer tachocline. This suggests that we may test the hypothesis of a solar influence on nuclear decay rates by searching BNL and PTB data for evidence of a "Rieger-like" r-mode oscillation, with l=3, m=1, in the inner tachocline. The appropriate search band for such an oscillation is estimated to be 2.00-2.28 year^{-1}. We find, in both datasets, strong evidence of a periodicity at 2.11 year^{-1}. We estimate that the probability of obtaining these results by chance is 10^{-12}.


This link requires a subscription to get the original article.

Time-Dependent Nuclear Decay Parameters:

New Evidence for New Forces?

E. Fischbach · J.B. Buncher · J.T. Gruenwald ·

J.H. Jenkins · D.E. Krause · J.J. Mattes · J.R. Newport

Received: 14 April 2009 / Accepted: 29 April 2009 / Published online: 28 May 2009

Abstract This paper presents an overview of recent research dealing with the question of whether nuclear decay rates (or half-lives) are time-independent constants of nature, as opposed to being parameters which can be altered by an external perturbation. If the latter is the case, this may imply the existence of some new interaction(s) which would be responsible for any observed time variation. Interest in this question has been renewed recently by evidence for a correlation between nuclear decay rates and Earth-Sun distance, and by the observation of a dip in the decay rate for 54Mn coincident in time with the solar flare of 2006 December 13.We discuss these observations in detail, along with other hints in the literature for time-varying decay parameters, in the framework of a general phenomenology that we develop. One consequence of this phenomenology is that it is possible for different experimental groups to infer discrepant (yet technically correct) results for a half-life depending on where and how their data were taken and analyzed. A considerable amount of attention is devoted to possible mechanisms which might give rise to the reported effects, including fluctuations in the flux of solar neutrinos, and possible variations in the magnitudes of fundamental parameters, such as the fine structure constant and the electron-to-proton mass ratio. We also discuss ongoing and future experiments, along with some implications of our work for cancer treatments, 14C dating, and for the possibility of detecting the relic neutrino background.

Middle-East Humor: Klavan’s One-State Solution

June 9, 2011

After several serious-disturbing OBRL-News posts on the Islamic issue, I thought to post out this one, which is a bit tongue-in-cheek but nevertheless carries some essential truths.

Klavan’s One-State Solution: Give the Middle East to the Jews

80% of American Mosques Promote Violence

June 8, 2011

Shari’a and Violence in American Mosques
New study in the Middle East Quarterly, Summer 2011, pp. 59-72.

View online version here:

Download study PDF here:

Please read the whole thing!

See Table 6 in particular. It indicates, that while most American mosques do not:
* promote joining a terrorist organization
* collect money for known terrorist organizations
* distribute memorabilia featuring jihadists or terror organizations

(the second point of which is a criminal act in the USA)

a high percentage do tend to:
* promote the study of texts promoting violence
* promote violent jihad
* promote financial support of terror
* promote caliphate in the US
* praise terror against the West
* invite imams or preachers who are known promoters of violent jihad.

Mosques promoting Sharia Law (which is to say, most of them) were, expectedly, the worst in these regards, and the obvious outward indicators — such as men wearing traditional Islamic beards and clothing, and women wearing the veil or hijab — were most strongly correlated with the above attitudes of violent jihad. And interestingly, mosques with higher levels of violence promotion had more "believers" in regular attendance, with fewer Muslims attending mosques where moderate Islamic messages were given, and no traditional Islamic clothing or veiling of women was found. But even within these "moderate" mosques, "severe texts" promoting violent jihad and financial support of terrorism was found in 97% (as compared to 98% of "non-moderate" mosques). This could be an expression of the fact that the Saudi Arabian government has been sending violence-promoting Wahhabist propaganda material into American mosques since many decades, and the acceptance of that material, along with regular visits by extremist violence-promoting mullahs and imams, was always a precondition for getting big money for mosque-building from the Saudi extremists.

Here are the study’s concluding statements, in the usual softened-down academese, which should make these words all the more chilling.

"Unfortunately, the results of the current survey strongly suggest that Islam-as it is generally practiced in mosques across the United States-continues to manifest a resistance to the kind of tolerant religious and legal framework that would allow its followers to make a sincere affirmation of liberal citizenship. This survey provides empirical support for the view that mosques across America, as institutional and social settings for mosque-going Muslims, are at least resistant to social cooperation with non-Muslims. Indeed, the overwhelming majority of mosques surveyed promoted literature supportive of violent jihad and a significant number invited speakers known to have promoted violent jihad and other behaviors that are inconsistent with a reasonable construct of liberal citizenship.

This survey suggests that, first and foremost, Muslim community leaders must take a more active role in educating their own faith community about the dangers associated with providing a safe haven for violent literature and its promotion-whether that safe haven is the mosque or the social club. These results also suggest that researchers and counterterrorist specialists should pay closer attention to the use and exploitation of classic Islamic legal doctrine and jurisprudence for recruiting and generating a commitment to violence against the perceived enemies of Islam. Finally, these findings should engender at least an interest among researchers to begin to study carefully Muslim attitudes toward citizenship and violence but one that differentiates between those who are Shari’a-adherent and those who are not. And, among Shari’a adherents, this future survey data must be sensitive to the distinction between traditionalism, orthodoxy, and Salafism, along with the more obvious sect distinctions, such as between Sunnis and Shiites."

An opinion item at World Net Daily summarizes the study in more plain language:

Dozens of ‘incubators’ for jihad found in U.S.

‘More than 80% of mosques advocate or promote violence’

And if statistical academic studies are not your favorite thing, then you can always review the many anecdotal news reports, as in the "Previous Stories" section at the bottom of this WND item, as well as the more comprehensive running tally of Islam’s murdered victims, with news reports on the basically daily Islamic atrocities, at the Religion of Peace website.

California Newspaper Calls for Stoning of Adulterous Women

June 6, 2011

This does not appear to be a joke, nor any "tongue in cheek" item. The writer is deadly serious, and apparently the editors of this newspaper find it sufficiently agreeable to publish.

And if they call for women to be stoned, how about Jews? Hindus? Atheists? Apostates who leave Islam? Or maybe just your wife or daughter or mother, who happens to walk into the "wrong" neighborhood and is showing a bit "too much skin" (ie, arms, lower legs, face) for the local woman-hating pedo-Mullahs to tolerate?

Don’t say you weren’t warned.

California Newspaper Calls for Stoning of Adulterous Women

"… Sleeping around with any man who came along, especially with a married man, must not be something to be proud of and awarded for.

These women not only must not be awarded, but they must pay for destroying the happiness and the future of their victims, especially this woman who lived with the family and had become a member of that family.

These slut women do not know how to say no. To my judgment, these women who freely sleep with married men must be severely punished and put to death.

If the lawmakers do something about it, you will find less stories like Arnold’s.

Shamci Rafani"

By "lawmakers" don’t assume the writer means elected politicians. Under Sharia Law which demands such stoning-murder, it is the local mullah and Sharia court system which hands down such execution orders, after which any "good Muslim" is then authorized to carry it out.

Here’s a weblink to Atlas with more details, in case the original item is taken down.

But wait! There’s More! Read how the left-liberals in Europe are so happy about Islam, having such a slobbering love affair with violent theocratic misogynistic Muslims, that they will commit violence against anyone who dares to criticize it.

Brownshirts Back in Germany, flying Red, Green and Palestinian Flags

Hurling bottles, eggs and feces, and the occasional Molotov.

Left-Islam "AntiFa" Fascist Violence in Germany

"Pax Europa had planned a full program featuring Middle Eastern Christian musicians, a Coptic Christian activist, and others, so as to highlight the hollowness of the Islamic supremacist narrative of Muslim victimhood and anti-jihadist racism. But [due to
the violent "Antifa" mob] the police ordered the Pax Europa organizers to drastically reduce the scope of their event. Everyone was restricted to ten minutes only. Several participants opted not to appear, in light of the manifest danger. Antifa people were attacking supporters of Pax Europa. I saw several individuals being chased by rabid Leftist gangs. At least one man went to the hospital. …

The Antifa people [were] moving forward, chanting slogans, banging their drums, and holding aloft the usual Leftist kitsch — Che Guevara, the hammer and sickle, the Palestinian flag, signs denouncing Islamophobia, etc. …

They started throwing things: bottles, eggs, excrement and more. One bottle narrowly missed the Coptic activist’s head and crashed onto the stage — other bottles crashed at our feet. Several speakers were hit with eggs. The manure they threw was all over the stage floor."

Ugliness and beauty in Germany

"I have learned that the fascist Antifa and/or Islamic supremacist thugs have burned the truck belonging to the company that set up the stage for Pax Europa’s Thursday rally. Then last night they found out the hotel that the courageous anti-jihad politician René Stadtkewitz was planning to stay in when he came to Stuttgart to announce the founding of the local branch of his new Freedom Party; they broke the hotel’s windows and painted threatening messages on its walls. Also yesterday, I spoke to a Pax Europa meeting at a location in Stuttgart; Antifa thugs found out the location after the meeting had ended, and stormed and surrounded the place. Thirty-six were arrested."

Spencer versus the Leftist/Islamic alliance, Stuttgart, Germany, June 2

More News from the Muslim Spring of Peace and Love

Egyptian cleric: We ask non-Muslims to convert, but if they don’t convert or pay jizya, we fight them

Learn Your Islam Note Of The Day: Jizya is the Islamic "existence tax" all infidels must pay when living within Islamic societies ruled by Sharia Law. Consider it as similar to the Obama-care individual mandate existence tax (and maybe, that’s where the Obamites got the idea?!), except that if you don’t pay the Islamic tax, then you can legally be taken as a slave or be murdered, by any "good Muslim"!

Land-Stealing by Genocidal Sudanese Muslims; The World Yawns.

Palestinian Authority presidential adviser: "refugee" assaults on Israel’s borders are the "new Palestinian nuclear weapon"

New “Free” Egyptian Leaders: Slave Trade Can Balance State Budget

June 4, 2011

Back to the Future! A wonderful "Religion of Peace".

New, Free Egypt: Prominent Cleric Says Financial Problems Can Be Solved By Conducting Jihad Raids To Capture “Slaves, Women And Children To Sell Like Groceries”

And why not? They did it over nearly 1400 years, and still have a very lucrative slave-trade kidnapping black Africans across sub-Saharan regions. No silly "Rights of Mankind" for them!

And if slavery is not possible, there’s always….. this!

American Muslims Should Buy Guns, Start Shooting People

And also, oh yes and by the way, they never, ever had any intention of signing or adhering to any peace agreements… most of you will have figured that out by now. Part of the Islamic practice of "Takiya", or deliberate lying to the infidel, so that your true motives and plans will not be discovered until it is too late.

Moderate Muslim Fatah: “We Have Never Recognized Israel’s Right to Exist And Will Never Do So"

But meanwhile…. Thanks for the Billions, sucker infidels!

Like the "War Communism" of Trotsky, these guys never had any intention of making peace with anyone, but will say and do whatever is necessary to get free money from their victims by the truckload. Their small army of academic and internet scribblers meanwhile continue to muddy the waters, of course, to distort history and the facts making their victims, those defending against Islamic aggression, appear like the aggressors. The Perfect Storm of Emotional Plague deceit.

To close, here’s Geert Wilders speaking from the dock, hauled into court for daring to speak truth to Islamic and Leftist power. He sounds tragic in tone, like a condemned man facing the gallows, who knows the decision to "hang him high" is already fixed, but makes his appeal anyhow for the sake of history.

All Eyes on Holland: Geert Wilders Final Remarks in Trial of the Century

Well, let’s hope the Dutch judges stop trying to enforce Islamic Sharia Laws against "blasphemy against Islam" upon the heads of their own subjects…. I mean people. If not, he will probably join the growing number of European political refugees fleeing Islam and Euro-Socialism, and coming into North America. These same problematic patterns exist in North America, but are somewhat delayed given the greater geographical distances from Saharasia.

I reproduce the full text of Wilders Closing Remarks to the Court below, because it is important, not your usual insipid and irrelevant political speech.



All Eyes on Holland: Geert Wilders Final Remarks in Trial of the Century

YouTube of the Final Remarks:

Mister President, members of the Court,

I am here because of what I have said. I am here for having spoken. I have spoken, I speak and I shall continue to speak. Many have kept silent, but not Pim Fortuyn, not Theo Van Gogh, and not I.

I am obliged to speak. For the Netherlands is under threat of Islam. As I have argued many times, Islam is chiefly an ideology. An ideology of hatred, of destruction, of conquest. It is my strong conviction that Islam is a threat to Western values, to freedom of speech, to the equality of men and women, of heterosexuals and homosexuals, of believers and unbelievers.

All over the world we can see how freedom is fleeing from Islam. Day by day we see our freedoms dwindle.

Islam is opposed to freedom. Renowned scholars of Islam from all parts of the world agree on this. My witness experts subscribe to my view. There are more Islam scholars whom the court did not allow me to call upon to testify. All agree with my statements, they show that I speak the truth. That truth is on trial today.

We must live in the truth, said the dissidents under Communist rule, because the truth will set us free. Truth and freedom are inextricably connected. We must speak the truth because otherwise we shall lose our freedom.

That is why I have spoken, why I speak and why I shall continue to speak.

The statements for which I am being tried are statements which I made in my function as a politician participating in the public debate in our society. My statements were not aimed at individuals, but at Islam and the process of islamization. That is why the Public Prosecutor has concluded that I should be acquitted.

Mister President, members of the Court,

I am acting within a long tradition which I wish to honour. I am risking my life in defence of freedom in the Netherlands. Of all our achievements freedom is the most precious and the most vulnerable. Many have given their lives for freedom. We have been reminded of that in the commemorations of the month of May. But the struggle for freedom is much older.

Every day the armoured cars drive me past the statue of Johan de Witt at the Hofvijver in The Hague. De Witt wrote the “Manifesto of True Freedom” and he paid for freedom with his life. Every day I go to my office through the Binnenhof where Johan van Oldenbarneveldt was beheaded after a political trial. Leaning on his stick the elderly Oldenbarneveldt addressed his last words to his people. He said: “I have acted honourably and piously as a good patriot.” Those words are also mine.

I do not wish to betray the trust of the 1.5 million voters of my party. I do not wish to betray my country. Inspired by Johan van Oldenbarneveldt and Johan de Witt I wish to be a politician who serves the truth end hence defends the freedom of the Dutch provinces and of the Dutch people. I wish to be honest, I wish to act with honesty and that is why I wish to protect my native land against Islam. Silence is treason.

That is why I have spoken, why I speak and why I shall continue to speak.

Freedom and truth. I pay the price every day. Day and night I have to be protected against people who want to kill me. I am not complaining about it; it has been my own decision to speak. However, those who threaten me and other critics of Islam are not being tried here today. I am being tried. And about that I do complain.

I consider this trial to be a political trial. The values of D66 [a Dutch leftist liberal party] and NRC Handelsblad [a Dutch leftist liberal party] will never be brought before a judge in this country. One of the complainants clearly indicated that his intentions are political. Even questions I have asked in parliament and cooperation with the SGP are being brought as allegations against me by Mr Rabbae of GroenLinks [the leftist Dutch
Green Party]. Those on the Left like to tamper with the separation of powers. When they cannot win politically because the Dutch people have discerned their sinister agenda, they try to win through the courts.

Whatever your verdict may be, that is the bitter conclusion of this trial.

This trial is also surrealistic. I am being compared with the Hutu murderers in Rwanda and with Mladic. Only a few minutes ago some here have doubted my mental health. I have been called a new Hitler. I wonder whether those who call me such names will also be sued, and if not, whether the Court will also order prosecution. Probably not. And that is just as well. Because freedom of speech applies also to my opponents.

My right to a fair trial has been violated. The order of the Amsterdam Court to prosecute me was not just a decision but a condemning verdict by judges who condemned me even before the actual trial had begun.

Mister President, members of the Court, you must now decide whether freedom still has a home in the Netherlands

Franz Kafka said: “one sees the sun slowly set, yet one is surprised when it suddenly becomes dark.”

Mister President, members of the Court, do not let the lights go out in the Netherlands.

Acquit me: Put an end to this Kafkaesque situation.

Acquit me. Political freedom requires that citizens and their elected representatives are allowed to voice opinions that are held in society.

Acquit me, for if I am convicted, you convict the freedom of opinion and expression of millions of Dutchmen.

Acquit me. I do not incite to hatred. I do not incite to discrimination. But I defend the character, the identity, the culture and the freedom of the Netherlands. That is the truth. That is why I am here. That is why I speak. That is why, like Luther before the Imperial Diet at Worms, I say: “Here I stand, I can do no other.”

That is why I have spoken, why I speak and why I shall continue to speak.

Mister President, members of the Court, though I stand here alone, my voice is the voice of many. This trial is not about me. It is about something much greater. Freedom of expression is the life source of our Western civilisation.

Do not let that source go dry just to cosy up to a totalitarian ideology. “Freedom,” said the American President Dwight Eisenhower, “has its life in the hearts, the actions, the spirit of men and so it must be daily earned and refreshed – else like a flower cut from its life-giving roots, it will wither and die.”

Mister President, members of the Court, you have a great responsibility. Do not cut freedom in the Netherlands from its roots, our freedom of expression. Acquit me. Choose freedom.

I have spoken, I speak, and it is my duty – I cannot do otherwise – to continue to speak.

Thank you.