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Excellent New Book on Wilhelm Reich’s Bion Research

June 29, 2015

Excellent New Book on Wilhelm Reich’s Bion Research

BOOK REVIEW: Wilhelm Reich, Biologist, by James E. Strick, PhD

Harvard University Press, Cambridge 2015. 487 pages, index, bibliography, illustrated.

A new book, Wilhelm Reich, Biologist by James Strick, PhD was recently published by Harvard University Press. It has been mentioned as a forthcoming work several times on OBRL-News, but it is available now for several weeks, and having finally read it, I’d like to give it my personal endorsement and impressions.

Wilhelm Reich, Biologist provides an accurate and serious scholarly accounting of Reich’s 1930s discovery of the microscopic vesicles he came to call the bions, and the processes of bionous disintegration and re-organization, which are fundamental to many disease processes, including cancer. It is a discovery which also solves the riddle of the origins of life question, indicating a here-and-now natural process rather than something which happened invisibly in aeons past, either by mechanistic "lightning bolt in a pool of mud at the edge of the primordial sea", coupled with an equally mechanistic and speculative "DNA creationism", or by a metaphysical "finger of God" replacing the lighting bolt. The contemporary conundrum reminds me of the attached Sidney Harris scientific cartoon.

Reich’s discovery is nothing so flashy or spectacular as lightning bolts, nor does it make appeals to deity, though his discovery is fairly earth-shaking, so far as scientific matters are concerned, and no less important for humanity to learn about than for example the far less important work of Louis Pasteur. Reich should have got a Nobel Prize for his work. Instead, he got slandered and attacked, eventually dying in prison, his books banned and/or burned by Nazis, Communists, and by the High and Mighty US Food and Drug Administration.

Strick recounts the details of Reich’s discovery, which is what must concern the natural scientist. He covers Reich’s exacting laboratory control procedures and observations, and also the social conditions of that time in Scandinavia, when Reich was on the run from both Hitler’s and Stalin’s henchmen. He describes how Reich was chronically under attack by gossiping scientists of that day, whose bad words often appeared in the newspapers. Reich was supported and helped in his investigations by other groups of professionals who considered him a valued colleague, but they had little in the way of social connections or political power. To accomplish the task of doing justice to this difficult period in Reich’s life, author Strick dug into Reich’s archives, private letters, research journals and diaries of the period, including materials written by Reich’s critics, unearthing new material which gives us a more complete picture of his struggles against serious and deadly opposition, in a period just before the Nazis and Communists plunged the world into global war.

In a few short years, while on the run, Reich discovered how tissues and cells, under stressful conditions, lost their cohesive forces and disintegrated into smaller biological units or vesicles, which he called the bions. Decades later, modern biology would rediscover this observable process and call it "apoptosis", giving it a purely mechanistic and obscure genetic explanation. Reich’s bions are visible and objective things, roundish or slightly oval forms about 1 micron in diameter, and in pure forms look like small robin’s eggs, with a light blue color. They can be photographed and, in the right culture media, potentially develop and grow, to the point of changing general shape and expressing the a living motion well beyond ordinary mechanical motions, as typically mis-represented also as "Brownian" motions. And the bions aren’t merely products of dying or dead organic matter. Bions can also develop out of dead mineral material, such as coal, soot, iron filings, clay, rock or sand, if allowed to slowly disintegrate in solution. More, one could speed the process of bionous disintegration by intensive sterilization procedures, such as use of the autoclave, or heating materials to red-hot incandescence over a torch flame, or freezing materials in solution, or a combination of all those methods. Those procedures would kill existing living microbes and spores, but also very quickly yield an abundance of the bion vesicles, which Reich came to understand as a transitional form between non-life and living material. And indeed, with the proper chemistry in nutrient solutions, bions so formed from disintegration could cross the barrier to life, showing growth and motility in bion cultures. Further organization was then possible, as Reich demonstrated, where bions would aggregate into heaps, after which new membranes would form around the heaps. Organized internal motions would appear, such as a slow coordinate rolling motion of bions inside the membranous heap. After some hours, ameba or paramecium or vorticella would develop from such processes, which Reich directly observed and also captured on films.

Reich further argued, with impeccable logic and other new experiments, that the process of bionous formation of protozooans in living nature was functionally identical to a similar bionous processes by which cancer cells developed in living tissues of mammals. Underlaying both processes were a general energy loss, poor respiration and motility resulting in anoxia. And as his work indicated, a pulsatory life energy — the bluish orgone — which when present and motile supported the life-process, but when depleted and stagnant, led to degeneration into the less-complex bions, or ever further to degenerate into t-bacilli, which could cause cancer when injected into laboratory mice.

Modern biologists are not fully ignorant of such processes, but almost always give them other terms and theoretical explanations in keeping with existing theory. For example, today we know there are microbes which thrive in thermal hot springs at the boiling point of water. Thermophilles they are called, heat-loving microbes. We also know about deep-ocean hydrothermal vents, where entire ecosystems thrive at temperatures so high they can melt lead. Likewise, the great ice sheets over the Arctic and Antarctic Oceans. These are not sterile zones, but thrive with life that is sustained by food chains founded upon bion-like organisms that arise from intensive heat, or freeze-thaw processes similar to what Reich was duplicating, unknowingly, in his laboratory.

As Strick points out, Reich’s methods of observing living material gave him an edge over others. He viewed living tissues and blood cells, and other preparations of microbes, at high magnification (2000x to 5000x) in the light microscope with the most excellent color-compensated optics then available. That was highly unusual in Reich’s time, and still is given the propensity of biologists to look at primarily dead preparations. One could hardly learn much about the behavior and development of birds by only looking at stuffed dead ones in a museum glass case, as Reich argued. It is a good argument, valid today, but still neglected and scorned. On this I can testify from an early experience at the university. I was once hysterically laughed at in an anxious prolonged manner by the instructor and 30 different students in a university microbiology classroom, for daring to "waste time" using my microscope to look at living pond water, with all its myriad pulsating and spinning life forms — didn’t I know, everything must be killed, fixed and stained before you view it in the microscope!

Reich’s publications and arguments on these findings were greeted with intensive scorn and attack. And his prior work on emotions and sexuality, on bioelectrical investigations of sexuality and anxiety, only added fuel to the bonfires his enemies were preparing. All this happened before late 1939, when Reich finally departed Scandinavia for the USA.

Bions from autoclaved sterilized grass (from DeMeo, Heretic’s Notebook, 1996)

For the modern scientist, Wilhelm Reich, Biologist will revive older and long-dormant questions in the natural sciences. It will also remind them how social conditions can easily degenerate and threaten serious research into controversial subjects, a problem we increasingly see today. It should also impress upon scientists, that there is old business to address in our understandings of basic biological processes, as well as in necessary reforms to the scientific reception process. Today’s science is increasingly driven by demands for "political correctness", where certain basic scientific questions have become seriously "taboo", and cannot be openly investigated without risking employment and professional standing. For example, the end-all, be-all concepts of genetic determinism have become sacred objects, a spiritualized "DNA Creationism" and well-funded Sacred Cow, characterized by large claims but far less defendable evidence. It is hardly different from Bible creationism in its unproven foundational assumptions, and in how critics are at risk of abuse or being kicked-out of institutions if they dare ask the "wrong" questions. Criticisms of the CO2 theory of global warming is another example where one takes professional or even personal risks to speak against it, as angry fist-shakers and media attacks against dissenters tend to dominate the public microphone. The same is true for the still-unproven claim of "infectious HIV", which has advocate groups heavily funded by the drug companies, as are the scientific and medical journals which forbid asking the "wrong" questions. Likewise, one risks professional destruction, legal prosecution and even your life and limb, for daring to question the shaky claims of a genetic or biological origins for homosexuality, or that Islam might have structural problems that render it significantly more violent than other cultures. All of those are serious open questions for rational scientific investigation, but "activists" and politicians, whose opinions are parroted by mainstream media, do their best to shout-down or erase dissenting voices, literally advocating that dissenters to certain PC views should be imprisoned to shut them up. "Hate speech" laws now exist in many nations, to stifle both political and scientific opinion and speech, which then extends to block scientific study or publication of critical research findings. One can easily go from being a darling Star of the National Academy of Science, to an isolated and unfunded nobody, at risk for job termination, as happened to Peter Duesberg for daring to criticize the infectious-HIV theory of AIDS.

Courtrooms then become Star Chambers for prosecuting the dissenter, and where non-conforming scientific evidence is forbidden to be brought into testimony. That certainly happened in Reich’s case, back in the 1950s, and it continues today, as scientists or physicians are sometimes dragged into courtrooms to defend their ideas and activities against various modern consensus-driven PC dictatorships. The media and scientific societies generally go along with such things, expelling dissenting members who then get slandered in the media. I’ve written papers on this, not merely how the process destroyed Reich’s professional standing, but many other similar cases, including a few similar assaults directed at myself for daring to stand up for Reich.

The history of science, meanwhile, informs us how genuine scientific discovery primarily advances when lone-wolf inventors and scientists make discoveries that rattle the establishment, precisely because they can think outside the box of rigid social or academic conformity.

And so it was with Reich, who resolved basic problems in sexual science and biology, but the scientific reception process which greeted him in both Europe and America utterly failed, and his enemies reacted like Medieval inquisitors, to the point that he became a hunted and hounded man. Reich’s books were burned on both continents, and American courtrooms all the way up to the US Supreme Court forbade his testimony on the actual science, or on the fraud and malfeasance of his critics, even while having no objections to book-burning. Is there any wonder, with such outrages in prior years, never acknowledged by even "constitutional scholars" of left or right, that there is such a serious deterioration of mainstream science and medicine into Medieval constructs, referencing invisible hidden causes not too different from the "demons" or "devil" of old?

Reich’s story has much to teach us, in both the actual discoveries, but also the pestilent social reactions to his pioneering work, a phenomenon he called the Emotional Plague of Mankind. The period which Strick covers is an essential starting point for Reich’s work, including the later hotly-controversial work on the orgone energy, and orgone energy accumulator. It should arouse the community of biologists to investigate.

James Strick’s book is a scholarly, emotionally neutral but open and in-depth treatment of Reich’s microbiological discoveries, revealing and documenting the man to be an authentic and serious natural scientist, with bona fide new findings that were verified by others. Those others included Roger duTeil, Reich’s collaborator who confirmed much of the bion discoveries, and with Reich presented the findings to the French Academy of Sciences, for publication in Comptes Rendus. The French editors accepted much of Reich’s analysis and findings, but demanded that critical details showing the life-like qualities of the bions be censored from publication, with insertion of a denigrating reference to "Brownian motion" by one of his critics, conditions which Reich refused. We have Strick to thank for digging out that material, and additional detail. But there are many others who have replicated Reich’s bion experiments, in part at least.

As a classically-trained science historian with skills in microbiology, Strick was well prepared for this historical investigation, and biology-minded scientists and students would be well served to read his book, particularly if they got their "information" about Reich from mainstream media or internet, which is typically thick with distortions and falsehoods.

There are a few small points I would raise questions with Strick about, and others may have their own questions on this or that point. For example, a separate listing of published papers replicating Reich’s work would be helpful for the novice, as otherwise some readers might think nobody outside of duTeil had replicated the experiments. But that discussion can come later. Even at 487 pages, not every point could be covered. And that is a hallmark of good scientific investigations, to open the doors for new questions and debate, to stimulate our imaginations with new facts and findings we previously did not think possible. WR Biologist will be a major starting point for those who have overcome their skepticism sufficiently to take an unbiased look, and be a valuable resource with much new detail for those who already know Reich’s work more generally. The publication itself is comfortable, high-quality and easy-to-read, with some photos, full index and bibliography, accessible to both professional biologists and educated laypeople. One hopes WR Biologist will penetrate into the academic biology departments, and make a difference.

I highly recommend James Strick’s new book.

James DeMeo, PhD
Ashland, Oregon, USA
June 2015


"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
– George Orwell

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Wilhelm Reich’s Original Orgonomic Discoveries:
Foundations and Science
Emphasizing New Research Supporting Reich

Back Issues of the OBRL Journal “Pulse of the Planet”

June 22, 2015

Back Issues of the OBRL Journal Pulse of the Planet

We will soon be making available high-quality printed copies of the old OBRL research journal Pulse of the Planet.

From 1989 through 1991, the Orgone Biophysical Research Lab (OBRL) published three issues Pulse of the Planet. This was our own in-house journal using older printing and distribution methods that pre-dated the internet, and so had very low circulations. But their content was important material, both for orgonomic science as well as for the history of American and European orgonomy in the post-Reich period. As Editor of Pulse, in retrospect I note the change in my own thinking on some issues, notably as regarding environmental issues of that day where I often embraced some of the declarations of the environmental groups all too literally as gospel, and without sufficient critical review. Back then I was entertaining the CO2 theory of global warming; today I do not. Also the post-911 world of Islamic conquest and terror shattered what small hopes I previously had for self-reform within the Islamic world, something that is revealed also in those back issues. For those who have followed my writings on the OBRL News and Blog, when they review these back issues of Pulse from 1989, 1990 and 1991, this difference will be apparent.

Nevertheless, the materials have otherwise stood the test of time, and hold much value on other factors of science, life and health which even today get less attention than they should. Back then, atomic bomb testing was an on-going affair, though having been moved underground was not as critical as it had been during Reich’s time, when above-ground atomic bomb tests were being conducted globally. Contributors to those three issues of Pulse provided much in the way of detailing clear long-distance atmospheric, biological and geophysical reactions to the underground atomic explosions, a fact that can only be understood within the context of orgone biophysics.

A recent review of those old back issues, and new methods for making them available internationally at lower shipping costs, has prompted a decision to offer them once again through new internet distribution methods.

We are therefore pleased to announce the availability of the first of those three old back issues, which can be purchased from most on-line outlets. The other two back issues will appear in the coming months.

* Pulse of the Planet No.1: On A-Bombs, Polar Motion, Cloudbusting, Droughts, and FDA/"Skeptic Club" Slanders of Wilhelm Reich

For North American purchases:–Bombs-Cloudbusting/dp/0989139042 (scroll down)

For European or other International–Bombs-Cloudbusting/dp/0989139042
First published in 1989, Pulse of the Planet No.1 launched an ambitious program for global monitoring of geophysical events potentially caused by underground atomic bomb testing, which was ongoing at that time. These included the preparation of world maps identifying the times and locations of major droughts, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, air pollution crises and other violent weather, on a week-by-week basis. Pulse No.1 presented for the first time controversial new research indicating real global and regional tectonic and atmospheric reactions to underground atomic-bomb testing in those days, by the USA, Soviet Union, China, France, India and Pakistan. While the ideas and evidence presented on these issues goes against the usual ideas of orthodox science, Pulse No.1 and subsequent issues began to expose this documentation in a widespread public manner. Articles were also presented in support of the attending bioenergetic mechanisms by which such long-distance reactions could occur, notably as firstly observed and detailed by the late Dr. Wilhelm Reich. These materials had been either refused publication or otherwise suppressed for years, and Pulse of the Planet journal would give the new findings a voice. This first issue of Pulse contains the following items:

* By James DeMeo: "Cloudbusting: A New Approach to Drought", "Response to Martin Gardner’s Attacks on Reich and Orgone Research in the ‘Skeptical Inquirer’ ", and "Postscript on the Food and Drug Administrations Evidence Against Wilhelm Reich".
* By Yoshio Kato, with introduction by Shigeyoshi Matsumae: "Recent Abnormal Phenomena on Earth and Atomic Power Tests".
* Emotional Plague Report
* Climate Features and Unusual Phenomena – with 14 different weekly world maps
* Atomic Bomb Tests and Earthquake Data (for 1988 and 1989)
* Solar-Geomagnetic Data (for Dec.1988 and Jan-Feb. 1989)
* Environmental Notes, Sex-Economic Notes
* Celestial Events Calendar and Planetary Clock
* Research Progress Report, for the Orgone Biophysical Research Lab
* Cosmic Orgone Engineering Report
* Science Notes, Announcements, Orgonomic Research Review for 1988-1989
* Calendar of Events and Letters to the Editor
* In Remembrance, Jerome Eden

Pulse of the Planet journal continued for additional years, presenting many articles on these and similar subjects.


"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
– George Orwell

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Wilhelm Reich’s Original Orgonomic Discoveries:
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Defunding Israel but Blind to Islamophobia Ripoffs?

June 19, 2015

Defunding Israel but Blind to Islamophobia Ripoffs?

Martin Luther King, Jr. had it correct when during a lecture, in response to anti-Zionist blather, he pointedly stated "Don’t talk like that! When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. You’re talking ‘anti-Semitism!"

Below is an interesting and accurate essay from Dr. Farhat-Holzman, a long-ago refugee from Iran’s ayatollahs, who had the nasty habit of hanging Western educated women from lamp-posts. She expresses her alarm and astonishment at those promoting Jew-hatred under the mask of the BDS (Boycott-Divestment-Sanctions) movement, attempting to strangle Israel down under the Islamic boot-heel. And I share that alarm. But I can no longer be astonished at anything done by the political Left with respect to Middle East policy or Islamic issues. The American and European Left (as opposed to moderate freedom-oriented liberals) have been solidly on the side of the violent Jew-hating Islamic factions for decades, just as they were on the side of Hitler and Stalin in the last century. The German-Soviet Pact for rearmament and conquest of Europe had secret roots back to 1922 in Wiemar Germany, and when formally announced as the Hitler-Stalin Pact in 1939, was wildly applauded by all the top Leftists of that day. The Euro-Left also applauded as Nazi stormtroopers marched their way into France and Belgium, greeting them with bouquets of flowers in some cases, and favorable reports in the left-wing newspapers. They do the same today with the Islamic terror brigades, in chronic apologetics for Muslim murdering, merged with simmering Jew-hatred.

Gatestone just published a note about how the Iranians are committing the same high level of mass murder today as is going on in Iraq and Syria at the hands of the Islamic State. But they do it quietly, behind prison walls, and don’t make boasting YouTube videos of their sadistic handiwork. Obama and company spat in the face of the Iranian youth during their Velvet Revolution a few years ago. They were trying to oust the Mullah-generals from power, and pleading for help from America. The grandson of the Ayatollah Khomeini actually begged Obama to send the 101st Airborne Division to topple their Islamic totalitarian regime. But our elected top leaders of Leftist inspiration just ignored them, as Obama was too busy writing love letters to their top mass-murderer Ahamedinejad. Tens of thousands of young men and women involved in street protests were rounded up, tortured, raped and murdered by the "Revolutionary Guards". Quietly, of course. Rounded up and "disappeared". Hung. Head-shot. Pretty girls off to brothels run by and for the Mullahs and friends. No different from the Islamic State or Boko Harem, except it was more methodological and cold-blooded, done quietly behind the curtains. So Ahamedinejad could come and give ugly speeches to the UN, and get invited to lecture at the same Leftist universities that routinely fire, censor or send in mobs of leftist students to scream down anyone daring to criticize Islamic totalitarians.

Today, Western leaders engage in fake negotiations that basically help the same Iranian mass-murderers — who finance terror groups globally — to get the atomic bomb (with Russian help). Just as the same powerful Western leaders work to help cut-throat Islamic terror faction across the Middle East, and bring in bus-loads of similar Islamic fanatical “refugees” into rural American and European towns, disrupting them with predictable social violence. The violence of Saharasia thereby spreads and expands, with help from twisted-up but “smiling” elected officials who garnish majority votes from equally twisted-up and pathological electorates, all nourishing secret hatreds for heterosexual love, hatreds for peaceful societies, and agreeable sentiments towards utopian totalitarianism. Under such social conditions, it is no wonder why the democratic, industrious and peaceful educated Jew with light biophysical armoring is hated as a falsely accused “aggressor”, for daring to defend themselves, while the heavily-armored totalitarian theocratic, terror-endorsing and largely uneducated, love-hating Muslim, from vast regions of Islamic lands, is embraced as “victim” — and no matter how systematically their coreligionists invade, conquer and decimate other cultures and territories. Soon enough, following this trajectory, we will all become Winston Smith.



Defunding Israel but Blind to Islamophobia Ripoffs?
June 20, 2015
Laina Farhat-Holzman

Only in the free Western world can such asymmetrical nonsense take place. Israel, the one western country unfortunately located in the middle of the Muslim world is the focus of accusations of Islamophobia and targeted with boycotts of its industries and products. How ironic. Israel is the one country where Arab citizens can vote, have the highest standard of living, and have any kind of future. Yet young stupid liberals in Europe and the US vent their spleen on Israel and turn a blind eye to the horrors of Islam. These are the monkeys who see no evil.

And in the United States and Europe, where Muslims have managed to find refuge, Islam’s well-healed (Saudi money) legal arm (CAIR) brings lawsuits and carps about how badly Muslims are treated. They even take a ridiculous lawsuit to the American Supreme Court and win (!), permitting a woman to wear her headscarf in an upscale department store despite the store’s standards. What a triumph for Islam.

How reciprocal is the Muslim world’s liberality today around the world? Here are a few items from just one day’s news (June 10).

o Sikhs. There used to be a thriving community of 100,000 Sikhs (non-Muslim) living in Afghanistan in 1990. There are now 2,500, and they are being pushed out. They cannot reclaim the houses and businesses and houses of worship that were seized by the Taliban. The same is true for Afghan Hindus. All are leaving and returning to India, which will be Afghanistan’s loss. Tolerance is not Islam’s strong suit.

o Women. While CAIR worries about a head-scarfed woman, Nigeria has more serious problems. A child forced to marry at just 13, who then poisoned her 35-year-old-husband and three of his friends (forced confession), was freed from execution but kept in juvenile detention. Her family wants her back so that they can force her into another marriage (if they don’t kill her first). This is, after all, Islamic law. She was a second wife. Good old polygamy and child brides are favored by Nigerian Muslims. Another 13-year-old was recently executed for the same trumped-up crime.

o Karnak, Egypt. Islam’s famous hatred of pre-Islamic history is illustrated again in an attack on one of Egypt’s most important tourist attractions, the Temple of Karnak in Luxor. Visited by millions every year, touists will hesitate to come, which is of course the reason for the Islamic militants’ attack. It is not enough to just hate rival religions.

o Christians in Pakistan. Christians are not doing well anywhere in the Muslim world. We hear more about Christian women, forced to convert, or kidnapped and raped (as in Iraq or Egypt or with the African schoolgirls), but this time it was a young man who was convicted of murder as a 15-year-old, whose confession was obtained under torture, although prosecution witnesses had since recanted. He was executed anyway despite international protests. The Pakistani death penalty was supposed to be reinstated only for terrorists—-but so what. A Christian doesn’t have a chance in Pakistan.

o Turkish Judge’s Strange Standard. First, there were the beatings in their home in Ankara, her husband’s fist crashing hard against her body. Then came the beatings at the shelter, where she’d found refuge with their child, when the husband came to visit. The judge imposed a fine: 3,000 liras (about $1,000) against the man for physical abuse, and 3,000 more against the wife, for the injury to her husband’s hand when he’d beaten her too hard. At first I thought this had to be a joke, but it was not. Is this from some obscure passage in Sharia law, because it certainly is not in Turkish secular law! Kamal Ataturk must be turning over in his grave!

o Gaza. Where are all those demonstrators who want to defund Israel? Hamas spent all reconstruction money on tunnels and missiles and doesn’t give a hoot about Gaza’s civilians. Who is the bad guy here?

Where are all those feminists who are blind, deaf, and dumb to what Muslims are doing to women? Are they shopping in Abercrombie for headscarfs?

Dr. Laina Farhat-Holzman is a historian, lecturer, and author of God’s Law or Man’s Law. You may contact her via


"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
– George Orwell

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New Support for Saharasia Findings

June 17, 2015

New Support for Saharasia Findings

Several new world maps have come to my attention which reflect the global Saharasian patterns as presented in my work back in the 1980s and 90s.

1. The Global Peace Index Map This project began in 2008, and so reflects expansion of the original c.1900 ethnographic data evaluations on peaceful social conditions around the world. Clearly there has been an expansion of global violence, notably within those nation-states along the borderlands of Saharasia proper. The Global Peace maps can be selected from c.2008 through 2015, which shows a quantitative increase in global violence across that time period.

I would seriously question the validity of some of their indicator variables, which erase issues relevant to child abuse, women’s freedom and religion-based terrorism. It is a selection of variables more or less "Politically Corrected", without much sex-economic context, but a glimpse of the old pattern is still coming through.

2. Freedom House Maps
Here we see more clearly, the spreading of the Saharasian influences throughout Africa, across the Middle East and into the Communist nations, whether or not they have recently been freed from the Communists. That fact indicates, what is being presented here is an issue of character structure, the basic fear of freedom, in addition to any other factors, which drives entire societies into unpeaceful and un-free behaviors and social conditions.

3. Health Risk Maps
Where freedom and peace are absent, human health cannot help but deteriorate, or at minimum reflect the same issues of human armoring which drives societies towards emotional plague behavior — as seen in social violence and restrictions on indivdual and collective freedom.

Note in my Saharasia book, I have a separate chapter on "Expressions of Saharasia in Contemporary Demography", which presents these same-similar geographical patterns from data available back in the early 1980s, including for several sex-economic indicator variables.

These and other related issues will be discussed at my forthcoming Seminar in Ashland, Oregon at the end of August. See below for details.

James DeMeo

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
– George Orwell

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Wilhelm Reich’s Original Orgonomic Discoveries:
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UPDATE: Weekend Seminar on Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy

June 12, 2015

UPDATE: Weekend Seminar on Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy
Ashland, Oregon, USA


Wilhelm Reich’s Original
Orgonomic Discoveries:
Foundations and Science
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29-30 August 2015, Ashland, Oregon, USA

James DeMeo, PhD & Thomas DiFerdinando

Primary Seminar to be held in a classroom at
Southern Oregon University
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near to downtown Ashland, Oregon, USA
29-30 August 2015, Saturday and Sunday
9:00 AM to 5:30 PM

Optional Events at the nearby OBRL high-altitude facility
* Friday Evening Social Gathering
* Saturday & Sunday Night Viewing of the
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* Optional Monday Field Trip to nearby
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Correcting the Central Errors (and Fraud) in Conventional CO2 Theory of Global Warming

June 7, 2015

Correcting the Central Errors (and Fraud) in Conventional CO2 Theory of Global Warming

As a reminder, here’s a cover from Time Magazine only a few decades ago, dated to 9 April 1977:
Back then, all the “top experts” and politicians were screaming and yelling hysterically about the impending doom of a new Ice Age that would wipe us all out in just a few years. Today, some of the same hysterics are doing the same with respect to “CO2 Driven Global Warming”.

Actually some degree of warming is apparently so, but not from CO2 and not anything recent. We are simply on a slow warming path from the cold depths of the Little Ice Age (LIA) which ended only in 1850. Ever since then some warming has occured, and thank goodness!

For background, I would recommend to read or view the following.

* "The Little Ice Age: Big Chill DVD" History Channel documentary
The Little Ice Age is also available on YouTube:

* "The Little Ice Age" by Brian Fagan

* "The Great Warming" by Brian Fagan

* "The Little Ice Age" by Jean M. Grove

* "The Medieval Warm Period" edited by Hughes and Diaz

Due to its early time period, between c.800 to 1300 AD, the Medieval Warm Period (MWP) could not have been triggered by industrial greenhouse gases which only began to soar in the late 1800s. And if one wishes to invoke some other anthropogenic cause to the MWP, such as tree cutting or similar, it still makes no sense as the Little Ice Age (LIA) came thereafter, between c.1300 to 1850 AD. Much of the current warming today reflects merely the rise in temperatures experienced since the end of the LIA, a rise which still has not exceeded what existed during the earlier MWP.

And furthermore, these works show that even more global warming today would not bring about a catastrophe. The MWP was a time of good crops, abundance, economic growth and exploration, innovations in architecture and building, scientific development. The LIA was by comparison a time of crop failures, famine, pestilence, economic decline, massive storms in the Atlantic and Pacific, inhibiting trade, and similar, even though such challenges led to new innovations to overcome them. But… don’t take my word for it, read those books and view the DVD.

It should be emphasized also, these major climate transitions, the MWP and LIA, were global and persisting in nature, over hundreds of years, and not some localized or regional fluke.

My suggestion is, get the DVD or view it on YouTube. Then read the two books by Fagan. But keep aware, Fagan and/or his publishers have “harmonized” his books with conventional thinking. So in spite of the tremendous evidence he presents for a very warm MWP, and a very cold LIA, the reader is told that it is of no consequence to the CO2 theory of global warming — when in fact it is centrally important, documenting two major climate shifts that pre-date the Industrial Age of increased output of carbon gasses. So read them for their empirical findings, and not for the theorizing demanded by the conventional establishment, which has Trillion-dollar investments to protect in the form of “carbon trading” and similar.

With such facts, you will have an excellent overview exposure of just what has been censored out of the public media and “politically corrected” textbooks on this subject. You’ll then also become fully immune to the garbage being thrown out into the public by top politicians about boiling oceans, drowned coastal cities, exterminated penguins and polar bears, and other climate doom and gloom. And if you are a professional in the field of climate science, of course the books by Grove, and by Hughes and Diaz are not optional, but mandatory, even if they are a bit outdated. The foundational principles, of the existence of these major pre-industrial climate transitions is most essential for understanding the facts about real climate changes, which are driven more by Solar Variation than anything else.

And if you have a kid in school, definitely show them the LIA DVD, as most likely they only get the conventional views of CO2 hysteria in the schools.

I would also openly ask everyone on the OBRL lists who has studied climate or weather in the universities within the last decade if they even know about this kind of documentation, on the MWP and LIA, or if it was censored out of their classes and textbooks, in accordance with the politically-corrected and fabricated "hockey stick" graphic?

One last book I will highly recommend, on one of the most severe and destructive global climate changes to occur in the last 10,000 years, and its influence on human societies.

* "Saharasia: The 4000 BCE Origins of Child Abuse, Sex-Repression, Warfare and Social Violence, In the Deserts of the Old World" by James DeMeo

That’s my book, of course, and it is absolutely mandatory for anyone with interests in the global significance ofWilhelm Reich’s work, and contemporary social issues. Saharasia provides documentation, better than anything else you could reference, on the major climate change of c.4000-3500 BCE, (~6000 years ago), when the large Saharasian Desert Belt was formed within about one hundred years, triggering massive changes in human migrations, settlement patterns, social institutions and character structure. That big climate change, the largest ever since the end of the Pleistocene Ice Age, even more profound than the MWP or LIA, is also widely ignored by modern climatology pushing the CO2 theory. As with Reich’s work in a more general manner, it is all erased from open discussion except within a few brave university departments that have not yet succumbed to the new "politically corrected" and falsified climatology.

James DeMeo

PS. Here are a few more articles rebutting the recent claims made in Science magazine, that the current leveling-off of global temperature isn’t real:

‘Hide the Hiatus!’ How the Climate Alarmists Eliminated the Inconvenient ‘Pause’ in Global Warming

Global warming standstill/pause increases to ‘a new record length’: 18 years 6 months’

PPS. Don’t forget this event….

Weekend Seminar on:
Wilhelm Reich’s Original Orgonomic Discoveries:
Foundations and Science
Emphasizing New Research Supporting Reich

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
– George Orwell

NOAA Fiddles With Climate Data To Erase Global Cooling

June 4, 2015

NOAA Fiddles With Climate Data To Erase Global Cooling

File this one under "Figures can Lie, but Liars can Figure".

NOAA Fiddles With Climate Data

NOAA/NCDC’s new ‘pause-buster’ paper: a laughable attempt to create warming by adjusting past data
And NOAA has friends in this process of erasure of authentic data, and creative accounting to manufacture false data. Just consider the work of Mann, et al, who formulated the notorious fraudulent "Hockey Stick" graphic which deliberately erased the Little Ice Age and Medieval Warm Period by use of cherry-picked data. The "hockey stick" was a centerpiece in the fraudulent film An Inconvenient Truth promoted by Al Gore who got a Nobel Peace Prize for it, and today screams how dissenters to his favorite theory ought to be put into prison to shut them up. And there are others in the warming camp of similar unethical bent, using "skeptic club" types of dirty tricks to silence and professionally destroy anyone who dares to challenge the fake "consensus" on CO2-driven global warming. It is a "consensus illusion" only.

The American Physical Society is today caught up in yet another consequence of this academic fakery, of unethical attacks by warmers against anyone daring to challenge their blessed theory. No debate allowed, just throw out and fire anyone who dares to object to the consensus dictatorship.

As to the issue of "certainty" which the warmers claim to own, consider this quote from Feynman:

“The scientist has a lot of experience with ignorance and doubt and uncertainty, and this experience is of very great importance, I think. When a scientist doesn’t know the answer to a problem, he is ignorant. When he has a hunch as to what the result is, he is uncertain. And when he is pretty darned sure of what the result is going to be, he is in some doubt. We have found it of paramount importance that in order to progress we must recognize the ignorance and leave room for doubt. Scientific knowledge is a body of statements of varying degrees of certainty — some most unsure, some nearly sure, none absolutely certain.” Nobel Prize Scientist Richard P. Feynman.


"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
– George Orwell

Weekend Seminar on:
Wilhelm Reich’s Original Orgonomic Discoveries:
Foundations and Science
Emphasizing New Research Supporting Reich

Child-Rape Crimes Covered Up – Rotherham Revisited

June 3, 2015

Child-Rape Crimes Covered Up – Rotherham Revisited

From the Gatestone Institute, an excellent source of factual information on Middle East and related issues of Islamic expansion into the West.

In this case, exposing the severe, boiling anger towards adolescent heterosexuality as expressed by Leftist and Liberals in the UK, in support of Islamic rape gangs. Appeasing angry Muslim immigrant-invaders, by basically gifting them with numerous young girls, their own daughters, to rape. And now to banish protests against their criminal intransigence, giving even more support and apologetics for organized Muslim sexual predators. An outrage, but the liberal-left UK press only has bad words for UKIP and Farrage, but never anything against ‘peaceful Islam’, or ‘peaceful Islamic rapists’. Just give them lots of free money and young girls, and you wont’ have any problems.

"Just be quiet and everything will be OK" – Muhammed Atta

Get on the Gatestone mailing list at the links provided at the given article page.

Child-Rape Crimes Covered Up

by Douglas Murray * June 3, 2015 at 5:00 am

The feeling remains that these child-rape crimes are still passed over or covered up. An independent official inquiry found failures at every level of the institutions of state. Crimes of this nature are still being kicked under the carpet — for reasons of "political correctness" — with no concern for harm done to the children. The issue is a true tinderbox.

Last week, the local council in Rotherham moved to ban anti-child grooming marches. But by even thinking of banning these marches, the members of the Rotherham council are making ones of the greatest mistakes imaginable. People will assume there is something even worse going on.

A town whose authorities allowed child-rape to go on for a decade, but which now bans marches objecting to child-rape, is setting up a whole new narrative of victimhood from which no good can possibly come. Howls of rage — especially such howls — must be protected speech, especially when they have a basis in fact.

There are some decisions so stupid that a person who lacked restraint might howl. One such case arose last week in the Britain.

For years, the issue of the "grooming" of young girls by Muslim men, mainly of Pakistani origin, has been a subterranean issue in Britain. Reports of such trends have circulated for most of the last fifteen years. They have been treated not just with fear but with dread.

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